Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 Its Him Monarch Flying Snow

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The eyelids of Emperor Yan twitched before it slowly opened its eyes. A pair of silver eyes stared at that scaled giant standing within the huge palace hall: “Shamanic Wind is here again?”

“Right. He brought along six subordinates. I showed myself to ask them out, yet this Great Emperor Shamanic Wind actually retaliated.” The scaled giant muttered. He already recovered from the light burn he had.

Emperor Yan’s control of this sky-floating island had already reached an incredibly high degree. By relying on the dark aura pervading across the island, Emperor Yan could easily perceive a ‘thread of wind’ moving at high speed. This thread of wind seemed gentle and silent, yet it was filled with great tyranny.

“Hmph.” Emperor Yan lightly moved its claws.

It easily tore through the space and cause a projection on another location on the island to appear.

A lump of wind could be seen moving at high speed.

Within this lump of wind were Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, Xue Ying, and the five god generals. At this moment, Xue Ying had disguised his aura to be similar with that of the five god generals.

“He’s here again! He really doesn’t know when to give up.” Emperor Yan frowned. A strand of killing aura could be seen forming from him. It was incredibly prideful. Even though it was ranked in the middle between the 13 Emperors, with the large number of experts it had, it was slightly disdainful of the other 12 Emperors! As a result, its status within the Death Destruction Clan was comparable to that of Great Emperor North River. Great Emperor North River also had 36 god generals beneath him! But Great Emperor North River was personally stronger–his strength was closest to that of a Supreme.

“I can’t even kill him, and now he is here to torment me again.” Emperor Yan felt frustrated.

“Everyone, come over!”

Emperor Yan directly shouted out.

The sound echoed by the ears of every elder in the sky-floating island.

“Sou sou sou sou sou sou…”

Many elders immediately rushed over after hearing the order from their Ancestor Yan. Even if they were asleep, these elders immediately awoke and came over.

It took some time! Ultimately, those elders that were asleep had to take more time.

“Mn.” Emperor Yan looked downwards, “Everyone is here. I believe you can see that Great Emperor Shamanic Wind has intruded into my sky-floating island again!”

A total of 55 elders were gathered below. This was also all the elders Emperor Yan had. It’s also because the experts from the Death Destruction Clan rarely left the island–most of them would usually train, sleep and eat! Even if they left the island, they would do so to ‘eat’ and to seize resources from others! Furthermore, being subordinates of Emperor Yan, without the permission given from Emperor Yan, they were not allowed to leave the island.

At this moment, they could see the projection in midair. Within that lump of wind were a total of seven experts including Great Emperor Shamanic Wind.

“This Great Emperor Shamanic Wind is truly shameless. Previously, he was forced to escape so disgracefully, yet he is here again.”

“How many times has he been beaten by us?”

“It’s just his ‘Shamanic Wind’ bloodline is incredibly good at survival. We have once asked Emperor Yi for help. Even when Ancestor Yan and Emperor Yi worked together with the group of us, we aren’t able to kill him.”

These elders were all relatively frustrated.

“It would be troublesome if we allow Shamanic Wind to reach my palace.” Emperor Yan sat there ordering, “Elder Qi, let’s use the old strategy. Bring 21 elders with you to obstruct Shamanic Wind. Set off at this moment!”

“Yes.” A tall and thin black-skinned old man with wrinkles on his face said. This Elder Qi swept his gaze across, “Let us set off.”


“Let’s see what new move does this Great Emperor Shamanic Wind have this time.”

Of this group of 22 elders, some were humanoid and some were beastial. There were towering figures and short figures. One thing in common between them was their powerful and grand aura. All 55 elders under Emperor Yan had incredibly strong fleshy bodies. Because their fleshy bodies were strong, they could fight against most dangerous situations!

Hence, they were used to facing against Great Emperor Shamanic Wind already.

They would first send 22 elders with powerful fleshy bodies. Each elder was at the god general level. With so many working together, they could even face against a ‘Supreme’ for a period of time. Hence, they sufficed to get into a tangle with Great Emperor Shamanic Wind and his subordinates. They could rely on this to determine if Great Emperor Shamanic Wind had any new means of breaking through the security or not! Usually when Great Emperor Shamanic Wind dared to come, he would have some reliance.

“Hmph hmph hmph.” Emperor Yan simply sat cross-legged at his crystalline bed watching the projection. His silver eyes were cold.


Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, Xue Ying, and the other five traveled for quite some time before the enemies appear.

“Hong long long~”

A total of 22 elders teleported at the same time. The surrounding World Energy had become chaotic consequently.

“Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, you still dare to come!”

“This time, what new move do you have?”

“Previously, I’ve kicked your butt once! Are you thinking of being trampled on again this time?”

“Hahaha, receive my axe!”

“Previously, I’ve eaten half the body of a god general. It was such a sumptuous meal! If you were slower by a split second, I would have just eaten that god general alive!”

