Lust Knight Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Devil Pact (1/3) {R-18}

Scarlett wanted to think of Lucien's "healing" just as a means to an end.

She is a strong woman who has gone through many difficult times in her life, so sex shouldn't be challenging

Of course, no woman would be really prepared for Lucien's caresses.

"Mmm So good... " Scarlett still couldn't feel her lower body, but her upper body was under intense attack from Lucien's hands and mouth, making her moan uncontrollably.

Lucien bit her ears, stroked her breasts, kissed her neck. But he avoided kissing her lips again, which made Scarlett start to miss his delicious mouth.

He couldn't deny that her beautiful naked body beneath him is extremely exciting, but Lucien was managing to maintain control of his body and emotions.

Then Lucien started to kiss her neck again, and next went towards her face, making Scarlett try to kiss him.

He connected their lips for a second before moving back. "Oh? You seem to be enjoying it a lot"

Scarlett was embarrassed and turned her flushed face to the side. She didn't want to beg Lucien for affection, but she also had no control over her emotions now.

"You're cute. Don't be too hesitant; after all, we both have to enjoy this in order for the healing work faster." Lucien stood up on the bed and started to undress.

Scarlett had many doubts, but she believed in Lucien's words. Still, she can't help blushing, even more, when seeing him undressing.

Lucien tossed his clothes in the corner of the room and gazed at Scarlett's body. Like Astrid, she has a little bit of fluffy hair on various parts of her body.

Scarlett also has a cute tail, which resembled Anne's as well as her slightly pointed ears.

Lucien knelt on top of Scarlett's legs and ran his hand over her thighs even though she still couldn't feel it. "I will be gentle, and soon you will be fully recovered."

"I trus-" Scarlett wanted to say that she trusted Lucien, but she didn't finish her words because she didn't want to appear vulnerable and affected by him.

He realized that and leaned against her, bringing their faces closer. "You don't have to restrain yourself... You can say you trust me if you want."

Scarlett tried to deny it, but Lucien quickly kissed her. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue, but he just kissed her lips and then moved his head back again.

"I will give you pleasure to heal you... But if you really want my affection, you have to deserve it first." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Before Scarlett could say anything, Lucien moved his mouth down on her body. He started kissing her belly while caressing her two breasts at the same time.

"Aaahhhhhhh... " Scarlett's mind started to go blank as she moaned loudly.

She put her hands on top of his and closed her eyes to enjoy that wonderful sensation.

That was the first time Scarlett had touched a man willingly. She had never really trusted anyone before, but now in her most vulnerable moment, she had no control over her body.

Lucien continued to kiss and caress her while Scarlett squeezed his hands on her breasts and moaned.

After a few minutes of that fantastic pleasure on her belly and breasts, Scarlett started to feel something different. She felt a tingle coming from her lower body.

It didn't take long for her to conclude that Lucien's mysterious cure was working.

Just as he said, it was linked to how much they enjoyed, which made her eager about what was to come until she is completely healed.

Lucien felt Scarlett's lower half slightly tremble. He moved his hand to her thigh and gently squeezed it. "Now that you can feel it let's try some things"

Scarlett's body became increasingly sensitive to Lucien's touch, and despite wanting to ask what things they would do, all she managed to do was make an "Mm" sound.

Lucien quickly inverted their position and rotated Scarlett's body, making her stay on top of him while he has a clear view of her virgin flower.

Since he undressed, she was avoiding gaze, but now, right in front of her, there was no way she would not look at his big dick.

Despite being a virgin, Scarlett had some knowledge about sex and overall anatomy, so she didn't expect Lucien's cock to be so big, which made her a little apprehensive.

While she stared at his cock, Lucien wasted no time and started to touch her pussy. Scarlett is very similar to Astrid, but her vaginal hair is red.

He slightly opened her lower lips and began to lick that delicious and fragrant wildflower. Scarlett's injuries were healing quickly, and she felt his tongue inside her, giving her great pleasure.

"Mmmmm Ahhh." She arched her body, and the pain she should feel was entirely suppressed by pleasure.

Lucien stopped sucking on her, making Scarlett confused. "When are you going to start using your mouth? Or do you need me to teach you what to do?"

How could Scarlett not understand when his dick was so hard in front of her face? "I'm not experienced like you... I don't think I'll do it right."

"Don't overthink. Just start sucking, and you will understand." Lucien didn't wait for her response and started to devour her pussy.

Although he was doing it to get a loyal servant, he is still enjoying the delicious meal.

During her thirty-eight years of life, Scarlett never felt an intense desire to have sex. In fact, she even doubted her sexuality.

She was disgusted by most men for seeing women as sexual objects. Also, she was always focused on her ambitions for power.

But now, looking at Lucien's cock, despite not finding it extraordinarily interesting, her body felt a strong attraction to it.

Especially the smell. Fuck!! That addictive smell was making her mouth water. Scarlett touched Lucien's cock and was surprised at how hard it is.

She thought about the pleasure he was giving her and concluded that regardless of the "healing, " she needed to return that pleasure by making him feel good too.

