Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Don't Give Him Any Work!

Pei Qian wandered around and came to Lu Mingliang's work desk. He was preparing to give Xiao Lu a heads up. Pei Qian hired Ma Yiqun as something like a lucky charm. He wanted to neutralize his own luck.

If Lu Mingliang misunderstood this and allowed Ma Yiqun to get to work like changing the entire synopsis of the game, it would be very dangerous indeed. Ma Yiqun's writing was really not bad. If the synopsis made the game become popular, what would Pei Qian do?!

Thus, Pei Qian had to make sure that Ma Yiqun did not do anything at all.

When he saw Boss Pei wandering over to him, Lu Mingliang became on high alert. He stood up and asked, "Boss Pei, do you have any instructions?"

for visiting.

Pei Qian had not been coming to the office often in recent days because he had been busy. He had to continue filming for Boss Pei, and he had to run errands outside as well. School had resumed, too. Every now and then, Pei Qian still had to attend lessons.

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