Life's Magic Chapter 43

42 Mitch

Dad clapped my back as if to reassure me of his next words. But instead of making me feel at ease, it made me even more frustrated at his parables.

"You see, son, life is all about making decisions. Of making choices. Everyday consists of making decisions. I want you to realize that whatever your status in life right now is the result of your decision in the past. You're in this complication because you chose to be involved with two girls before. But you can't regret about that anymore since it's already in the past. What you're about to do is to get past this situation which is only possible once you decide. You need to man up and choose, Mitch. Decision making is actually molding the future you wanted, so choose wisely."

David paused for a moment to study my face but I refused to hold his gaze. I ground my teeth because, yes, dad was right. I wasn't being man enough to stand firm to my decision. Instead I came up here, hiding, cowering and being a total ass.

"Again, life is a choice, Mitch. Even happiness is a choice. People thought that happiness comes from outside when, in fact, it comes and it should have supposed to come from within us. Like me, I married your mom even if I know she'd be a nagger and a bitch sometimes. But I married her anyway because I chose to be happy about it. Being happily married with her is all about my choice. Same goes with love.

"Love should have no reason nor validity. You mustn't fall in love because she's pretty or that she cooks good or she's hot." Dad stopped to give way for a chuckle. "Even having a good character for a partner isn't a reason to marry. Because those are reasons coming from outside. Most people do this that's why they end up divorced. You love because it came inside your heart. You fall in love because you choose to love. Love isn't just a feeling, it's a decision. A choice. And that's our gift from above, to have the freewill. The liberty. Life is free, yes, but along with it comes the responsibility to do good and to choose what you believe is good."

Dad stared hard down at me, waiting for me to respond whether I get what he'd said. I totally understood but I chose not to react because I'm still unable to choose. I'm still fucking afraid to make my choice. Blowing a ragged breath, I waited for another of his wisdom to wash down on me and to hopefully snapped me out of my stupidity.

"Now, look at this coin." He raised the coin at my face again. "Assign a girl of who's going to be the head and the tail. You don't have to tell me. Just assign each of them in your mind. Ready?"

I did. I mentally assigned each girl of who's going to be the head and the other the tail. When I finally nodded at dad, he tossed the coin in the air. I stopped breathing. My heart slammed in my chest. Shit! Please make it a tail! Be it a tail! The bronze flipped up, circling around a multiple time, glinting at the setting sun before dad caught it with his hand, gripping it tight inside his fist.

"Let me see!" I nervously grabbed dad's hand to open his clenched fist.

"No, I won't." David raised his hand up so that I wouldn't be able to reach it. "Let me guess, even before I caught the coin, you already had a choice in mind, don't you? You even hoped and prayed it'll turn out on your favor. Am I correct?"

I swallowed hard. Fuck! Yes, indeed. I didn't realize I was being biased. Oh, God. I wanted the tail more. I loved the tail more! Realization must've manifested in my expression when dad smiled at me.

"See? I don't have to show you which face the coin landed because that'll only confuse you. As I've said, you already had a choice, you only need a hard shove. So stop brooding in here and go get your girl."

"I... I'm afraid, dad." I finally said with absolute honesty.

"And you're brave enough to admit that to yourself. Being afraid is different from being a coward, son. And that's alright." He clapped my shoulder before we both stood from the hammock.

When we rounded the cabin, we both stopped at the woman standing at the front porch. My heart flipped like the bronze coin inside my chest. The tail was here! I couldn't believe my own eyes! Oh, God! She's really here! How? Why?

"How did you know this place?" I asked through the deafening beat of my heart.

"I followed the GPS of your phone's current location. I'm sorry if I came without notice. I... I just... I want us to talk, Mitch."

Dad clapped my back again, certain that she's really the girl I'm about to choose. Because just as the magical stories dad said, this cabin had no satellite connection so I turned my phone off. How did she even track me down with the GPS? If this wasn't magical at all, then I'd settle with destiny. She's my destiny.

My tears flowed but I was smiling, too. I ran towards her with arms wide open and heart worn out of my sleeve. Once our mouths touched, my heart felt as if it's finally whole. I'm finally home.
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