Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Dong Bo Xue Yings Helpers

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When the enormous palm filled with endless dark worlds came, Swordmaster who was prepared beforehand felt suppressed: “Indeed, as Emperor Summer warned me before, the power of the Undying Underworld Emperor is on the same level as he. It is truly terrifying.”

He naturally mentioned it to Emperor Summer before taking action. Emperor Summer had told him: “Bewitching Sword, this Undying Underworld Emperor isn’t any weaker than me. He might even be stronger than me. It has been a long time since he returned to the Realm Heart Great Land, and even I could not see through his current strength.”

Now that it seemed.

Undying Underworld Emperor was on the same level as Emperor Summer. As for being stronger? That was not too obvious. Underworld Emperor was only stronger to a certain extent.

But what Swordmaster did not know was firstly, Undying Underworld Emperor was not using his most powerful technique. Secondly, the largest attainment Undying Underworld Emperor had in his cultivation years was the creation of a refinement technique to produce ‘Death Walkers’. If his sacrificial ritual succeeded! The Death Walker would be qualified as having a ‘half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body’. In terms of power, it could even fight against a genuine Chaotic Origin Lifeform at the lowest level!

“Bewitching Sword, remember, you are going over to protect those weaker cultivators and not Monarch Flying Snow. Don’t shed all pretense of cordiality with Undying Underworld Emperor! Just persuade him. He isn’t that foolish to become enemies with my Summer Wind Ancient Nation.” Emperor Summer reminded him.

Emperor Summer and the others were not afraid.

Emperor Summer had many avatars. Just the ‘Summer Wind Capital’ alone was termed as the biggest city in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. It contained a huge population. Nonetheless, the core clans member of the Summer Clan were distributed across several huge cities, and all of them were protected by his avatars!

If they truly became enemies, the core cities would remain fine.

He believed that prior to becoming ‘great enemies’, Undying Underworld Emperor would not be that foolish!

And indeed, the one who disrupted the sacrificial ritual was ‘Monarch Flying Snow’. Undying Underworld Emperor naturally hated Monarch Flying Snow and would not create a terrifying enemy just because of some minor matters!


An enormous palm slapped outwards. Countless sword rays dissipated.

Swordmaster was forced into a retreat. His figure smashed against the protective light barrier surrounding the Flying Snow City, though he soon regained his position and flew up immediately.

“Yi, you do not own any supreme-graded secret treasure yet you could unleashed the power of an unparalleled existence?” Undying Underworld Emperor coldly laughed when he saw that, “What a pity that you aren’t qualified to be termed unparalleled before me.”

In the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

There were only two existences who were unparalleled in reality.

One was Emperor Summer! He could inflict heavy injuries on Eternal Night Primogenitor within a short period of time, forcing the other party to escape.

And the other was the previous number one expert in Realm Heart Great Land, Undying Underworld Emperor who recently returned stronger.

The two of them had reached the final realm in two Daos! Hence, they were stronger by other final realm cultivators by an entire level.

But even though they were stronger by a level, the advantage they had during battles were not that obvious. They merely held an upper hand!

If an unparalleled existence wanted to escape, they could do so easily.

“Peng peng!”

Swordmaster struck out with his sword consecutively.

And in return, Undying Underworld Emperor slapped his palm several times. Even though Swordmaster was injured from the exchange, his injuries were light; blood could only be seen trickling down the edge of his mouth.

“Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, I am not in a mood to play with you!” Undying Underworld Emperor was slightly frustrated. His right hand slapped out again. This time, the palm was covered in dark flames. That enormous palm which covered the world was sent down on Swordmaster. Even though Swordmaster tried to resist against it, he was slapped and thrown far away. He even spurt out fresh blood from the attack.

At the same time when he slapped Swordmaster away, Undying Underworld Emperor sent another palm down on the Flying Snow City as well.

“Hold your hands!” Another loud roar could be heard.