These elders from the Death Destruction Clan immediately acted. As they specialized in different techniques, when they exerted their moves at the same time, the entire world became chaotic. It was like boiling porridge. All sorts of techniques came crashing on the other six experts standing next to Great Emperor Shamanic Wind! That’s right. Even though they were scolding Great Emperor Shamanic Wind with their mouths, they still targeted their attacks away from Great Emperor Shamanic Wind.

Because they knew that attacking Great Emperor Shamanic Wind was simply pointless! Only by killing a god general under Great Emperor Shamanic Wind would they be able to incite pain in Great Emperor Shamanic Wind.


Great Emperor Shamanic Wind took the initiative to retaliate.

His left hand slightly beckoned ahead of him. At that moment, the world that had turned into boiling porridge, became engulfed in a fierce air current. This air current was present everywhere and easily wrapped around those elders from the Death Destruction Clan. Each elder had been restricted from the large amount of current, forcing their strength to suffer from a decline.

If one carefully distinguished, one could see that each strand of air current is actually formed from the twisting of a trillion micro-threads. These threads could easily cut the bodies of unparalleled cultivators.

Nonetheless, this domain technique could merely restrict these elders. With this technique, these elders would merely lose about 10% to 20% of their strength. They simply disregarded the technique and killed their way over. The five god generals under Great Emperor Shamanic Wind acted at the same time. Great Emperor Shamanic Wind personally unsheathed the saber by his waist. This saber turned into a gale that crashed down on those elders.

“Brother Flying Snow, it is time for you to act.” Great Emperor Shamanic Wind turned to Xue Ying by the side.

“Alright.” Xue Ying chuckled. He had already been prepared.

Xue Ying then turned to the 22 elders that were currently being fighting with Great Emperor Shamanic Wind and his subordinates.


Mirage and Illusory Realm, descend!

This number one killing technique of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm was about dragging a sentient being into a world filled with his strongest desire. It was to the extent that the target could not ‘differentiate the illusion from the truth’! When Xue Ying created this Mirage and Illusory Realm, it was to a certain extent, filled with partial truths! If he were willing to pay the price, he could easily pull any sentient being within the illusion out into reality.

These 22 elders were originally battling madly. Yet when this terrifying Mirage and Illusory Realm enticed and pulled their souls in, there were elders falling into the illusion one after another.

In an instant.

A total of seven elders fell for the illusion! 11 elders were barely maintaining their consciousness with just 10% to 20% their strength remaining! Only four of them could maintain 30% of their original strength. Naturally, these four did not have a will power stronger than God General Skeletal Dragon. Instead, the fleshy bodies of members from the Death Destruction Clan were typically strong. This batch of elders had an even stronger fleshy body that did not require the elders to consume much heart force in controlling them. Hence, these four existences could maintain 30% of their original strength!

In reality, the universal will of the elders under Emperor Yan were slightly weaker than the 36 god generals under Great Emperor North River.

“Receive!” Great Emperor Shamanic Wind who was already prepared immediately captured the elders.

The seven who fell prey for the technique were the easiest. They were simply captured.

As for the 11 elders that were left with just 10% to 20% of their strength, the gap between them and Great Emperor Shamanic Wind was too great! Hence, under the domain of Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, he easily captured those elders that were restricted by the air current easily without them retaliating.

In the blink of an eye, 18 elders were completely captured.

As for the remaining four who could still maintain 30% of their strength, Great Emperor Shamanic Wind had to strike out once at each elder! The blade lights were perfected. They easily trapped each elder from the Death Destruction Clan. Those elders from the Death Destruction Clan could not even escape by dissipating their bodies since the endless wind had trapped the deepest core of their bodies. Similarly, with a strike on each elder, they were all captured alive!

Emperor Yan sat on his crystalline blade. His silver eyes were paying close attention to the projection in midair.

The other 30 over elders were also closely observing the battle. They wanted to see what new move did Great Emperor Shamanic Wind have. Only by understanding the situation better could they decide on a more informed action to take.

“What?” Emperor Yan’s original calm expression abruptly became shocked. It looked with disbelief as everything happened within the projection.

All 18 elders were captured instantaneously.

The remaining four were also captured after one blade! The blades sent out by Great Emperor Shamanic Wind were too fast. Emperor Yan did not have sufficient time to react when all elders sent this time were captured.

“This, how could this be…” Emperor Yan felt his heart trembling. It had never met such a situation before. Even when it faced ‘Supremes’, it had never fallen into such a despondent situation.

“Ancestor Yan, I know! I know! That white-robed young man is definitely the rumored Monarch Flying Snow! It must be him! It’s him, Monarch Flying Snow!” One of the 30 over elders below, one with a humanoid head and beastial body let out a sharp and shrill sound with terror.

The original quiet palace hall was filled with the sharp shouts from this elder ‘it must be him! It’s him, Monarch Flying Snow’, which echoed in the hall.

Emperor Yan turned to this elder shouting angrily: “Hurry up and tell me who this Monarch Flying Snow is! Why have I never heard of him before?”

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