Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Attempted to kill

Aria chuckled as he made her sit and pulled her to lean on him. He mentioned where was Lucas Cooper for six years.

"I met Dad Oliver's advocate today. Lucas cooper was in prison for six years. He was released a month and ten days back. He was prisoned for the attempt to murder and threaten."

Aria turned around to face him, "Did Dad do it for me?"

Alan hummed.

She didn't even think that way because Lucas Cooper was his father. Sending him to prison would hurt him too but he had to be strong for her and manage everything alone without letting anybody know it so that family name shouldn't be affected.

"Don't think too much." He saw her mood dampen thinking about her father.

He caressed her head as he continued, "The butler had recorded from his mobile. That was used as proof and advocate said that Dad knew it would affect the family name hence he managed to keep under wrap and didn't mention to anybody... When you were unconscious, Lucas Cooper was frightened hence he had left everything Dad gave him so he basically took nothing and ran away."

Aria nodded and leaned on him looking outside. Alan didn't want to make her sad but he had to tell her before the next session so she should be aware.

"Aria." She hummed looking at him. "Dad started to prepare his will and testament from last year. Even though police closed the accident case I don't think it's an unexpected car accident..."

Aria cut in as her eyes turned red, "Somebody was planning against him and... and he was prepared. If... if he knew why wasn't he on guards?"

Alan felt helpless seeing her tears. He gently wiped her cheeks as he responded, "We are still investigating it. That is just speculation... If you cry like this, how do you expect me to tell these types of matters?"

Aria pursed her lips and became quite. Alan sighed, "Okay Okay I will tell you but you have to promise me that you will not sit and cry alone."

Aria hummed and didn't cry for a long time. Alan coaxed her and mentioned, "As we don't know the person behind this, you should avoid going out alone. Alright?"

Aria hummed again.

They spoke for some time until she fell asleep in his arms. He laid her on the bed and wiped her face with a warm towel before he went to his room.

Alan's people who were trying to get information were reaching a dead end and there was no clue who could plan against Oliver's life.

He initially thought Lucas Cooper must be behind it but nobody visited him and he couldn't contact anybody from inside unless he used one of the early released prisoners.

He wanted to clear up the path for Aria before she takes over the company so that nobody should hurt her.


Aria attended classes on Monday and Tuesday normally as Alan picked and dropped her.

She was completely confused about why Rian was running away from her and their conversation was getting weird.

Noah and Eva convinced her as she was overthinking.

Rian who created fuss to take him to the courtroom for the first session didn't care on the second. He just got ready and left for school without telling anything to Aria.

Aria was rooted in the living hall looking at the main door when Alan went behind her and rubbed her head, "What's wrong?"

Aria shook her head and was leaving, he held her back, "If not me, who are you going to tell?"

Aria bit her lip unsure of whether to tell him or not. She didn't want to sound like complaining.

"You just have to listen and drop it." Aria continued after seeing him nod, "I feel like Rian is avoiding me. I initially thought I might be overthinking. Even Eva and Noah said the same but it is getting obvious that he is avoiding me or he is trying to hide something by avoiding me. I'm not sure either... Anyway, I will solve it, you don't interfere."

Alan understood she didn't want to create misunderstanding between brothers hence she didn't want to tell him.

He took a step to hug her but Amelia grinned coming behind Aria. "I would have loved to watch but we will get late. How about after returning? I will not disturb, I promise."

Aria was confused about why Amelia said it. She hadn't noticed Alan as her gaze was on the door thinking about Rian. "Mum, what do you want to watch? Is there a movie you are interested in?"

Alan and Amelia looked at each other. The latter burst into laughter pinching her cheeks. The former removed her hands off and took confused Aria out.

Alan didn't respond to Aria's questions and got few punches for not responding and took her to the courthouse. Amelia and Rowan were in a different car with security.

The reports who thought they would be low profile again were dumbstruck to see six cars entering.

Aria and Alan were in his sports car led and followed by a black Bentley security car. Amelia and Rowan were in Mercedes Maybach between two security cars.

Excluding Aria, others were in formals. Aria purposefully wore short dungaree making herself looking like a junior school girl.

In the second session, Aria didn't have anything to speak. The session started off with submitting a DNA report that matched which was enough to say Lucas Cooper had a blood relationship with Aria and her test reports also submitted saying she had no problem.

Then Advocate Davis submitted the six years record of Lucas Cooper staying in Country Y.

"Your honor, with your permission, I would like to call prison Warden Goody on deck for a few questions."

Lucas Cooper's expression was ugly so as Advocate Davis. They hadn't found Oliver's advocate before they filed hence they had thought it couldn't be out and nobody knew but...

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Oliver's advocate was retired and was living away from the city hence it was difficult to get his track.

Both checked in the courtroom but they didn't find Mr.Goody.

Main judge: "Permission granted."

A man in mid-forties wearing suit entered the courtroom when his name called.

A mocking smile appeared on Advocate Davis's face. He had guessed Aria and the Morgan's had something to win the case but he thought to prove it false but now given the history of Lucas Cooper, the law would never agree for Aria's guardianship upon that Lucas Cooper was on the way to prison for lying and creating fake proofs.

Mr.Goody introduced himself before answering Advocate Tetley's question, "Mr.Goody, do you know this man?"

Goody responded, "Yes! He was in prison for six years on the criminal record."

Advocate Tetley took the case result papers and passed it to the main judge, "Your Honor, I don't understand when Mr.Cooper was in prison for six years, how he lived in Country Y. These are the result of case number XXXX XXXX which clearly states that Mr.Cooper had attempted to kill President Cooper when she was just thirteen. He had threatened his own son for money and property holding Aria as a hostage. Mr.Cooper was imprisoned for it and he is here again lying and asking for guardianship of President Cooper which clearly says he isn't here to take care of President Cooper but he wants what is in her name. How can we give guardianship to such person?..."

All thought Advocate Davis would object and try to reason saying six years were enough for a man to change for good and would ask Mr.Goody about Lucas Cooper's behavior to make him state as good but he was sitting passively.

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