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  • Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart

  • Author(s): 老喵
  • Genres : Romance -  老喵
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 531.85 K
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    Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart2 votes : 4.5 / 5

Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart summary:

Xia Luobing, a famously violent sheriff, received information regarding illegal prostitution at a local hotel. She goes to the wrong room, and instead of finding prostitution, she finds a young couple talking over a bottle of wine. What she doesnt know is that the woman has drugged the wine with a potent aphrodisiac to seduce the man. After both Xia Luobing and the man, a domineering CEO named Huo Yungi, both drink the drugged wine, they spend the night together in the hotel… and eventually get married. But is this the happy ending they both hoped for, or are their troubles just beginning?

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Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1194 weeks ago
Chapter 1134 weeks ago
Chapter 1104 weeks ago
Chapter 1094 weeks ago
Chapter 74 Warm4 weeks ago
Chapter 72 Like4 weeks ago
Chapter 164 weeks ago
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