Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Furor

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“When I contacted you, the Tang of the East has just undergone a great change. Emperor Qi died and Emperor Yun disappeared without a trace, leaving only you and Emperor Xiao. Internally, the Xia Clan was suffering hardship. Externally, the three main countries were suppressing the kingdom. The kingdom was already in jeopardy but coupled with the fact that you had been harboring wild ambitions all along, you didn’t reject my offer,” the old soothsayer said with a laugh.

“Of course, I needed to leave some of my weaknesses in your hands to gain your full trust. That was why I allowed you to plant restriction in me!”

“In the beginning, your restriction impacted me severely when I was still weak. It was to the point that I didn’t dare to go against your orders out of fear that you’d kill me in a moment of unhappiness. When Emperor Xiao had a fallout with you after noticing you were stealing the luck of the Tang Kingdom, I obeyed your order to deal with him!”

“You became the sole ruler of the Tang Kingdom after Emperor Xiao was chased off. The subsequent affairs were exactly like what I have told you. You helped me gather a large number of treasures to aid my recovery and used your influence to rope the Xia Clan in. Together with the Xia Clan, you planted 36 Diabolic Pillars in the 36 prefectures of the kingdom. Once everything was ready and you two have prepared well enough, you triggered the formation.”

“Haha! Everything went according to plan. The only thing is that I didn’t expect we would trigger the formation in advance due to this recruitment assembly. However, it doesn’t affect my plan much.”

“Keke, you can try activating the restriction you planted in me. See what will happen,” the old soothsayer said, chortling coldly.

Emperor Leng turned purple in the face. Without hesitation, she activated the restriction she had placed in the old soothsayer’s body.

Even though she had clearly activated the restriction, the old soothsayer remained standing in place and showed no signs of being affected.

“How is this possible?” Emperor Leng was in deep disbelief.

The hearts of the people around her sank to the pits of their stomachs when they saw this.

“Fool! This woman is really a fool!” Gu King scolded on and on.

“She’s a Dao Master who hasn’t even become a Holy Master, yet she dares to make a deal and cooperate with a member of the Blood Killing Sect?”

“She even personally helped him lay down the Soul-devouring Formation! No wonder her daughter would be born a Great Sinner!”

“Foolish! She’s foolish to the extreme!”

“She’s absolutely the most foolish woman I’ve ever seen!”

Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes as he heard Gu King’s rant, his gaze steely.

Gu King had previously told him that Leng Rushuang was a Primordial Great Sinner but it was only now that he understood what exactly a Great Sinner was.

Emperor Leng had evidently gone behind Emperor Xiao’s back to lay down the Soul-devouring Formation and kidnap the many newborns for that National Master before giving birth to or while still pregnant with Leng Rushuang.

Leng Rushuang had only her mother to blame for being born a Great Sinner.

Ironically, her mother was no more than a manipulated chess piece that reaped no benefit in the end.

“Bastard! You bastard!”

“Dao Yuanzi, I’m going to kill you!”

Emperor Leng emitted a furious roar, a sound that shook the world. Her trembling body emanated waves of boundless killing intent.

“Kill me? Just based on your power alone?” The old soothsayer glanced at Emperor Leng in disdain. Dao Yuanzi that Emperor Leng had referred to was his real name.

“Humph! The Soul-devouring Formation has been activated and I’m its master. Who’s qualified to kill me?” Dao Yuanzi snorted. Vitality Qi gushed madly toward him and poured into him at a maddening speed.

The dense Vitality Qi formed a large, indestructible defensive cover over him in a flash. Underneath the cover, Dao Yuanzi let out a loud, wicked laugh. He then began to frantically absorb the Vitality Qi.

Following the incessant inflow of the Vitality Qi into Dao Yuanzi’s body, his already terrifying aura began to expand at an alarming speed.

Simultaneously, the Tang of the East began to rapidly wither. Many of the flora and fauna of the kingdom also met their demise.

Whether it was the many Dao Masters on the battlefield or the countless martial artists who had retreated near the imperial palace, all of them could feel the Vitality Qi pouring out of them. Even though the outflow could not be considered as fast, it was not slow either.

If they allowed their Vitality Qi to continue flow out of them at this speed, it would take no more than two days for them to be wrung dry.

The Dao Masters would not be able to last any longer either.

This scene gave rise to shock and fury in everyone present.

The spectating experts had sat firmly on the fence while watching the battle between both armies. However, Dao Yuanzi’s actions now directly threatened their survival. Naturally, they would be infuriated.

“Dao Yuanzi!”

Suddenly, someone snorted. The one who spoke was a master who originated from the Void Temple, as was Xue Lingtian.

“What do you think you’re doing? Hurry and stop your actions! If my Temple Master finds out, he’d definitely kill you!” The grey-haired old man’s voice was icy-cold.

“Your Temple Master? Keke, you must be referring to that Master of Void Temple.”

Dao Yuanzi was still wearing a carefree smile. “The Master of Void Temple is strong but he’s likely no match for me. Don’t you forget that you’re all standing inside the Soul-devouring Formation. There’s no way you can get your message out. How can the Master of Void Temple know what’s going on here?”

“Moreover, even if he knows and really makes it here, what can he do?”

“This formation is indestructible. Never mind a mere Master of Void Temple, there’s nothing that can be done to this formation even if there are two Palace Masters here. Once I’m done refining all the natural power of the Tang Kingdom and forging the Blood-cessation Demon Body, who in this realm can stop me?”

Dao Yuanzi laughed maniacally, appearing not to regard the Master of Void Temple as a worthy opponent.

“Damn it!” The grey-haired old man was terribly angered but there was nothing that he could do about his situation.

“Is this the Soul-devouring Formation of the Blood Killing Sect?”

The steely-eyed Gu Tong spoke in an honest and ancient sort of voice. The Quadrangular Star between his brows emanated a dazzling ray of light.

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