Endless dark cloud formed in defense of that palm sent by Undying Underworld Emperor.


The black cloud directly diverted the force from the palm away before turning into countless bugs.

Those small insects soon flew back to a figure and into his body. It also transformed into a set of loose black robes.

This was a humanoid insect expert. His entire body was covered in glossy black scales. His head contained two soft feelers protruding from it. Behind his back, there was even a pair of crystalline wings. Those insects that flew back to him had wrapped around his body. This figure looked up at Undying Underworld Emperor: “Underworld Emperor, I wish for you to hold your hands.”

“Insect Ancestor?” Undying Underworld Emperor was slightly frustrated, “You are planning to obstruct me as well?”

He had some friendly relations with Insect Ancestor.

Undying Underworld Emperor purchased the ‘Devouring Realm Spiritual Liquid’ from Insect Ancestor, and wasn’t too willing to shed all forms of cordiality with him! Because the sacrificial ritual this time was a failure and he still desired to purchase more ‘Devouring Realm Spiritual Liquid’ from Insect Ancestor.

“Monarch Flying Snow owns many avatars. You can’t even kill him, and are only implicating the innocent. Why the need?” Insect Ancestor said with a hoarse voice.

Swordmaster felt surprised by the side.

Various parties who were watching this in Realm Heart Great Land felt astonished as well. They could understand why Paragon Master Bewitching Sword acted since Monarch Flying Snow was an Honored Guest from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation! Hearsay his relationship with Paragon Master Bewitching Sword was relatively good.

But what about Insect Ancestor?

Insect Ancestor did not have a stellar relationship with Summer Wind Ancient Nation! Furthermore, Insect Ancestor even engaged in huge massacres as a subordinate of ‘Devouring Realm Great Emperor’. Why would he care about the lives of innocent?

“You care about those ants as well?” Undying Underworld Emperor did not dare believe it, “Insect Ancestor, am I hearing it wrongly?”

“The Ying Shan Clan once cross paths with me.” Insect Ancestor said, “Talking about it, I still own the Ying Shan Clan a huge favor. That is why I came this time hoping for Underworld Emperor to stop.”

At the same time when the various huge organizations in Realm Heart Great Land were paying notice at Flying Snow City.

A piece of news was being rapidly transmitted deep into the Broken Teeth Mountain Range.

“Monarch, the true identity of Heaven’s Will Daoist is Monarch Flying Snow! He has acted to save the lives of sentient beings in 15 nations, yet he has disrupted the affairs of Undying Underworld Emperor. Under a fit of anger, Undying Underworld Emperor has killed his way to the Flying Snow City and wanted to wipe out the entire Ying Shan Clan as well as the entire Flying Snow City.” This piece of news reached a world within the Broken Teeth Mountain Range.

In this vast world, there were not many sentient beings living in it. But all of them were very powerful. The weakest children were at the Void God level.

And the Monarch of this world is currently accompanying his child.

“Mn?” A male garbed in starlight robe was originally spending time happily with his daughter when his expression changed slightly.

“Heaven’s Will Daoist, you once saved my daughter. Hence, this is a matter that I cannot ignore!” The starlight-robed male remained at his original position. In reality, he left behind an incarnation, and his true body had left the place, heading towards Flying Snow City in the Realm Heart Great Land.

Flying Snow City.

Xue Ying watched in startle as Insect Ancestor appear.

“Insect Ancestor is here to help me as well?” Xue Ying did not dare believe it, “He has some previous relationship with the Ying Shan Clan? Why wasn’t this recorded in the history of Ying Shan Clan before?”

The entire Ying Shan Clan and the Old Ancestor of the clan, ‘Old Mother Ying Shan’ were still alive, yet none of them knew about this.

