Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene

A brand new attribute to his life emerged as Feng Lin's eyes shone.

Vitality of 318!

His vitality increased by another level, breaking through the 300 point milestone.

Although he had just become an elite cultivator, his previous accumulations kept him away from being the weakest link among elite cultivators.

Feng Lin felt an indescribable sensation in his body and heart. Scanning through his body with spirit force, a glow emitted from within.

His skin, blood, cells… Every part of his body had been infiltrated by transcendent forces. The peculiar power rippled through him as his vitality began to transform.

Feng Lin inhaled a deep breath. It was like the world in front of his eyes was starkly different than before, and he stepped into a whole new world.

Heaven and Earth became incomparably clear as though the fog was lifted. There were no more barriers between them and everything was laid out in front of him.

The wind wrecked the surroundings with its howling, rays of light shone upon the thousands of matter,s and the magma rumbled from beneath the earth…

These were things that could not be seen with the naked eye. Yet, the surging of energy could be clearly felt as though he would be able to steer them with just a shift of his mind.

Once an interstellar cultivator gained enlightenment, their physical body would evolve into becoming an extraordinary being, filled with energy. Matter and energy converged in their body, owning a limitless amount of potential.

Like a carp transforming into a dragon once it leaped through the mythical dragon gate, it roamed around the highest of Heavens.

Struggling free from the confines of the heavy chains, he broke away from the human's inborn restrictions and attained an extraordinary characteristic.

As though wings had grown on the carp, it swam freely among the sky, no longer stuck with its constraints.

The constraints of life had been thoroughly broken.

This was a remarkable being!

Vitality possessed infinite possibilities…

Feng Lin shut his eyes and concentrated on his own body, familiarizing himself with his transformed self.

Following the increase of his vitality was the inevitable growth of strength and speed.

The breakthrough in his abilities was Feng Lin's concern.

He could clearly sense the most miniscule fragments of his cells, each one of them holding an astonishing power. 

Heart Monkey Force!

A barrage of information emerged in Feng Lin's mind.

The Spiritual Stone Monkey was a Heart Monkey. Now that he had awoken this transcendent-grade gene, the extraordinary power attained would naturally be Heart Monkey Force!

Heart Monkey Force was an upgraded version of spirit force. Its power was beyond imagination and could be summed up with just three words:

Capable of Transformations!

But why capable of transformations?

"Transform!" Feng Lin gathered his spirit force and roared with fingers pointing to the front. An invisible force shot forth, landing on a rock beneath his feet.

The hardy rock began to transform, seemingly softening and gradually turning square in shape. It became a piece of soft bean curd. Lights reflected off of it as though it had just been dug out from soy milk, looking as fresh as it could be.

Feng Lin spread his fingers wide before clutching the air and felt a change immediately.

The soft bean curd was as hard as a rock in his hand.

Creak, creak!

Using his strength, the bean curd was ground into dust.

Pale white dust slipped through the cracks of his fingers. There was no doubt that it was a rock that he had just smashed into smithereens.

Was shape the only thing he could change?

Could he not change the nature of matter?

Feng Lin was deep in thoughts.

According to the records of old scriptures, the art of transformation was handed down among Daoist clans of Huaxia.

Transformation meant only the transformation of a matter's shape and not the natural state.

Mountains were mountains, and water was water. Even with the change to their shape, they were not to be confused with the other.

There was a stark difference between the natural states of matter.

However, when one reached a higher realm, they couldn't use the logic of the natural world.

Why was this so extraordinary?

Because it could surpass the expected, breaking through the barriers.

Not only could transformation of matter change shapes, but it could also change other elements.

Mountains would no longer be mountains, and water would no longer be water.

Rivers could be turned into flame, copper into fine jade, bean curd into hardy rocks…

And the highest level of such mystical transformations would involve changes to the elements of the soul. It could perfectly change the mind and soul of other living things, passing fabrication as reality.

This was too profound, like a mystery within a mystery. There were no words to illustrate it. The only way to feel it would be to attain that level of proficiency.

To put it simply, a mountain was still a mountain, and water was still water!

Only Sun Wukong, Erlang Deity, and very few others achieved this during the mythological civilization era. There was nothing on Heaven and Earth that couldn't be transformed, and it might even be stronger and more realistic than its original form.

Once transformed into a mythical dragon, they could freely fly among the Nine Heavens.

Transformed into a demon and they could wreak havoc and bring disaster to the mortal world…

Transformed into a deity and they could be surrounded by immortals, without anyone knowing their true identity…


Why would one transform?

It was a profound mystery, and those who were antecedent to transformations were regarded as Gods.

Such a realm was too unclear for Feng Lin's current state, leaving not a single trace for him to pursue.

