Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 907

Chapter 907 One People

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After handing the Yin-Yang Dragon-phoenix Fruit and Bodhi Fruit to Wang Yuan, Jian Wushuang immediately found a secret chamber and began a closed-door cultivation.

In the secret chamber, he sat cross-legged alone, and his face was unusually serious.

“In three years, the Selection Ceremony will be held. I’m bound to have a direct conflict with the Xia Clan, even Empress Leng. The result of the Selection Ceremony can’t be predicted and whether I’ll survive is unknown. But before the Selection Ceremony, every improvement I make to my strength, will increase my odds.

“The most important thing right now is to break through to the Eternal Realm!” Jian Wushuang’s eyes grew cold.

He hadn’t been in a hurry to break through before. But now everything was different.

After all, he only had three years to prepare.

In three years, he might have to face Empress Leng and the Xia Clan, both huge forces.

“Let’s get started,” Jian Wushuang closed his eyes and began to accumulate Spiritual Power.

He had already reached the requirements to breakthrough and realized the World Dao and the Slaughter Dao at the ninth level Occult.

Everything was ready. The next thing he had to do was accumulate spiritual power to break through the bottleneck in his body.

In the secret chamber, time passed.

While Jian Wushuang was in the closed-door cultivation, Leng Rushuang was staying in the farthest end of the palace of the Tang of the East.

She lived in a courtyard enclosed completely by Restriction.

She sat quietly, indifferent as usual, looking like a fairy.

Her face was paler than it had been 200 years ago.

A beautiful enchanting figure was slowly making its way over.

“Your Majesty.”

The maidservants saluted respectfully at once. Leng Rushuang, however, was indifferent.

“All of you can leave.” Empress Leng waved her sleeves and the maidservants left.

Only Empress Leng and Leng Rushuang remained.

“In three years, the Selection Ceremony will begin. Everything has been prepared for you already, except yourself,” Empress Leng said coldly.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m ready or not, does it?” Leng Rushuang said.

The Empress glared at her and said in a low voice, “You should have been married to the Xia Clan a thousand years ago. I have tolerated you for a thousand years and that’s more than enough, not to mention that I’m not forcing you to marry the Xia Clan now. Instead, I’m holding a Selection Ceremony for you to choose the best young man to be your husband. What on earth do you have to complain about?”

“I’m not unsatisfied. I just hope that at the Selection Ceremony, you, my mother, can choose my husband according to the rules of the ceremony,” Leng Rushuang said indifferently.

“Nonsense. We are inviting all the experts from the many different forces of the Eternal World. How can I back out in front of so many people? But you, you are the one that should follow your words. I’m afraid that the final winner will be the master of the Xia Clan, and you cannot refuse to marry at that time,” Empress Leng said.

“Don’t worry, if he wins at the Selection Ceremony, I will marry him,” Leng Rushuang said.

“Good,” Empress Leng nodded. But the next moment, she said in a soft voice, “Shuang’er, I’m doing this for you. The master of the Xia Clan, his character, appearance and talent strength, is the best in the Eternal World, almost flawless. Why does such a husband not deserve you?

“As for the poison in your body, although we couldn’t find the Yin-Yang Dragon-phoenix Fruit to refine the Crape Myrtle Elixir, I have sent people to find other elixirs to suppress the poison. You can rest assured. And as long as my plan with the National Master is realized, I can reach a new level and help you quite easily.

“At that time, if you think that the master of the Xia Clan doesn’t suit your appetite, just tell me, and I will kill him and destroy the Xia Clan. And I won’t stop you from choosing someone else to be your husband. However, please tolerate this vexation for now.”

“Tolerate this vexation? Humph. Or in other words, you just want to use this marriage to placate the Xia Clan and buy time for your and the National Master’s plan. Mother, do you think my father would agree to this?” Leng Rushuang said coldly.

“Emperor Xiao? Even if he knew, what could he do? Win and you are king, lose and you are the outcast. Now I am the queen of the Tang of the East. The Mansion Masters of 36 prefectures of the Tang of the East only admire me as the queen. Who cares about Emperor Xiao?” Empress Leng said with a sneer, “but there is no sense in telling you. Be prepared, three years will pass quickly.”

After saying that, Empress Leng left and disappeared from the courtyard.

Leng Rushuang was alone again, sitting in the courtyard. But on her cool face, a complicated emotion had appeared.

“Three years… will he come?”

Leng Wushuang immediately thought of a man. She gathered her consciousness and a figure suddenly appeared next to her.

It was a dirty girl in a tattered black coat, with big eyes, and a touch of wit on her face.

“Xue’er, go see that man for me,” Leng Rushuang said coldly.

“No problem,” the dirty girl said, blinking her eyes and nodding. Then she bounced vivaciously out of the courtyard.

There was a Restriction around the courtyard; no one could go in or out at will. However, the Restriction seemed to be of no use to the dirty girl. The palace was guarded heavily and full of experts, but it seemed that no one could see her.

The dirty girl bounced and left the courtyard quickly, and then, she left the palace.

If Jian Wushuang saw the dirty girl, he would recognize her at a glance as someone he had seen in the Ancient World, Leng Ruxue.

She was Leng Rushuang’s younger sister.

At least, that’s what he thought.

However, if Jian Wushuang were to have witnessed the scene in the courtyard where Leng Ruxue came out from Leng Rushuang’s body, he wouldn’t think so.

Leng Rushuang and Leng Ruxue were one person!

In the Imperial City, Jian Wushuang had been in the secret chamber for a month in a closed-door cultivation.

He had tried to break through the bottleneck again and again. Today, he finally opened his eyes.

“I made it!” he said excitedly, eyes shining.

“The third step of the Heaven-defying Four Steps of the Heavenly Creation Skill, the Everlasting Realm, I made it!”

After staying in the second step of the Deification Realm for hundreds of years, Jian Wushuang had finally broken through.

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