'How will it taste?' Scarlett thought to herself before slowly moving her mouth towards Lucien's cock.

Scarlett was embarrassed and closed her eyes before she sticks out her tongue to lick the tip.

The closer to his cock, the more the smell was pleasant, and the more it made her feel good.

At that point, she was already sure it would be good, but she was still surprised at how delicious his cock is. 'WOW!'

Scarlett held Lucien's cock with both hands and started to lick Its head like candy. It didn't take long just to lick it not to be sufficient, and she began to suck it.

Her mouth was filled with his cock while her tongue made awkward movements around it, trying to enjoy the maximum of his astonishing taste.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

"Mmm mm mmmm" While erotic sounds filled the room, Scarlett did not realize that she was sucking on Lucien's cock for her own pleasure and not to please him.

Just like him, who was also enjoying not only her pussy but also her blowjob as they quickly approached their orgasm.

Lucien licked and sucked Scarlett's virgin flower to his heart's content. Of course, he didn't go far to leave the last barrier for his dick.

After a minute under his pleasurable attacks, her pussy started to convulse and produce more love juices.

"AAHHH!!! Someth- s-something is coming!!"

Scarlett began to feel pleasure running through her body, and despite wanting to moan and just enjoy it, she didn't want to stop sucking Lucien's cock.

As she could keep both, Scarlett had her first orgasm while her mouth was filled with Lucien's cock, making her feel incredible pleasure.

Lucien had no reason to hold back his orgasm, so he released his cock milk into Scarlett's mouth.

Scarlett thought the taste of Lucien's cock is the best thing she could taste in her life. Of course, she had a pleasant surprise when she drank his hot cum.

Although he was cumming a lot, filling her mouth, throat, and stomach, she had nothing against it. On the contrary, she didn't want him to stop coming, so that she could drink it all.

In the previous times that Lucien had sex, he couldn't control his body well, but now, after some training, he could cum when he wants, and he is also learning to control the quantity of his cock milk.

He only came an amount that Scarlett could drink alone. In fact, he even limited it enough for her to want more.

His cum entered Scarlett's body, healing and strengthening her. Of course, she quickly became addicted to that sensation and sucked his cock wanting every drop of that divine liquid.

He had already finished coming, but she was still eagerly sucking on him, making Lucien laugh and tease her.

"Are you so thirsty for more? As I said before, you are getting a taste of what you can have if you behave well."

Scarlett now understood why the woman around Lucien were so loyal to him. Not even the proud Queen Cassidy could resist that.

Not only was the pleasure divine, but it is also beneficial to her body. She could feel now, his cum inside her, improving and healing her body.

A desire to say that she would behave well, that she would be a good girl, and beg him for more, was growing inside her.

Still, Scarlett knew that Lucien did not want her as one of his wives but as a disposable pawn.

So she would have to play well to be able to stay by his side and continue to receive his "affection."

She concluded that she couldn't be hostile to him, but it wouldn't be wise to surrender to him so quickly.

Scarlett tried speaking with her most calm and confident tone she could. "I understand... But you said we would need to do more to fully heal me... Or is it already enough?"

Lucien squeezed her sexy ass, making Scarlett moan.

"If I say that you will completely recover with just my cum in your stomach, will you be satisfied, or would you still prefer to continue?"

Scarlett didn't know much about seduction, but she could understand that if she said yes to him now, she would be showing that she is desperate and thus becoming the little pet entirely under his control.

She gazed at his cock while she could still taste him in her mouth and the feeling of power running through her body.

Although she wants to act proudly, the body does not always follow the mind's will. "I want to continue! Please!!"

Scarlett regretted her words as soon as Lucien started to laugh. It was all new and fascinating to her, but to him, it seems to meant nothing.

Lucien laughed at her honest reaction. But in fact, he was getting a better impression of Scarlett.

Despite wanting to maintain her pride, she couldn't hide her cute and vulnerable feminine side.

He was holding back because he couldn't fall in love with her until he was sure she could be trustworthy and loyal.

Of course, the path to getting her loyalty seemed quite simple. "You kept your virginity for so many years, but now you are desperate for me to ravage your chaste pussy?"

Scarlett knew that Lucien was teasing her, but she didn't know how to react, so she rolled over on the bed to keep her distance from him. Her spine is healing quickly, but she still couldn't move normally.

Lucien saw Scarlett's extremely flushed face, which made him laugh even more. "Nobody would believe that the famous Red Lady would have such a shy and cute side."

"You Devil!!!" Scarlett wanted to get along with Lucien, but his teasing provoked chaos in her emotions.

She no longer cared about healing or loyalty and just wanted to continue receiving his affection, but he seemed to want to just play with her.

Lucien quickly moved to the top of her and held her arms against the bed.

"Yes, I am the devil... And you have already accepted the pact with the devil. So, now you will have to accept the consequences."

Scarlett turned her head because she couldn't face Lucien now that he looked more attractive than ever. "W-which c-consequences?"

The answer Scarlett received were kisses on her neck, making her moan.

Lucien's kisses and touches now seemed even more pleasurable than before, making Scarlett want him more and more.

"Hum... Let me think."

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