But there was one thing he knew for sure: his own art of transformation stopped at the level of changing shapes. He could only change the physical appearance, and not the natural state of the matter.

With a shift of his mind, his own appearance began to change. He turned short and stout in a moment, to being skinny like a monkey at the next, then strong like a ferocious tiger…

He changed his appearance as he pleased but they were all men. He was unable to change his gender.

A cross-dressed man?


Feng Lin was slightly more familiar with his own art of transformation and his eyes focused on the mythological genes.

Transcendent forces originated from mythological genes.

If one wanted to understand the essence of their abilities, they couldn't do it without understanding the genes.

An astral river crossed over the astral ocean like a bridge on the genetic map of his body. It connected the three golden constellations, forming a triangle structure.

Stone Monkey Gene x 10 + Spirit Gene x 10 = Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene.

The triangle was the most stable structure, establishing the most stable foundation to the mythological path.

These three genes connected like branches on a tree. They were the most basic parts of a genetic tree.

And under each branch, it extended further with each node.

Monkey Gene x 10 + Stonebirth Gene x 10 = Stone Monkey Gene

Mental Gene x 9 + Psychokinesis Gene x 6 + Spirituality Gene x 8 = Spirit Gene

A genetic tree had already taken form, like a sprout emerging from the soil, as though it was showered by the sun as it grew slowly into a sturdy, tall tree.


Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene

Grade: Perfect, transcendent-grade gene

Strengthening Tally: 1

Abilities: Transformations, the knowledge of heaven's natural order, of Earth's favorable location, and to shift the stars


Perfect, transcendent-grade gene!

Stone Monkey Gene was a variation-grade primeval gene, while Spirit Gene was a high-grade primeval gene. Both of them had filled the maximum points of 10, evolving into a perfect gene.

It was unexpected yet within reason.

If the variation-grade primeval gene went through a mysterious change that wasn't replicable and possessed unique abilities which other genes didn't have, the perfect gene would be a step further than that.

Not only were the perfect gene's abilities special, but it was also incomparably powerful. It could be used from near or far without any loopholes, undefeatable by those in the same ranks.

Why was the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene considered a perfect, transcendent-grade gene?

Feng Lin thought about it. Was this evolution simply due to the art of transformations?

If that was the case, then what reason did it have to be considered a perfect gene?

Among all things which changed constantly, evolution shouldn't be as simple as just a transformation of shape. It should also transform all things within Heaven and Earth. From there, it should pry the world with Heart Monkey Force, changing Heaven and Earth and shifting the stars!

A ray of starlight lit within Feng Lin's heart. "Wind!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Without warning, he puffed up his cheeks and took a long and deep breath, then spilled it all at once.


An air arrow shot forth, penetrating the air as it whirled. Heart Monkey Force gushed out, gathering the air around and turning it into a hurricane that howled as it launched. Everywhere it touched turned into a devastating mess.

"Fire!" Feng Lin snapped and sparks flew. With the reinforcement of Heart Monkey Force, a raging blaze formed immediately, creating a huge fireball. The air rumbled with scalding heat.

"Whirlpool!" With a wave of his hand, water between his fingers started to gather, taking the shape of a thread of water which twisted around the fingers. It grew at a rapid speed, turning into a whirlpool and spiraling without a hint of stopping.


Tornado, fire, whirlpool… These powers were displayed with the reinforcement of Heart Monkey Force.

Feng Lin understood the ability of Heart Monkey Force now.

The ability of transformation wasn't just restricted to objects or his transformation. It was more about sharp spiritual sensing of all things, aware of all changes regarding Heaven and Earth. With Heart Monkey Force as the lever, he would be able to sweep across Heaven and Earth.

Like a kid with a new toy, Feng Lin was eager to experiment after understanding the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene's abilities.

He initiated genetic abilities inwardly. The tender skin tightened immediately, becoming incomparably smooth and hard like a boulder.


With a fist, he struck forward. It was powerful and with the influence of Heart Monkey Force, his speed was multiple times faster than before. It landed heavily upon the furnace and a thunderous roar resounded.

Feng Lin inhaled. From this, he confirmed that under the effects of Heart Monkey Force, the strength of his punch tripled.

The more Heart Monkey Force he applied to the punch, the stronger it became.

If the Heart Monkey Force was limitless, then so would its strength.

Only the heart could stir the matter!

The Heart Monkey Force seemed ordinary, yet it was obnoxious.

The experiment hardly scraped his limit. If he wanted to discover its true potential, then he would have to experience it in a battle.

Time waited for no one.

Since he was already an elite cultivator, then the next thing he should consider was…

How to proceed with his mythological path!

Would it be the Monkey King Gene?


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