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Magical Academy: Rise Of The Supreme Magic Crafstman summary:

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Magical Academy: Rise Of The Supreme Magic Crafstman Chapters

Time uploaded
100 Chaos Part 14 months ago
99 Origin Part 24 months ago
98 Origin Part 14 months ago
93 Obstacles4 months ago
92 Discovery4 months ago
87 Dont Ask Me4 months ago
86 Escape Part 24 months ago
85 Escape Part 14 months ago
84 Arrival4 months ago
83 Yumi4 months ago
80 Studying4 months ago
79 Wallace4 months ago
78 Urgency4 months ago
77 Attack4 months ago
76 Vacation4 months ago
75 Projects4 months ago
67 Results4 months ago
61 Lightning8 months ago
60 Kyla8 months ago
59 Magicians8 months ago
58 Meetings8 months ago
57 Shirley8 months ago
56 Battle Begins8 months ago
55 Second Years8 months ago
53 Scores8 months ago
52 News And Plans8 months ago
50 Hilda8 months ago
45 Forging Part 48 months ago
44 Forging Part 38 months ago
43 Forging Part 28 months ago
42 Forging Part 18 months ago
41 Selections8 months ago
40 Competition8 months ago
38 Arrival8 months ago
35 Preparation8 months ago
32 Serum8 months ago
31 Rights8 months ago
28 Naturals8 months ago
27 New Mission8 months ago
26 Traced8 months ago
25 Training8 months ago
24 Memory Crystal8 months ago
23 Participan8 months ago
22 Armor Tech8 months ago
21 Solution8 months ago
18 Lucent Force8 months ago
17 Paten8 months ago
15 Mana Artifac8 months ago
13 Answer8 months ago
12 Magic Jammer8 months ago
10 Invitation8 months ago
9 Rewards8 months ago
5 Magic Structure8 months ago
4 Mana Study8 months ago
3 First Step8 months ago
2 Two Souls8 months ago
1 Descen8 months ago
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