Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Stellar Fog Sea

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Wang Yuan spoke very casually.

They just had to go to Stellar Fog Sea, find Kong Ming, and get the Dragon-phoenix Fruit from him.

Everyone was shocked when they heard him mention the Stellar Fog Sea.

Even Jian Wushuang shivered.

Stellar Fog Sea?

Before Jian Wushuang left the Firmament Territory, his senior brother Xue Lingtian gave him an incomparably detailed Star Map, which recorded numerous territories of the Eternal World, including many naturally perilous places.

Among the naturally perilous places, there were five famous ones!

The five places were regarded as the five most dangerous places in the Eternal World. Even Dao Masters were afraid of them.

The Stellar Fog Sea was one of the five dangerous places, ranking second place!

Jian Wushuang had carefully read the information about the five dangerous places.

The Stellar Fog Sea, also known as the Terminating Sea, was very peculiar. Anyone who was above a Dao Master was unable to enter it.

Many powerful Dao Masters had tried to explore the Stellar Fog Sea, but as soon as they stepped into it, they would naturally come out after a while. They were only able to explore the outer perimeter.

As for the Eternal Realm or Divine Realm experts, they were able to go inside. However, none of them had ever walked out.

In order to gain opportunities or survive, many experts had tried to escape into the Stellar Fog Sea, but no one had ever gotten out, which illustrated its horror and mystery.

Jian Wushuang did not expect that this Hell Level mission would be so dangerous and that he would be going to the Stellar Fog Sea.

Jiu Zui, Ling Long, and Shui Jin also paled.

Ling Long and Shui Jin even regretted accepting this Hell Level task.

However, it was too late to go back on their promise now that they had met Empress Leng and learned about the mission.

“Now you know what it is about.”

Empress Leng stood on the steps while looking at them. “Of course, this task is extraordinary, so I will also give you a year to prepare. During this year, you can do whatever you want in the time remaining.”

Empress Leng waved her hands and four halos landed on the four guards, giving them no chance to struggle. The four halos were implanted in their bodies.

“I’ve put a Restriction in your bodies. During this year, you’re forbidden from disclosing the contents of this mission to anyone and all of you must head for Stellar Fog Sea when the time limit is up. If you go back on your promise, this Restriction will kill you directly,” Empress Leng said coldly.

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang and the other three were stunned.

Empress Leng was really vicious. She actually forced them to carry out the task with a Restriction.

With this Restriction, it was obviously impossible for them to quit.

Empress Leng continued speaking, “In addition, considering that this mission is very important and in order to give you a better chance of finishing this mission, I will offer you some rewards in advance.”

Upon hearing this, the four guards who were obviously excited about receiving payment ahead of time reraised their heads.

“For this mission, each of you will be given an Emperor Weapon.”

“Emperor Weapon?” The eyes of Jiu Zui, Ling Long, and Shui Jin lit up.

Under normal circumstances, only Dao Masters were usually equipped with Emperor Weapons. Very few Eternal Realm experts had one.

Only Eternal Realm experts who had heaven-defying strength and paid a huge price would be able to obtain an Emperor Weapon.

Of course, those who had a good enough background could also obtain one.

Therefore, Emperor Weapons were extravagant hopes for ordinary Eternal Realm experts.

As Three-clawed Blood Eagle Guards, Jiu Zui, Ling Long, and Shui Jin were qualified to acquire Emperor Weapons, but they needed to pay too many points, so until now none of them possessed an Emperor Weapon.

They also yearned for an Emperor Weapon.

After all, a suitable Emperor Weapon would cause a big improvement in their strength.

“Say it, what kind of Emperor Weapon do you want?” Empress Leng looked down at the four guards below.

Jiu Zui responded, “Empress Leng, I need a long spear, one that is as heavy as possible.”

“I need a long whip. No other requirement as long as it’s easy to use,” Ling Long also said.

Shui Jin continued. “I want an extremely sharp saber.”

The three of them did not hesitate to choose the most suitable Emperor Weapon for them, which also helped to slightly relieve their fear of the Stellar Fog Sea.

“What about you?” Empress Leng looked over at Jian Wushuang with her cold eyes.

Jian Wushuang frowned at the moment. After he noticed Empress Leng’s gaze, he deliberated for a while and said, “Empress Leng, I would like to ask if I can change the reward, because an Emperor Weapon is useless to me.”

He was telling the truth.

His master, Xuan Yi, had given him the Blood Mountain Sword, which was not only the mighty but also had the ability to suppress others. Ordinary Emperor Weapons could not compare to his sword.

Therefore, Jian Wushuang did not need another Emperor Weapon.

“It seems you already have an appropriate Emperor Weapon.” Empress Leng threw him a significant glance, which struck his heart.

“You can ask for something which is equivalent to an Emperor Weapon. Speak, what do you want?” Empress Leng asked in an icy tone.

Jian Wushuang was deep in thought.

For now, he had the Blood Mountain Sword for attack and the Blood-eagle Armor for defense. As for any other special treasures, he did not need them at present.

He also had a lot of Secret Skills.

After debating with himself for a while, Jian Wushuang finally made a decision.

He asked, “Empress Leng, can I go to the Divine Sea again?”

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