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  • Macha's Journey

  • Genres : Historical
  • Status : Ongoing
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Macha's Journey summary:

On a rainy night, Macha is transported to another world. This is a dangerous world filled with mythological creatures that terrorize the Outer-Reaches.Tyr, the leader of the Obsidian Dragons guild, finds Macha and hires her as his secretary. He teaches her many things, while she, in turn, changes his life.Macha learns to fight and use magic while working for Tyr and tries to carve out...

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Macha's Journey Chapters

Time uploaded
224 Hangrya month ago
211 Red Ribbonsa month ago
210 Tik Tika month ago
207 A White Baa month ago
200 Double K.o.a month ago
199 Lakis Pasa month ago
196 No Offensea month ago
188 Its A Trapa month ago
185 Is That It?a month ago
183 Azi Noa month ago
173 Fireworksa month ago
171 Slapa month ago
169 Rumorsa month ago
166 Aunty Mamaa month ago
165 Havoka month ago
159 Knock Knocka month ago
148 Tyr Is Deada month ago
139 Waktua month ago
137 A New Moona month ago
132 War Summonsa month ago
128 Dzoavitsa month ago
126 Manticorea month ago
124 Checka month ago
113 Marriage?a month ago
95 Stephaniea month ago
91 Moving Ona month ago
86 Tyrs Liea month ago
82 Alwaysa month ago
81 Tyrs Feara month ago
77 Purple Raina month ago
72 Hrods Offera month ago
66 Finding Lunaa month ago
65 Magnia month ago
63 Finding Ivana month ago
59 Poisoneda month ago
57 Masqueradea month ago
56 Kissa month ago
53 I Missed Youa month ago
52 Phoceea month ago
51 Boreass Daya month ago
50 Freyrs Gifa month ago
48 The Bara month ago
39 Get Oua month ago
33 First Kissa month ago
32 Betrayala month ago
31 The Lettera month ago
26 Shooa month ago
24 Come Homea month ago
23 Good Boya month ago
21 Harpiesa month ago
19 Its Lockeda month ago
15 Not The Facea month ago
12 Lolitaa month ago
11 Too Latea month ago
9 The Krakena month ago
8 Her Own Rooma month ago
7 Forgottena month ago
2 Character Lisa month ago
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