Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 234

Chapter 234: The Road Ahead

0, 1, 2, 3... The numerical order of genetic tiers. Tier-0 was basic gene, Tier-1 referred to primeval gene, while Tier-2 was the transcendent-grade gene.

The awakening of Tier-2 genes meant that he had stepped into the life of transcendence.

Why transcendence?

Because then, one would transcend the power and lifespan of regular mortals!

Elite cultivators possessed extraordinary vitality to begin with. Their cells went through energy evolution and had the characteristics of both matter and energy.

A regular person would only experience approximately 50 cell divisions in their entire lifetime and have a life expectancy of about 100 years according to theoretical knowledge on the human body.

Dual cultivation of strength and longevity was the right way.

True transcendence didn't boil down to something as simple as mere strength. Cultivating longevity was the road to greatness.

If you only had strength, you might be able to destroy a planet. However, if your lifespan was no different from a mayfly—alive from dawn but dead by dusk—then it would be nothing more than an unrealistic and idealistic scenario. Everything was but a fabrication.

Taking this step, Feng Lin felt limitless; Heaven and Earth would no longer feel the same from here on out.

Every cell was glowing radiantly, dazzling as it burst forth with vigor and formidable vitality.

Feng Lin's mythological path was that of Sun Wukong. Every tier had its corresponding gene. Tier-0 was Monkey Gene, Tier-1 was Stone Monkey Gene, and Tier-2 was Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene. Then, what would the next Tier-3 evolution be?

He fell deep in ponder.

Mythologies would often serve as clues as to how a mythological path played out. It was usually done by analyzing the mythology character's growth and experience, then deducing it step by step.

Mythologies guided cultivation paths; however, inferences required genetic potential. If he could figure out the next path clearly and understand more information, it would make inferences easier to come by. Likewise, it would exhaust lesser genetic potential.

Genetic potential was precious; it was the result of his daily diligence in training. It wasn't something to waste recklessly. Therefore, he would save whatever he could.

Feng Lin began to search for the next genetic evolution path.

If there was no one else to guide them, wouldn't it be difficult for a regular cultivator to know which path to take next?

Yet, to Feng Lin, this was not a big deal.

The path to genetic cultivation followed that of mythological paths.

If we were talking about the understanding of Ancient Earth's mythologies from various literature, then who in this Interstellar Era would be able to compete with Feng Lin?

Feng Lin wasn't arrogant, but he was unwilling to pass this title to anyone else and was absolutely confident in himself.

With mythologies as his guide to the path, as well as using genetic equation to calculate the possibilities to achieve it, Feng Lin was confident that he was en route to a bright and brilliant future.

After Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, what would be the next gene in Sun Wukong's mythological path?

Every tale was a path to divinity!

At that thought, a hint of glee surfaced in Feng Lin's eyes. Sun Wukong's mythology was recorded very clearly. Golden rays of light shot from the monkey's eyes as it bowed in all directions; it seemed different from others since birth.

Even so, it was incomparably tiny in its younger days and was bullied by hundreds of beasts. It matured step by step until it could command a troop of monkeys. Sun Wukong traversed through the waterfall and into the cave at its youth. It subdued all the monkeys at the Flowerfruit Mountain before declaring itself as the "Handsome Monkey King" and became the leader of the Flowerfruit Mountain!

At this point, the Spiritual Stone Monkey had not acknowledged Patriarch Subhuti as its master, nor had it gained the name Sun Wukong. It was but a nameless macaque.

Since that was the case, then the Tier-3 gene after Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene wouldn't be Sun Wukong Gene, but Monkey King Gene!

Feng Lin's eyes were gleaming as he held onto this pearl of wisdom. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There was a high possibility that it was true; many details of the mythology proved this as well.

Feng Lin didn't hesitate any longer. Assuming the Tier-3 gene in Sun Wukong's path was Monkey King Gene; he continued to use Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene as the known parameter and began his inferences in search of an answer.

In the genetic map of the human body, the nebula in the Dantian began to move.

It looked promising!

Feng Lin felt a wave of glee. The fact that the genetic potential was reducing meant that Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene was indeed Stone Monkey Gene's evolutionary gene.

Genetic potential -112%, -112%, -112%...

As the genetic tier increased, genetic equation began to exhaust more and more of his genetic potential. Soon, his genetic potential was reduced by almost 1120%.

Feng Lin found it hard to endure. Following the sequential combustion of 23 nebulas and reduction of 2353% on genetic potential, a clear path of genetic combination appeared before his eyes.

Just as before, Sun Wukong's mythological path was the paragon mythological path. It was one of its kind; every tier had its genetic formula and they were unique as well.

Feng Lin snapped his head toward it, surprised. Yet, at the sight of it, his expression turned strange.

Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x 10 + Beast King Gene x 10 = Monkey King Gene???


The formula was like déjà vu; 10 was equivalent to the paragon-phase of it!

With every genetic formula, when each gene was strengthened to a 10 pointer, it would cause a change that evolved it into something magical.

Stone Monkey Gene turned into an upgraded Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, and Spirit Gene changed into Beast King Gene.

Monkey was one of the walking beasts of Heaven and Earth.

Sun Wukong was a Monkey King and a Beast King too.

Monkey King Gene would require using Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene as the main variable, and it was reasonable that Beast King Gene would be the latter's complement.

Feng Lin nodded inwardly. At this moment, Monkey King Gene's position in the genetic map had already been locked in; however, it had yet been awakened.

He couldn't help but feel eager about it. What powers would the Monkey King Gene possess?

With a shift of consciousness, a blurry piece of information came to him.


Monkey King Gene: Handsome Monkey King of Flowerfruit Mountain, (Blue to fill in)

The words seemed simple at a glance but were extremely cryptic. Feng Lin felt a bit strange, not understanding the true meaning behind those words, particularly the last sentence.


(Blue to fill in)


(Blue to fill in)



How does one (Blue to fill in)? What effects would it have? And what was (Blue to fill in)?

Everything was a question mark. He had no answers or guesses.

There were no results to him burying his head in it. Everything remained a mystery.

He couldn't wrap his head around it in that instant as well. Only when he found himself in the corresponding situation would he gain enlightenment about it. There was no use overthinking it now.

The road ahead was clear enough as it was. Even with this thin layer of fog, he would still be able to forge ahead without getting lost.

Feng Lin began to add points to Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene. He added a free basic genetic point to it, but it didn't seem to have an effect. There was no change to the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene though its strengthening column showed 100%.

He seemed to have guessed it and added another free primeval genetic point to it. The column showed 1100% once again though the strengthening tally didn't change.

Feng Lin wasn't surprised; he had guessed it long ago.

With every significant upgrade of genetic tier, the amount of genetic potential needed to increase the strengthening points was a ten times leap.

Basic gene needed 100% potential, primeval gene needed 1000% potential, and Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene as a transcendent gene—as one would expect—would require 10000% genetic potential.

Feng Lin was left with only 1128% genetic potential right now, and it was hardly enough.

He could forget about strengthening Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene!

Feng Lin couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh as a sense of urgency rose in him.

With every breakthrough, the requirement for genetic potential increased by ten times. Cultivation truly brooked no delay; it didn't allow any room for slacking off.

He stopped fussing over the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene for the time being and began exploring how to evolve the Beast King Gene.

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