Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Ma Yiqun's Task

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe's losses had reassured Pei Qian greatly. As for Boss Pei's Daily Life and Game Designer, they both had signs of losing steam as well. If something else happened with Fish-Catching Internet Cafe again, Pei Qian's heart might not be able to take it anymore.

for visiting.

Fortunately, Ma Yang would never let him down! Pei Qian settled down a little.

He was still most concerned now with Game Designer. The internet cafe continued to incur losses. Although three hundred thousand seemed like a lot, it was the icing on the cake and wasn't that substantial.

As for Boss Pei's Daily Life Pei Qian's only wish was for it not to engage in sponsored partnerships.

"Next, I have to continue paying attention to Game Designer; I can't allow anyone to pull any stunts! I must learn my lesson from Ocean Stronghold the previous time.

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