Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Book 3 Chapter 209

Volume 3 Chapter 209 Still Strangers After Four Years

It was only a few days, but she had seemed thinner. All the stress was crushing on her alone whether she could take it or not.

"Miss, there are tons of women looking for our CEO every day. Please go home. Our CEO is too busy to see you," the security guards said without blinking.

They looked at Xia Ruoxin with a look of disdain. A woman like her should consider her status before asking to see their CEO. Everyone knew how much he loved his wife. There was no existence of other women in his eyes.

Moreover, one that looked like a white-faced ghost.

It was true that memories would fade with time, including Chu Lui's ex-wife who was caught committing adultery four years ago.

Everyone had forgotten about her. No one remembered her now. She touched her face which has finally been forgotten by people. She did not know if she should laugh or cry.

No. She must not admit defeat. She must see that man.

She took a step forward stubbornly.

"Go away. You are not allowed to enter," the security guard said unkindly. He reached out and shoved Xia Ruoxin roughly. She almost fell onto the ground. She looked up with misting eyes and stood aside, adamant not to move from her spot.

It wasn't until a woman with her long, wavy dress walked past that those mean security guards started to bend courteously. Like a dog wagging its tail.

It was none other than Li Manni. Chu Lui's current wife and the woman he loved.

Li Manni looked back and smiled pleasantly, but there was despise and sarcasm in her eyes as she passed by arrogantly. Those security guards formed a line seemingly trying to block someone from entering.

Xia Ruoxin kept tugging at her clothes.

They would glare at her if she took a step forward. So she could only stand outside, rain or shine, without a single drop of water for her and her cracked lips.

She licked her lips. She had forgotten when was the last she had something to eat or drink for she has been standing there for a long time. Someone held a drink in hand and walked past her. She blinked her eyes.

Then, she continued to stand motionless at the side, afraid that she might do something wrong.

When a man and a woman emerged, her eyes widened. However, as she moved, she was overcome by dizziness. The security guards had already surrounded the two. She could not even take a second look at them. Not to mention a step closer.

She might not have seen that man for four years, and yet she could recognize his silhouette. She knew it was him—Chu Lui.

She reached out with her hands, and her dry and cracked lips moved. She wanted to call out to him, but she could not make a sound.

She moved forward in staggering steps. It was possible that she might faint on the spot. As she raised her hand and bit it, the pain sudden woke her up.

Chu Lui, don't go. Save our daughter. Please, save our daughter.

She ran ahead without a care, but both of them were already seated in the car. It sped away, and her face was slapped with a gust of wind, turning it ashen.

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