Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 425

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Volume 3 Chapter 425 Crossing The Seas To Temper The Dao Heart

The waves seethed, with one being higher than the other and soaring straight for the sky. However, they had the power of 300,000 catties and came smashing down fiercely, bringing forth even more turbulence.

Under the majestic powers of heaven and earth, everything was crushed.

A small boat was shaking amongst the turbulence, wavering under the ravaging tempest. However, it faced the turbulence head-on, being slapped into the seawater time and time again, yet floated up again strongly. It neither fell to the blowing wind nor the slapping water... It kept on fighting the tempest bravely.

A golden figure stood on it. The seemingly hunchbacked figure had a firm and unwavering disposition, his hands gripping onto the sail tightly. His body swayed with the boat and he faced the danger of being sunk to the bottom of the sea at any moment.

However, that pair of golden eyes remained as bright and indestructible as the most brilliant star in the sky.

Such a will was unwavering!

(On this trip, I must find a method to true freedom, achieving eternal life and youth!)


With faith as strong as an ancient stubborn rock that couldn't be burned and smashed, it was as if everything in the world couldn't shake his will.

The strongest in the world was never those who were born as divine beings.

One could only be truly invincible when there was nothing to fear in their hearts

The golden monkey met the myriad of surging waves, swearing not to return if it didn't achieve eternal longevity.

Although the powers of heaven and earth was extremely vast, there would come a time when they were expended.

The wave finally calmed down and a rainbow stretched across the sky

That boat kept on being pushed forward by the waves.

The tempest had passed and it was only then did the golden monkey heave a long sigh of relief. Its tensed up heart was completely relaxed. It lay down on the boat and fell into a deep sleep.

It was tired!

A very long time passed by in this sleep.

When the eyes opened once again, golden light gleamed within them as they radiated an intelligence glow that wasn't there before.

Had he come to the mythology illusion-scape again?

Feng Lin stood up and looked at the situation around him. The sea region was vast and it seemed that he had left The Flowerfruit Mountain.

If he hadn't seen wrongly, what he had experienced should be the scene in which that stone monkey had journeyed out in pursuit of achieving the Dao.

It continued until it found the Patriarch Subhuti in the Aparagodaniya. This was going to be an extremely long journey!

Anyway, regardless of how long he stayed in the illusion-scape, it would just be a moment in the outside world, as if it was just a dream.

Feng Lin wasn't anxious and immersed within it, sensing the mysteries of the myths and legends.

The boat shook, heading slowly toward a land at the end of the seas. That place was...

The Jambudvipa!

The sea was heartless on the journey, making this trip extremely long.

Feng Lin's heart lay in concealment, stepping forward together with that monkey's movements.

The tempest didn't stop during the journey and he was put through all sorts of world-annihilating situations. Everything seemed as if they were real, causing one's heart to undulate and he felt extremely astonished.

That stone monkey's Dao heart was as strong as a tough stone, tempered by wind and rain but not being damaged in the least. Instead, it was tempered to become increasingly sharp, becoming a brilliant mind without any impurities.

This was the path toward becoming a celestial. It was also a path in the pursuit of Dao, to be clear of one's own heart.

Feng Lin was in this situation and seemed as if he had unknowingly become one with that monkey. Even his mind had gradually immersed into it, becoming still like an old well, not having the slightest ripple.

To move together with mythology, unraveling the genes, tempering the mind... This was the profoundness behind the Mythology Deduction Method.

Feng Lin suddenly felt that he had experienced the greater profoundness of the Daoheart Gene and his genetic power was raring to move.

However, this still wasn't enough!

He was going to become an adept interstellar cultivator in one ago, awakening his Houtian Gene that was above the Heaven Gene.

The sea was vast, but it would always have an end.

In the end, the boat finally reached the shores, to a place with countless countries and where countless legends had taken place.

All of these seemed so new and refreshing to that monkey, surpassing its imagination.

These races were the same as it, having four limbs, but the only thing they lacked was a tail.

They looked like they were of the same race as it, but yet not so. This made it feel strange and surprised.

However, after it stepped into the human world with a curious heart, what it attracted was a series of voices calling him 'monsters' and many so-called people, who claimed to be cultivating to become celestials and in the pursuit of Dao, came over with the intent to eliminate the demon.

The stone monkey could only hug its head and dart around.

Feng Lin watched this scene from the side and smiled understandingly.

A thought struck him. Unlike the previous time, this time around, he didn't immerse his consciousness within it and directed the stone monkey's body.

