Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Starlight Worlds Dilemma

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The worlds where the Natives lived in were all hidden in the void. They could not be seen with the naked eyes.

But Xue Ying being a great expert in the Dao of Void, could easily perceive these hidden worlds.


The white-robed young man Xue Ying appeared amidst the void. Looking at the distant sky-floating island that was as big as a sesame, he nodded slightly, ‘Using the sky-floating island as a point of reference, the hidden world before me is precisely the Starlight World.’


His body flashed and easily entered the world.

The Starlight World was a vast land.

Unlike the ‘sky-floating islands’ which contained a huge suppression and pressure on him, the pressure within the Starlight World was incredibly low. He could easily execute the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique with a thought.


After entering the Starlight World, Xue Ying swept his gaze across and easily saw some collapsed structures in the distance. There was also a huge ditch in the land. The forest not too far away was emptied and filled with huge gouges too.

‘There seems to be a recent great war?’ Xue Ying did not find it puzzling. It was normal for civilians within a world to battle.


He released his Void Domain. Without any repulsion from the Starlight World, his senses easily covered the entire place. At the center of this vast land, there gathered an incredibly concentrated Starlight Energy which prevented any forms of scouting. Xue Ying’s Void Domain was similarly forced away.

But just outside that starlight region gathered many enormous ships. The protectors that stood on the ships were currently emitting an aura of lightning.

‘According to what I know, the Natives are gathered according to their bloodlines.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘Like the Blood Flame Clan, all of them have an Old Ancestor with a powerful bloodline. Furthermore the entire clan also focuses on researching the ‘Blood Flame’ bloodline. Similar logic, the most concentrated bloodline in members of the Starlight Clan should be of the Starlight Bloodline and they should be cultivating it. But somehow, those people standing there seem to be emitting an aura of lightning. They are clearly not from the Starlight Clan.’

‘What exactly is going on?’

Xue Ying executed his Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique to observe what was happening.

At the core of the Starlight World, there was a chain of structures. They looked beautiful. Furthermore, Xue Ying could see a large group of people gathered there. With a glance, he saw more than 100 million Starlight Clan members congregated at that location. They were also protected by the concentrated starlight around them! But this starlight seemed to suffer from a spatial isolation seal. This seal came from those huge ships that surrounded the region.

‘It appears that the Starlight World has been invaded by a powerful enemy?’ Xue Ying was not a fool. He could easily discern that currently, another powerful clan of Natives was attacking the Starlight Clan.

‘Weird. Previously when I met the Blood Flame Clan, I’ve heard Blood Flame Ji say how their hometown was being occupied, and they were forced to escape. Why does it seem like the Starlight Clan is suffering from the same attack? It appears that the competition between the Natives is quite intense too.’ Xue Ying thought.

Thinking about it, he felt it was normal.

Usually, competition happened even within a clan! It existed everywhere.


Taking a step, Xue Ying arrived just outside the spatial seal. Coincidentally at that juncture, a guard who emitted an aura of lightning was patrolling that place. He saw that white-robed young man appearing and immediately shouted: “Who are you!”

“Who am I?” Xue Ying chuckled. The illusory realm had already enveloped this pitiful little guard! He deliberately teleported to the side of this guard. This guard was very weak. He was only at the Primal Chaos Realm. The willpower of Natives was on average weaker than the cultivators. Hence, Xue Ying could easily scour through his memories.

And only then did he find out that this protector came from the ‘Lightning Serpent Clan’. They followed after ‘Monarch Lightning Serpent’ over to invade the Starlight World. They wanted to wipe out the Starlight Clan and occupy this world!

‘Wiping out the clan? So savage?’ Xue Ying was slightly startled.


“Who dares to provoke my Lightning Serpent Clan?” An enormous ship not too far away had discovered that things were amiss here.

Xue Ying glanced over at a group of experts who came over. With a thought, ‘si la’, a black crack formed and Xue Ying followed through the crack to enter the core of the Starlight World.

“Sou sou sou…”

That group of experts rushed over.

“Who is that white-robed young man? Why did he appear and disappear again?”

“Where did he go?”

“It appears that he has executed the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique, and we do not know where he went to!”

