Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Number One Killing Dao Of Mirage And Illusory Realm Technique 2

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Sinking into a flash of realization, many ideas flooded his mind. This unique illusory realm was being filled up with different kinds of laws and profound mysteries. The illusory realm Xue Ying had casted in the past was never this complex! It was after his great accumulations and the spark of inspiration after examining the internal illusory realm structures of those mysterious eyes that led him into a state of madness…

This state of mind persisted for more than 10,000 years until that huge illusory realm was completed in his heart.


A circular plate-like illusory realm appeared in his sea of consciousness. It was dimmed.

It was beautiful and resplendent.

Furthermore, its very existence congealed Xue Ying’s soul even further. This had been the first time he saw any improvement in his soul after absorbing the ‘core blood of the Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother’.

The ‘Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm’ was also a sort of soul Dao!

Its improvement would upgrade the quality of the soul and allow it to evolve.

‘I, I actually created such a wondrous illusory realm world?’ Xue Ying was filled with disbelief as he felt the newly-created illusory realm world condensed from laws in his sea of consciousness, ‘This is really something that I created?’

Grand perfection.

Currently, Xue Ying had a vague feeling of reaching grand perfection in his soul. With the soul and fleshy body mutually nourishing one another, Xue Ying felt his body gradually raising in level.

‘In the past, it has always been my fleshy body that nourishes the soul. This is still the first time I am feeling my soul improving and strengthening my fleshy body.’ Xue Ying was incredibly startled. In the past, he could not improve his fleshy body at all. Even by relying on the created by Emperor Summer and referring to his supreme secret impartation, his Chaotic Origin Refinement Body had reached a limit comparable to peak Cosmos God body cultivators.

And now, his fleshy body had improved.

This was caused by the soul.

‘This time, the illusory realm world I created gives off part of a grand perfection feeling.’ Xue Ying was astonished. But he understood this was only an approximate feeling.

It contained one of the wondrous effects from the illusory realm structure Xue Ying observed from the ‘gray eyes’ and ‘golden eyes’. That was how he had the inspiration to create this illusory realm world.

‘If I reached the final realm in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm, my soul would have reached a true grand perfection.’ Xue Ying had a new realization. At this moment, he was only vaguely feeling grand perfection. It was like looking at flowers in the fog–this feeling of the next level of realm made him understand that many mysterious changes would occur once his soul reach grand perfection.

Under the Burning Heart God Tree.

Xue Ying sat cross-legged here. Even though his heart was undulating like the tide–a newfound desire towards reaching ‘grand perfection of the soul’–Xue Ying was able to calm himself down: ‘I am already close to the peak in the Dao of Soul across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. And now, I have seen the direction which I have to go. I have even felt the feeling of grand perfection. I believe I’ll be able to reach the final realm after spending a little time! I must!’

In the past when he saved the many innocents and allow them to be free of Sacred Master’s control, this unshackling of the soul in the people was also the first time Xue Ying found his direction.

And now, he had improved even further; he touched the grand perfection.

Furthermore, examining the structures of those mysterious eyes gave him inspiration to create an unprecedented illusory realm killing technique.

‘This world is too beautiful.’

Xue Ying could not help but send down a thought.

The ‘Mirage Cosmos’ in his body immediately started metamorphosing. It was being altered according to the newly-comprehended illusory realm world structure. Being the creator, he was able to alter the Mirage Cosmos with a thought. And that transformation included an expansion in size! The flow of time within the Mirage Cosmos accelerated too. Many sentient beings began reproducing and cultivating within, of which many amazing cultivators were emerging.

‘This illusory realm world is able to give me the urge to enter.’ Xue Ying thought.

‘This illusory realm world technique shall be called…’

‘Illusory Realm World–Resplendent!’ Xue Ying thought.

A Resplendent World. It was all-inclusive. Even powerful Cosmos Gods would be immersed within.


Broken Tooth Mountain Range, yet another sky-floating island.

Xue Ying was flying in this sky-floating island alone. A vast and resplendent illusory realm world pervaded his surroundings–it spanned across 150 million kilometers in distance. One could see how amazing this illusory realm technique was for it to maintain such a huge distance despite the suppression of sky-floating island.

Xue Ying was unclear as to how formidable this first killing technique in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm was.

But he had a vague feeling that it should have reached the third level power.

