Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 With One Technique I Can Move Unhindered

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A sky-floating island was swept completely just like that.

This was a ‘miracle’ that had never happened before in the history of Realm Heart Great Land! Even Emperor Summer and Undying Underworld Emperor could fight with an ‘Emperor’ without losing out. Killing an ‘Emperor’ was too lofty a goal! If Undying Underworld Emperor had refined his ‘Death Walker’, it might be possible. But sadly, he did not refine it.

Of all cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land, only Xue Ying could achieve this!

This was a ‘Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm’ killing technique! It directly targeted the soul and willpower.

Soul techniques were incredibly terrifying. It was useless even if one had supreme secret impartation, supreme-graded secret treasures or Death Walkers! Because a soul technique could only be defended using one’s soul. If one could resist it, he would only be using part of his heartforce. Otherwise, he would fall prey and be totally immersed in the technique! His life and death would also be in the hands of the enemy.

‘The first time I entered Broken Tooth Mountain Range, my illusory realm merely reduced 30% of the ‘Emperor’s strength at that sky-floating island.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘And now, I’ve finally created a great killing technique that has part of the feeling of grand perfection. It can cause an ordinary ‘Emperor’ to fall into oblivion.’

The target he chose to test his technique was, according to the intelligence provided by the Blood Flame Clan, an ordinary Emperor. This was the most commonly seen standard of ‘Emperor’ in the sky-floating islands within Broken Tooth Mountain Range.

‘My illusory realm killing technique has the best effect in the Broken Tooth Mountain Range.’

Looking at the large number of floating Death Destruction clansmen around him–even that huge Emperor was floating deep asleep–Xue Ying felt high-spirited.

Since the enemies were swept entirely by him, it meant all treasures on this sky-floating island would all belonged to him.

‘Not just this sky-floating island, I believe I could do so in many other sky-floating islands too.’ Xue Ying looked forward to it. Since he could sweep across this island, it meant it was possible for him to do likewise in many other sky-floating islands!

It was only at the Broken Tooth Mountain Range could he pillage to his heart’s content!

In terms of capabilities to resist the illusory realm, cultivators were the most fathomable in this aspect! The Natives were weker by an entire level, and the Death Destruction Clan was even weaker!

Cultivators who reached the final realm would usually reach grand perfection in a Dao path at least. Their souls were powerful, and their willpower had reached an unfathomable stage. Even though Xue Ying’s current Illusory Realm World killing technique was formidable and even gave off some feeling of grand perfection, final realm cultivators would easily resist against it by using some of their heartforce!

‘It is already amazing. Regardless if they were ordinary final realm experts of unparalleled existences, they would have to suffer from some hardship when faced with my illusory realm killing technique.’

Eternal Night Primogenitor, Ancestor Fan, Moonflower King, and many others.

Their soul and willpower had no differences with ordinary final realm cultivators!


By relying on the illusory realm, Xue Ying could gather some intelligence from the slumbering ‘Emperor’, ‘The Death Destruction Clan is seriously so foolish? Their intelligence is this crude?’

He was ignorant initially, but now that he began his investigation, he was frightened! This Death Destruction Clan was truly a special breed.

It was fine that most of the members in the Death Destruction Clan had intelligence like wild beasts. But the remaining elites of the Death Destruction Clan had some intelligence! Yet they remained barbarous and only knew how to eat, fight and kill! Standing at the apex were the Kings and the Emperors! They merely understood the outside world slightly, and about the surrounding few Natives world. They also knew about the fame of the ‘Five Supremes’ and the ‘eight Great Sages’.

The Natives had incredibly detailed intelligence on some sky-floating islands.

But the Death Destruction Clan did not even have any detailed information on its surrounding! They only had some approximation of the strength of nearby superpowers. It was also because the ‘Emperor’ would occasionally go out to hunt for prey.

Thus, his plan of gathering information from the Death Destruction Clan fell through at this moment.

