Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Book 3 Chapter 213

Volume 3 Chapter 213 Merchandise Has No Need For Dignity

"If you don't want to do it, please leave." She lay down and closed her eyes. "This is your last chance. Once you have decided to remain in this place, you will have to forsake all the good and innocence in you. This place will only give you endless hell, turning you into everything we want you to be."

Xia Ruoxin's lips quivered. She finally put her hands down and moved shakily to the buttons, undoing them one at a time. Her head lowered as drops of tears fell onto her slender fingertips.

Once she was standing fully naked in front of everyone, she shut both of her eyes tightly. Every ounce of her was shaking. She knew that she had stripped herself of her dignity, purity, and her life. In this place, a woman was just a piece of merchandise.

A piece of merchandise had no need of any dignity.

They could sell their body. She would be joining their ranks in the future.

"That's fine." The woman in the recliner took a look and closed her eyes. "Are you a virgin?"

Xia Ruoxin was shocked as she put her clothes on with her shaking hands. Even in the dimly-lit room, one could see her ashen face.

"No. I have a three-year-old daughter." At the thought of Rainy, she wiped her face off the streams of tears. She must stop crying. She must be strong. Rainy was waiting for her to save her life.

"Oh, you don't look like one who has given birth." The woman gave her the once-over. Such a pathetically thin figure had given birth before.

"I…" Xia Ruoxin bit down on her red lips, too shy to speak out. "May I have some money first?" Rainy was sick, and she needed money.

The woman on the recliner closed her eyes again. She wondered if she was asleep.

After a long time, she raised her hand and waved it in the air. "Go ahead." As soon as she finished saying that, the tone of her voice changed. In a hard and chilling tone, she said, "Don't think you can escape because you don't have the capability to do that." With that, she went silent, seemingly asleep.

Xia Ruoxin's body went into shock. She smiled bitterly. "Rest assured that I never thought of running away." She lowered her eyes to hide the look of dismay. "I won't escape because I need a lot of money."

Her hands clutched tightly at the front of her blouse. She felt filthy. In reality, she had been tainted. There was nothing pure about her.

She smiled bitterly and turned around to leave.

Under the dim light, the woman in the recliner coiled her body together until a man sat beside her and rested his hand on her forehead.

He began massaging out of comfort and habit.

"Why did you want her to beat a retreat?" A deep voice sounded. It was only the two of them now.

The woman opened her eyes slightly; she was not sleeping. However, her face no longer had the aggression. In its place, there was a look of lost.

"Didn't you notice? She was a lot like me in the past."

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