Life Is Cherry Blossom Chapter 7

7 Royal Academy

"Hey, I heard there is a new student,"

"Oh, really? Is it a girl or boy?"

"It's rare to see new student at this time,"

"Yeah, I wonder why,"

"I heard that new student is sick previously so he can't attend school earlier,"

There's a lot of students whispering among themselves, Liuyue didn't mind any of them, right now her mission is infiltrate this academy and find any clue about the spy so basically she doesn't have time to mind those brats.

Now with identity of ChenXin, she enter this academy, in this academy they learn almost everything martial arts for boys, literature for both girls and boys, as for girls there's a lesson to teach them some manners and other complicated things for girl to learn.

With face mask in her delicated face even if she has looks of young man she's more like flowery boy, along the way to the principal office many people staring at her.

Tok.. Tok..

The sound of wooden door being knocked heard, after she arrived in from of the principal office.

"Come in," she can heard someone voice from inside, judge from his voice this person seems to be around his early thirties.

Sure enough, after she stepped inside the room she saw middle age man sit in front of a table.

"You are ChenXin?" He asked

"Yes, my name is ChenXin, it's pleasure to meet you principal,"

"Since young master Xuan personally ask me to help you to be our student I can't decline it, but we have to test you to put you into the right class for your talent,"


Since she was here for undercover mission she doesn't want to be in limelight and she decided to do everything as average as she can, the result isn't out of her expected.

In this school from first grade to third grade has nine different class each, from the lowest class is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and the last one also the highest class is purple. Liuyue accepted in green class since she concealed her ability with her current ability even third grade purple class isn't her match any more.

Tomorrow she'll start her first day at this academy. Since she should go tidying up her belongings in her quarters, each quarters has 4 people living on it, her roommate is from the same class as her, their name is Li Yun, Han Ming, and Jun Yao.


She open the door and the people inside all look towards her,

"Oh, you're new student?" a fox like young man stood up

"My name is Han Ming, nice to meet you," he continued and walk towards her

"ChenXin," Liuyue answer indifferently

"Jun Yao," An ice block young man said from the side while sizing her up and down.

"Hehe.. My name is Li Yun, nice to meet you, oh I just bought this snack want some?" a cheerful young man jump up from bed and bring some pastry to her

"Thank you," she nodded and take one, after that she began to arrange her belongings

"Do you need any help?" Li Yun ask her

"No need, I'm fine," she answered

"Oh.. okay," he look quite disappointed but she doesn't care to such trivial matters.

When she done, she gone straight to bed and fall asleep, she hasn't good rest in the way to here, since it's took 2 month to arrived, but even so she still didn't let her guard down and keep alert to her surroundings.

next day in the morning she goes to teacher room to report to her homeroom teacher, then he bring her straight to class after that.

"All right everyone, you have new friend here, what is your name?" Lin Er, her homeroom teacher said in front of the class

"ChenXin," she said

The teacher look at her with "That's it? Can't you say more?" expression, but she oblivious about it and stand there in silent

"Cough.. Okay ChenXin go take your seat beside Han Ming

"Yes," she immediately walk to the empty seat

"Hey," Li Yun who seated in front of her wave his hand when she walk to her seat, she only reply it with slight nod.

There's no hind awkward at all on Li Yun face he keep smiling like an idiot.

In the morning they learn literature and in the afternoon they learn close combat with pair.

Liuyue paired with the ice cube Jun Yao, and the young man skill aren't bad almost made her use her true strength but she still can control her excitement.
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