The path of becoming a celestial was the journey in which the stone monkey tempered his Dao heart. It was a cultivation for its mind.

The person within it would be befuddled while those watching from the sidelines would be clear of what was happening.

From an outsider's perspective, he might be able to unravel the truth better behind this mythology, comprehending his heart.

There were many dangers with the stone monkey's initial entrance to the human world.

However, the stone monkey was a spiritual creature of the world after all and had an astonishing intelligence, thus was able to quickly comprehend the crux. With its great talent in the art of transformations, it took on a human form and silently integrated amongst the humans without a trace. It no longer attracted any strange gazes.

Eight to nine years passed by and the stone monkey traveled the Jambudvipa, going through the major cities and small counties, as well as various countries. Unknowingly, he had become no different from ordinary people.

Everything passed in a hurry, with the memories passing by very quickly. Feng Lin witnessed the stone monkey turning from a wild monkey to its eventual human-like appearance, being almost no different from that of a human.

It had lived a beggar's life, studied, been a merchant before...

The stone monkey made use of its art of transformations to travel around in the human world, gaining great experiences and living different lifestyles, put through the tempering of the secular world...

Every phase of its life tended to be even more exciting than that of ordinary people. Feng Lin was also astonished by what he saw.

The many varied, colorful flowers gradually enticed one's eyes!

The secular world tended to be enticing, causing people to sink within them, shrouding their true hearts.

Even if the stone monkey sank into it, not only did its heart and mind not get tainted in the least, but it also learned and comprehended all sorts of knowledge of the human world. Its intent to pursue the Dao became increasingly pure and it even became its obsession that was hard to dissipate.

If it could be said that it was previously born with a Dao heart that was like a beautiful and flawless piece of jade.

Then what it had now was a Dao heart like a pure and untainted lotus, tempered repeatedly and perfectly clean.

It experienced nine lifetimes in the mortal world, but still didn't find the method to achieve immortality.

In the end, the stone monkey was unable to hold it in. One day, it suddenly heard that there was a celestial mountain on the sea and it created a small boat, once again setting out for the vast seas.

It continued to head west, and there was another world at the end of the seas. There were legends of immortals there. That place was...


The journey was once again plagued with tempest and danger.

The stone monkey kept on advancing and as it traveled on. Feng Lin's mind was also tempered to become extremely intelligent.

Personally experiencing such tempering was as if the stone monkey had personally demonstrated its long experiences to him.

There were a few records in the myths and legends, but what he was seeing was the actual truth from witnessing the countless experiences.

Pursuing the Dao was extremely tough!

The stone monkey was nurtured and favored by the world, yet still had to go through many layers of difficulty, facing dangerous situations on multiple occasions.

If it wasn't for its stone monkey body that was tough and indestructible in addition to it being skilled in the art of transformations that aided it in many dangerous situations, ordinary people will die so thoroughly that not even any dregs were left.

Despite so, the stone monkey was still covered in injuries and it got onto the Aparagodaniya with great difficulties. Then, after going through another journey to pursue the Dao that was plagued with difficulties, it still didn't achieve anything.

The many celestials mentioned in the world were just swindlers. Only a rare few of them had a slight knowledge about magical techniques and it was hard to prove that they had achieved immortality.

From the moment it headed out to sea until now, the stone monkey still hadn't achieved anything.

Just as the stone monkey was thinking that there wasn't any method to break free from this world either and was going to traverse the sea again, it suddenly swayed in the mountains one day. It seemed to have been attracted by some kind of invisible force. It headed deep into the mountains as if it had been possessed.

A majestic mountain range appeared before its eyes. There were all sorts of mysterious, rare plants and tall trees, as well as many beautiful irises and orchids surrounding the layers of the valleys. The cliffs were covered in algae.

There were undulating mountains, presenting a beautiful and elegant scene of mountains and rivers. 

The stone monkey was looking at the scene when a singing voice suddenly rang out from the depths of the mountains. It sounded free and elegant, emitting endless unrestrained feelings.

"Placing the ax by the stream while watching a game of chess. Watching for a while and wanting to pick up the ax, but the ax had turned rusty. Clanking sounds rang out as the ax chopped down the trees. Walking along the valley that was shrouded by fog and selling off the firewood in exchange for some wine. Laughing happily, relaxing one's mind. Walking under the moonlight, leaning against a pine tree and sleeping until the arrival of daybreak..."

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