To the distance, Insect Ancestor merely turned around and gave Xue Ying a glance. His insect-like head which was covered in black scales revealed a smile. Clearly, he was filled with kindness. Nonetheless, Insect Ancestor felt complex in his heart: “You do not recognize me. Even I do not recognize myself. I just cannot forget… that my true name is Ba Tuo Chen! The only surviving core disciple of the Ba Tuo Clan.”

Ba Tuo Chen could not forget about it.

His clan at Thistle Flower Nation was destroyed. Even his wife was a spy sent over by the enemy. At the point of desperation, a white-robed young man called Ying Shan Xue Ying actually came out to lend him a helping hand! He sent Ba Tuo Chen to the Summer Wind Ancient Nation.

And it was at the capital of Summer Wind Ancient Nation where he encountered a miraculous opportunity!

But before he rose, he became enemies with the Fan Clan and was locked into the prison. Even though he was silently growing and could eventually escape, his growth was ultimately too slow within the prison. It was ‘Xue Ying’ who once again came to save him and send him away! And only then did the dragon finally entered the great sea. It was at this moment that he rapidly grew.

He hated many people.

He even felt that this world was cold and cruel. The strong feasted on the weak. Even if he was filled with despair, that white-robed young man ‘Xue Ying’ had given this world a ray of light.


He did not care even if other living beings died. But ‘Xue Ying’ was someone he had to save!

“It’s just that the opponent is too strong this time.” Insect Ancestor ‘Ba Tuo Chen’ looked before him. His strength had reached a limit during this short period, yet the gap between him and Undying Underworld Emperor was still too big!


Suddenly, an incomparably dazzling starlight appeared above the sky of Flying Snow City. It was condensing into a figure.


Swordmaster and Insect Ancestor ‘Ba Tuo Chen’ were both startled.

Even the furious Undying Underworld Emperor felt his expression shifting slightly. He could feel a threat from the condensing starlight.

Eventually, the starlight condensed into a male garbed in luxurious-looking starlight robes. His temperament was transcendental and noble. He stood there looking at Undying Underworld Emperor: “Undying Underworld Emperor?”

“Who are you?” Undying Underworld Emperor became solemn. It was likely only he in the entire Realm Heart Great Land who could feel how unique this newcomer was. Because he had already heard before of this type of experts!

“Broken Teeth Mountain Range, Starlight World Master.” The male garbed in a starlight gown chuckled.

“World Master?” The expression of Undying Underworld Emperor slightly changed.

He was clear how frightening all who could become ‘World Masters’ in the Broken Teeth Mountain Range were! This was also the reason why he dared to venture into the place after refining a Death Walker! Of course, the World Masters were only part of the danger in Broken Teeth Mountain Range. Just a World Master who wasn’t in the Broken Teeth Mountain Range did not make Undying Underworld Emperor feel fear.

“What are you, a World Master of Broken Teeth Mountain Range, here for?” Undying Underworld Emperor asked.

“I am here to express my gratitude for Monarch Flying Snow. Naturally, I am here to protect him!” The starlight-robed male said.

Xue Ying stared blankly. He could understand why Swordmaster aided him. But Insect Ancestor and this mysterious man from Broken Teeth Mountain Range, ‘Starlight World Master’, were people he did not recognize. Nonetheless, both of them stood out for him during the most crucial moments.

As he continued saving the sentient beings from the devils, he had unknowingly produced experts that were willing to stop Undying Underworld Emperor for him.

“To give and take. This should be part of the way the Supreme Law works right?” Xue Ying suddenly understood. Experiencing the joy those souls cried after gaining their freedom back at his hometown Origin World gave Xue Ying a newfound sense of direction in his Dao of Soul and how he should go about fusing the five branches of the ‘Mirage and Illusory Realm’ together. At that moment, he had roughly touched a higher law in the soul aspect.

He also vaguely understood how the Supreme Law worked.

By saving all living things, he similarly comprehended a new direction in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm.

And after saving so many living things in the Realm Heart Great Land, there were experts standing up for him in times of dire situations.

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