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  • Life's Magic

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Life's Magic summary:

Warning!THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY NOVEL!!!?Dear readers, this novel will be quite different from the rest of the books you've read. Don't worry though, only a little. Contrary to what you've seen before, this book has no happy ending. Let's just call it a happy beginning instead.?*~*~*~*~*My name's Mitch. I'm a good guy. I believe I'm a good guy because I was raised in a happy and...

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Life's Magic Chapters

Time uploaded
42 Mitch4 days ago
41 Mitch4 days ago
40 Hershey4 days ago
39 Donatella4 days ago
38 Hershey4 days ago
37 Hershey4 days ago
36 Mitch4 days ago
35 Mitch4 days ago
34 Hershey4 days ago
33 Hershey4 days ago
32 Mitch4 days ago
31 Mitch4 days ago
30 Hershey4 days ago
29 Hershey4 days ago
28 Hershey4 days ago
26 Mitch4 days ago
25 Mitch4 days ago
24 Mitch4 days ago
23 Mitch4 days ago
22 Mitch4 days ago
21 Mitch4 days ago
20 Mitch4 days ago
19 Mitch4 days ago
18 Mitch4 days ago
17 Mitch4 days ago
16 Mitch4 days ago
15 Mitch4 days ago
14 Mitch4 days ago
13 Mitch4 days ago
12 Mitch4 days ago
11 Mitch4 days ago
10 Mitch4 days ago
9 Mitch4 days ago
8 Mitch4 days ago
7 Mitch4 days ago
6 Mitch4 days ago
5 Mitch4 days ago
4 Mitch4 days ago
3 Mitch4 days ago
2 Mitch4 days ago
1 Mitch4 days ago
1 Authors Note4 days ago
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