Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 474

Chapter 474: Walking the Way of Teacher Qiao, Force Him to Have Nowhere to Go

April 6th, Wednesday

Pei Qian was finally done with the general plot of 'Struggle' after two days of struggle. The plot of the game could be roughly divided into several major stages: birth, school, exams, work, love, marriage, home purchase, childbirth, and middle-age crisis.

That was the overall process. The poor and the rich versions would have the same stages, but they experienced completely different things.

For example, the children of the rich would have a nanny to take care of them from birth to when they were schooling. When they grow up, they would play happily in the mansion. The toys they had would be very expensive. They would also hire very high-end tutors to get good preschool education.

Children from poor families would not have these facilities at all. They could only watch TV and picture books at home. After their parents go to work, they could only play alone.

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