These experts were solemn. They immediately turned to that pitiful guard who just woke up. After interrogating him a few rounds, that guard was just doing his job and was not a devil. Hence, Xue Ying did not kill him!

Using the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique, Xue Ying directly teleported into the core territory of the Starlight World. Naturally, this alerted a large group of experts.


“Who entered?”

“How would the five clans dare to enter directly. If they plan on wiping our Starlight Clan, more than half of them would die too.” A group of apex experts from the Starlight Clan rushed over. With a glance, they saw a white-robed young man currently standing on the grassland smiling. Xue Ying had a smile as he looked at the commander of that group of experts: “Starlight World Master, I was exploring the Broken Tooth Mountain Range recently and chose to visit you on the way back.”

This group of experts were slightly puzzled. They turned to their commander.

“Monarch, do you know him?”

“Who is he?”

“Even I can’t see through his aura. Monarch, where did he come from?”

These higher-ups were either Elders or important generals. They were all extremely cautious.

Xue Ying was startled. Ever since he comprehended the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm killing technique, his aura became even more illusory. Others could not determine if he was real or illusory. This became instinctive to him as he explored the Broken Tooth Mountain Range. Following that, Xue Ying slightly revealed part of his true aura.

Starlight World Master saw this and chuckled: “Fellow clansmen, please be rest assured. This is a good friend of mine that comes from the Realm Heart Great Land, the Monarch Flying Snow who I once mentioned before.”

“Oh, Monarch Flying Snow?”

“He is the Monarch Flying Snow who saved the princess?”

They were all enlightened.

“Monarch Flying Snow, I know that I once invited you to visit my Starlight World. But who would have guessed that this is the scene that you see when you arrived. I feel ashamed.” Starlight World Master bitterly smiled. He continued, “Monarch Flying Snow, come with me to my residence.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying followed over.

Starlight World, within the Monarch Residence.

The Starlight World Master brought his wife and daughter along with two Elders to hold a welcoming feast for Xue Ying.

“This daughter of mine is too bold and daring. She is also way too curious about the Realm Heart Great Land. That was the reason why she sneaked out of the Starlight World into the Realm Heart Great Land.” Starlight World Master looked at his daughter and snorted, “And the first thing she encountered after entering was a great devil. It was fortunate that Monarch Flying Snow with your Heaven’s Will Daoist identity killed that devil and saved her life in the past.”

Xue Ying was enlightened.

“Many thanks Monarch for this gratitude of saving me.” The daughter of Starlight Master obediently thanked.

“It’s a minor matter.” Xue Ying chuckled.

A plump silver-haired old man said from the side: “It is also fate for Monarch Flying Snow to save the princess at that time.”

“My Starlight Clan will return all favors.” Starlight World Master sighed, “Monarch Flying Snow, since you came to the Broken Tooth Mountain Range, my Starlight Clan should help you out as well. However, as you can see, my Starlight Clan could not even take care of ourselves properly. Ai, Monarch Flying Snow, it is still better for you to leave. Otherwise, you might be implicated by my Starlight Clan. I’ll feel even worse for you then.”

“What is happening?” Xue Ying asked in a puzzle, “Why would the Starlight World be attacked? I met the Blood Flame Clan not too long ago and they are suffering from the same thing–their hometown was attacked and occupied. They could only flee.”

“It’s all because of ‘Great Emperor North River’.” Starlight Master said, “I know about the Blood Flame Clan. They were attacked because they did not wish to turn slave for Great Emperor North River. Even Brother Blood Flame died in the battle. I only heard about Blood Flame Ji bringing with him the rest of his clan escaping. My Starlight Clan similarly doesn’t plan on becoming enslaved by Great Emperor North River.”

“Hmph.” Another black-faced Elder coldly snorted, “If Great Emperor North River plans on wiping my Starlight Clan out, his subordinates would have to die in large batches too! Occupying one world after another, I would like to see how many subordinates does Great Emperor North River have left in the end.”

“It is better to die in a battle then to be enslaved!” The plump silver-haired elder indifferently added.

Starlight Master looked at Xue Ying: “Monarch Flying Snow, you don’t have to ask anymore. After finishing this meal, I’ll send you some relevant intelligence on the sky-floating islands. It is better for you to hurry off. Don’t get implicated by us.”

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