It even gave off part of a grand perfection feeling! Hence, he could only find out what its actual power was through actual battles.

“Who is that? Why, why are there so many members of the Death Destruction Clan floating around him?” A Death Destruction expert saw from a distance at the group of floating slumbering Death Destruction clansmen around a white-robed young man.

A region spanning 150 million kilometers was huge.

Those sleeping around Xue Ying had been enveloped by the illusory realm. They naturally fell prey to the technique and did not even have the time to discover what had happened.

And this expert was still the first to discover it! He saw the scene from a distance several billions of kilometers away.


This Death Destruction expert who had wings furiously teleported. He charged right at Xue Ying.

Following which, bang! He also fell into a deep sleep and began floating by Xue Ying.

Just like that…

Xue Ying continued unperturbed all the way to the clans-ground!


The entire clans-ground was only about 500 million kilometers in distance. This illusory realm domain of Xue Ying easily occupied a small section of it. Whenever the Death Destruction clansmen touched the illusory realm, they would fall in large batches–they were completely powerless. When the other Death Destruction experts saw their slumbering peers, they immediately went to awaken their ‘Emperor’!

“Who! Who dares to intrude into the clans-ground!” The Emperor was a four-hoofed beast with a pair of huge black wings. Its scarlet eyes stared at Xue Ying. Its enormous body was like a tiny mountain, and its aura felt mighty and grand.

There were more than 10,000 Death Destruction clansmen floating around Xue Ying. Of course he was being merciful. Even those Death Destruction clansmen who had no intelligence whatsoever were merely immersed in his illusory realm.

“The Emperor from the Death Destruction Clan, I came this time without vile intentions.” Xue Ying spoke. At the same time, he was delaying for time. His current domain occupied a huge area, and he had already discovered that gray eye floating within the sky-floating island.

This gray eye was situated above a unique plant.

He was currently observing and memorizing the structure within.

“You have no vile intentions? Yet you are controlling so many members of my Death Destruction Clan?” The Emperor roared. He was slightly vigilant for he could not discern if this white-robed young man was illusory or real.

That’s right.

In the past, the Death Destruction Clan could still sense that Xue Ying had a level-two Cosmos God aura.

But now as he maintained this terrifying illusory realm constantly, in their senses, they merely perceived Xue Ying as part of the illusory realm. They could not feel his aura at all.

With more than 10,000 members of the Death Destruction Clan floating around him, even the ‘Emperor’ felt startled. It was not unparalleled after all!

There were the ‘eight Great Sages’ within the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

The Natives even had ‘Supremes’. Being a mere ‘Emperor’ of this sky-floating island, it had incredibly high intelligence. When faced with cries of mercy from weaklings, he did not care about them. But when facing experts, he was filled with restraining fear.

“They aren’t dead. It’s just that they are deep in sleep. I came this time to collect some materials.” Xue Ying said. At the same time, he was also memorizing the structure. After a while, he finally memorized the complete illusory realm structure within the gray eye. Even though he had created the first killing technique, compared to the illusory realm of that mysterious eye, there was still a huge gap.

“Oh right.” Xue Ying looked at the ‘Emperor’ who was on alert, “I still have another important matter.”

The Emperor growled: “I’ve already permitted you to gather one kind of material before leaving. And now you have another matter?”

“I want to fight with you and see the gap between us.” Xue Ying chuckled.


The Emperor who had been enduring finally exploded!

The temperaments of those in the Death Destruction Clan were bad. It was merely wary of this expert. Hence, it was willing to just give away one piece of material it did not care. But now the other party wanted to fight?

“You are seeking death!” That four-hoofed beast who was as big as a tiny mountain roared. It charged right at Xue Ying.


Xue Ying had deliberately reduced the region of the illusory realm, and now, he abruptly expanded it and engulfed that ‘Emperor’.

The scarlet eyes of that Emperor immediately opened wide. It revealed a look of struggle before following that, its wings began softening down. Its eyes became dim. Its huge figure floated in midair. It had fallen asleep.

Xue Ying let out a breath: “I actually succeeded? Otherwise, it would have slapped me to death with a single palm!”

He was prepared for this avatar to die when he chose to test out his strength.

And it seemed–on this sky-floating island at least, he was unparalleled! He could sweep across everyone including that Emperor!

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