Life Is Cherry Blossom Chapter 5

5 Begin

It took Liuyue a long time to strengthen her heart, for now she just want to continue living in this world, who know there's a way she can meet her father again even though the percentage is low,

Everyday she train her body like she used to be at her previous life the difference only at the equipment from the modern one to the traditional one, naturally because they don't have modern technology

"Young miss, diner is ready, young master already waiting for you," a servant boy inform her when she doing push up

"Oh, alright i'll be right there," she decided to stop today training and change her clothes

She walk to the center courtyard where they would eat, on the way she was greeted by servants boy at this mansion, there isn't any maid around, the only girl in this mansion is her,

"Oh.. Little Yue," Xuan ChenHua noticed her

"Big brother, are you waiting for me?" she asked and sit across to him

"Of course, how could I eat without you?" he picked some dish and put it in her bowl, then said "Eat this, you really skinny,"

"Hmm," she nodded and eat it, he only stare at her without even picking up his chopsticks, after she finished her meal did she realize that the person opposite her didn't even touch his food.

"Why didn't you eat anything, big brother?" she asked and subconsciously frown

"Big brother is already full," he casually said that but the little girl in front of him stare at him and take his bowl

"Then I'll eat them," the little girl really insensible, and the man in front of her stared at her with disbelief

'Wait how can you do this to me! I've been waiting for you, yet this is how you pay me back? Big brother's heart is really hurt little Yue,' He stop her hand and then said to her

"Just ask the servant to get you the new one this one already contaminated with big brother's saliva," he gritted his teeth and spat these words one by one

"Oh, but I don't really mind it, father said we shouldn't waste food because everyone work hard for it,"

'Uh.. Whhy this father she mention really have different character as that son of a bi*ch Yu ZhenHo, he isn't this thoughtful person, beat me up I won't recognise him as a nice person,' thought Xuan ChenHua

"Do you really love your father this much, every time you talk you always said father this father that, isn't he the one who abandoned you?"


Startled by the noise everyone in the room gaze at Liuyue, she really can't stand it if anyone badmouthing her dear father, especially he said her father was abandoned her she immediately remember that last mission where she died tragically without her father in her side,

There's a tears on the corner of her eyes, Xuan ChenHua panicked and wipe her tears

"I'm sorry I don't mean to forget about what I said earlier, I am really sorry," he feeling anxious see her tears

"It's okay," she said and then walk out of dining room,

Xuan ChenHua thought she really love Liuyue's father, Yu ZhenHo, the Prime Minister, however, it was totally opposite she's J and didn't have any affection toward that Prime Minister, and in addition the owner in her last breath hate her parents so much when they throw her from the bridge.
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