Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Book 4 Chapter 534

Volume 4 Chapter 534 Uneasiness

Xia Ruoxin looked back, widening her eyes in disbelief. So this was his objective; it was for his daughter. All that about love, about another chance; it was all just to trick her.

"She's mine. I won't let you take her away from me." Xia Ruoxin tightly gripped onto the bag of clothes in her hand, the determination in her voice causing Chu Lui's expression to become colder.

"Don't forget that she has the Chu family's blood in her body." This time, it was Chu Lui's turn to walk away. "I will give up everything just to take back Rainy. If you don't agree, then just wait for the court's summon.

"You should already know what my character's like. In this world, there's nothing I'm afraid of. I'm also not afraid of gambling everything that I have. You should also already understand how I am willing to pay any price for the things that I want.

"Unless" He turned back around and lowered his head, looking at the ring in his hand. "Unless you bring Rainy with you and marry me. That way, you can continue to live with Rainy. Otherwise, once your daughter returns to our house, you'll never be able to see her again." His each and every word was spoken with cruelty and cruel intentions. It was just as if the man that was deeply in love had vanished into thin air.

Now, this was the real him, the normal him.

Xia Ruoxin took a step forward. At that moment, she clearly felt a sense of hate in her. "I will not let you get what you want. Chu Lui, Rainy is mine. She's mine."

Chu Lui took a step forward as well. However, there was hesitation in his footsteps. He closed his eyes, and this time, he didn't stop.

There was nothing he couldn't accomplish if he set his mind to it, and there was nothing he couldn't get if only he wished for it.

He had already prepared everything. If she didn't agree, then he was going to use this forceful approach to get things done.

It's fine even if it was despicable; it didn't matter even if it was shameless. He wasn't going to let his one and only daughter leave him. That was the only daughter that he had in his entire life.

Xia Ruoxin started to get cold feet as she stood in her place. Her threat to Chu Lui was just like throwing a stone into the sea; it was extremely useless. The sun shone warmly on her body, but she only felt that her body was very cold. She hugged the bag of clothes tightly in her embrace, a sense of fear rising in her heart, making her almost unable to support her own body.

That man's determination to plunder was still so strong that it shocked her. She turned around and practically ran all the way home. Her long eyelashes lightly fluttered from time to time, a string of shattered diamonds falling in between each flutter.

Upon opening the door, Rainy sat alone on the sofa, hugging her doll. The moment she saw Xia Ruoxin return home, she hastily climbed down from the sofa, her little legs running extremely quickly.

"Mommy" She reached out her small hand, hugging both of Xia Ruoxin's legs in one grab. She lifted her small face and looked at Xia Ruoxin. "Mommy, where's Rainy's new clothes?" She remembered what Xia Ruoxin had told her before she left. Mommy said that as long as she stayed obediently at homewhen mommy returned home, Rain would have new clothes to wear.

Xia Ruoxin lowered her head, her fingers lightly caressing the child's extremely tender face. Just thinking about how there was somebody who wanted to steal her little darlingit made her feel extremely suffocated. She couldn't lose Rainy; she would die if that happened. She would really die.

"Mommy what happened to you?" Rainy tilted her head, strangely asking Xia Ruoxin. "Mommy, Rainy was very well-behaved. I didn't run everywhere, and I didn't make the house dirty. Is Mommy angry?" As somebody who was always sensitive, she had already realized that Xia Ruoxin was different from usual.

"It's nothing. Mommy just walked for a little too long so I'm feeling a little exhausted." Xia Ruoxin took a deep breath and then squatted down. She took her daughter's little body into her embrace, and Rainy obediently let her herself be hugged.

"Mommy's tired. You need to rest well." Her small hands clutched her mother's neck, her long eyelashes fluttering from time to time.

It was only then that Xia Ruoxin lifted up the clothes that she had in her hands all along. Because she had used too much strength when gripping the bag, the packaging of the clothing was crumpled. Thankfully, the clothes inside were still fine. Otherwise, she would have wronged her daughter.

"Mommy bought these for you. Do you like them? There's no way Mommy would forget her promise with Rainy. Mommy has never ever lied to Rainy before, right?"

She took out the clothes in the bag. It was a light-pink princess skirt that looked extremely stunning. Rainy looked at the skirt in her mother's hands, and her eyes instantly lit up. "Mommy, it's so pretty." She used her small face to rub against the clothes. "They're so soft."

"Do you like them?" Xia Ruoxin gently rubbed her daughter's newly grown hair. Soon, her hair would be long enough for her to tie it up with a pretty ribbon.

"I like them." Rainy firmly nodded her head. She really liked them.

"Mommy let Rainy wear them." Xia Ruoxin held her daughter's hand, bringing her into their room. Rainy hugged the doll in her hands while her eyes remained on the skirt in Xia Ruoxin's hands. Her eyes were practically curved into a crescent moon.

Gao Yi had just opened the door when he smelt a whiff of the aromatic dishes. His lips inevitably curled upwards. Every day he came home after slaving away at work, and there was somebody to cook a table of dishes for him. This kind of feeling felt rather nice.

Even before he pushed open the door, a small figure had already smashed itself into his embrace. He quickly supported it.

"Rainy, how many times have I said this? If you really end up falling, Daddy won't bother even if you cry." He seriously put on a stern face. However, upon seeing Rainy's adorable apple-like face, his anger had all receded. This little fella really had him in the palm of her hand.

"Daddy, is Rainy pretty?" Rainy lifted her small face, the old doll still within her embrace. With an outfit full of new clothes, she was indeed beautiful. Pink lips, white teeth she was obedient and adorable.

"Pretty, of course, Rainy is the prettiest in the world." Gao Yi bent down to pick up Rainy and kissed her pink tender cheeks. This little fella. If she learned how to dress up now, what was going to happen in the future?

"Ruoxin, you sure gave birth to a shamelessly pretty little girl," he said as he pinched Rainy's nose. Rainy laughed happily although she still couldn't understand what the 'shameless' that Gao Yi had said meant.

Xia Ruoxin smiled slightly. "Yeah. She's already learning how to pick her own clothes. No, thank god, she's a girl. Otherwise, I really wouldn't know what to do." After she finished speaking, she lowered her head to clear the table. Something was hidden behind her smile, and Gao Yi had already attentively realized.

He placed down the little fella in his arms and patted her small face. "Rainy, go and play by yourself for a little while. Daddy and Mommy have some things to talk about." Rainy nodded her head and then ran into her own room to play with her other dolls.

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