Xue Ying was better off focusing his time gathering the precious materials and treasures from the sky-floating island.

In the following days, he continued exploring the sky-floating islands one by one.

He wanted to explore all sky-floating islands that were recorded in the intelligence by Blood Flame Clan regarding the presence of the mysterious eyes! Xue Ying even went to attempt exploring some of the sky-floating islands which he failed in the past. This time, he relied on his strength!

On those sky-floating islands, when faced with Xue Ying’s illusory realm killing technique, only the ‘Emperors’ could possibly maintain consciousness.

Ordinary ‘Emperors’ might have comparable strength. But their willpower differed drastically. Some with strong willpower could maintain a strand of consciousness and could easily slap Xue Ying to death with a single palm! All they needed was a strand of consciousness, and given their terrifying fleshy body, they could still unleash 10% to 20% of their strength. That sufficed to wipe out Xue Ying’s avatar.

As for those with weaker willpower, they would simply fall into oblivion.

Even as Xue Ying encountered Emperors who could maintain awake, he would usually control a large group of Death Destruction clansmen and use them as negotiation. He was deliberately delaying for more time. Hence, most of the avatars that were killed would still have sufficient time to memorize the illusory realm structure of those mysterious eyes.

In the blink of an eye.

Just half a year later, Xue Ying memorized structures of 506 mysterious eyes successfully amidst the 522 sky-floating islands as detailed on the report. Of which there were 329 gray eyes and 177 golden eyes in total.

Even though he succeeded in memorizing so many structures, in reality, most of them were done by deliberately delaying for time–more than 200 sky-floating islands had Emperors that could still maintain a wisp of consciousness.

‘If I brought my Chaotic Origin Weapon Azure River with me, I should be able to procure more treasures.’ Xue Ying thought.

Those Emperors that could maintain a wisp of consciousness were only left with 10% to 20% of their original strength!

If Xue Ying brought along his ‘Azure River’, he could easily survive. As a result, it was possible for him to collect more treasures. Nevertheless, Xue Ying dared not take this risk! If he lost his Chaotic Origin Weapon, it would be quite bad. Furthermore, he did not care much about those treasures. With his illusory realm killing technique, Xue Ying could be considered the number one expert in gathering treasures in the Realm Heart Great Land.

Also, any treasures would no longer have any meaning once it reached a certain amount.

‘Cultivating the Realm’ was still fundamental!

‘I am willing to use those treasures to exchange for an advancement of my Dao of Void into the final realm!’ Xue Ying sighed inwardly. Even though he currently stood at an incredibly high level in his soul aspect and could easily intimidate any ultra-powerful experts in the Broken Tooth Mountain Range, he still desired to reach the final realm in his ‘Dao of Void’! Because only by reaching the final realm could he bring his loved ones and friends away prior to the apocalypse of his hometown Origin World!

‘Final realm.’

‘I’ve created the five great killing techniques in my Dao of Void. I also have a supreme secret impartation guiding me. When can I ever reach the final realm?’ Xue Ying thought, ‘Perhaps I should enter closed-door cultivation and properly meditate?’

Having explored 500 over islands and experienced various opportunities on the Dao of Void, Xue Ying had gained many newfound inspiration. Nonetheless, he had been adventuring and not meditating unlike Swordmaster.

‘Mn, let me pay a visit to that good friend Starlight World Master of mine before leaving Broken Tooth Mountain Range.’ Xue Ying smiled. In the past when Undying Underworld Emperor attacked the Flying Snow City, Starlight World Master had stood up for him.


With a teleportation, he traveled through an enormous distance, arriving at one of the many worlds belonging to the Natives, the ‘Starlight World’.

In the past, that Starlight World Master had once informed Xue Ying of the location of ‘Starlight World’. Furthermore, Xue Ying had ventured into so many sky-floating islands, and had collected various simplistic information from the slumbering ‘Emperors’. He could at least map out part of where the ‘worlds’ were. The Starlight World was also a relatively famous Native World.

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