Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Book 3 Chapter 214

Volume 3 Chapter 214 She Was Waiting For Her Mother

The man gripped his hands into a fist and gently opened. He rested his hand on her forehead again. She still had not gotten over that man no matter how long and hard he tried.

No one noticed the glimmer at the corner of the woman's eyes. Tears. She was crying, and it has been a long time since she cried.

There were simply too many things in this world that one could not control. One would have to do things that they disliked. This path was only the beginning; there was no end. She had not regretted because her heart was dead.

Shen Wei was one such woman and example.

"Another pitiful woman. Obviously, she did not understand your message or your well-meant intention."

The man said thoughtfully.

The woman remained lying, not allowing anyone to see her expression.

"You were wrong. It's not that she didn't understand nor had no wish to stop. She was powerless. She has someone she loved and cared for, and she was willing to do anything for them, including selling herself and letting others trample on her character and pride.

"You don't understand. You still don't…" Her voice disappeared between her red lips while the man frowned, silent and wordless.

The world outside was so different compared to this neon world filled with alcohol. Everyone was smiling, but who knew what an empty heart was feeling. Was she crying or lonely?

In the hospital, Rainy sat alone on the steps, looking out constantly with her doll in her arms.

A young nurse walked over and squatted besides her, asking softly, "Rainy, what are you doing here? Will you come in with me? It's freezing here."

She touched Rainy's childish cheeks. Her face was ice cold. She wanted to bring her inside. This child had been sitting here for a long time.

Rainy put Dolly on her lap. Then, she shook stubbornly shook her head. "I don't want to go in. I want to wait for Mommy."

She was looking ahead, thinking of her mother. She wouldn't go back until her mother arrives. In the past, her mother had always come back when she was waiting for her.

"Rainy, your mother will be here soon. If you don't listen to me, she will be angry." The nurse sighed helplessly as she coaxed. This child might be young, but she had a stubborn streak in her.

Rainy looked down as she hugged her doll tighter. The nurse wanted to say more, but her small hand was already holding on to her clothes. The nurse froze for a second and looked her in her big, round eyes. "Auntie, will Mommy really be angry?" The child's face was pale, and the wind blowing at her made her cold. However, she still wanted to see her mother.

The nurse felt an ache in her heart as she carried the little girl and nodded. "Mommy is earning money to help treat you because you are sick. If you fell sicker, then your mother will have to work harder."

Rainy held tightly onto her doll as her small lips pouted. Then, she bit her lower lip. "Okay, Auntie. I understand. I will be good and won't do it again. Can you please don't tell Mommy? She is tired."

The nurse did not know why she felt sad. This child was obedient, and she hardly cried during injection or medication times. At the mere mention of her mother, she would be so obedient that it made one's heart ache for her.

She wondered what kind of mother could have brought up this child who was only three years old. How could she be so mature compared to children her age?

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