Maoshan Ghost King Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Blood Curse Backlash

When the Lei family saw that a big rooster and a duck died, they knew how dangerous Lei Fengyun was at this time.

At the same time, they could also see that the He family in this East City was so vicious that they wanted to punish their Lei family to death. A chicken and a duck are two lives. If it wasn't for Ge Yu, In this help, the dead person is Lei Fengyun.

Ge Yu transferred the other party's methods to this chicken and duck, so that chicken and duck died.

However, the other party made this action and did not stop. Lei Fengyun's body was still shaking violently, and there was a strange noise in his throat. His mouth was closed and closed, as if he was thrown on the shore. Fish in the sun.

At this time, Ge Yu once again walked to Lei Fengyuns side and took out three copper coins. One copper coin was placed between Lei Fengyuns eyebrows, and the other two coins were placed on Lei Fengyuns left chest and right. Chest.

Strangely, the two copper coins seemed to be stuck on Lei Fengyun's body, and they didn't mean to fall.

Afterwards, Ge Yu recited a few dictums silently, but saw black evil spirits flying out of the three copper coins.

"Transformation for life, blood curse is hard to do, Yuanshi settles down, spreads to all souls, involves left and right, don't be in vain, puts all directions, stands in front of the stage, has orders from the top, hunts evil spirits, rushes like laws! "

After the curse, Ge Yu pointed the peach wood sword in the direction of the fish tank, but saw the three copper coins sticking to Lei Fengyun flying towards the fish tank, and soon sank to the bottom of the fish tank. .

At this time, even people who are not cultivators can see it. From the three copper coins, a black breath is constantly wafting out of the coins, and the big fish swimming in the fish tank are suddenly uneasy. After a while, there was bright red blood flowing from the gills of the big fishes, and the whole fish tank was dyed red soon.

The three big fish all turned their white belly and floated up from under the fish tank.

When the Lei family saw this situation, their eyes widened, and they looked at Ge Yu for a while, and then went to look at the dead fish in the fish tank.

At this moment, Lei Fengyun, who was standing in front of Ge Yu, suddenly trembled violently again, his eyes kept turning upwards, leaving only the white ones.

After a while, Lei Fengyun suddenly stopped all his movements, and said in a very strange tone: "Who are you? You are so talented that you can break through the poor way of magic?"

"I am someone you can't afford to offend. If you have the ability, come to Lei's house to find me, and I will wait for you." Ge Yu and Lei Fengyun said.

"Well, you wait for me, I must make you suffer!" Lei Fengyun said.

"Okay, then I'll make you suffer a bit!" With that, Ge Yu pinched a magic trick, quickly took out a yellow paper talisman from his body, and shook it lightly in his hand, and it burned. After getting up, Ge Yu squeezed Lei Fengyun's mouth open, and directly stuffed the burning yellow paper talisman into his mouth.

"Blood curse back bite, but also cast the other body!" Ge Yu snorted, and covered Lei Fengyun's Tianling with a beat.

But seeing from Lei Fengyun's seven orifices, white mist was constantly flying out, and then Lei Fengyun let out a hysterical scream, directly rolled to the ground, and continued to howl and roll up.

"Damn...damn...you actually put a blood curse on me, I will definitely not let you go!" Lei Fengyun roared hysterically.

"Okay, I'm waiting, I'm afraid you won't come." Ge Yu said, walked towards Lei Fengyun, and slapped him on the Heavenly Spirit Cover. All of Lei Fengyun's movements came to a halt. Lying on the ground can't move.

At this time, Ge Yu received the peach wood sword, clapped his hands, glanced at the dumbfounded Lei family, and said: "Okay, the blood curse on Brother Lei has been solved. Replenish your body and you will be healed within seven days. As for any taboos during this period, I don't need to say, you are also doing this business, you should understand."

Hearing this, the Lei family immediately stepped forward and helped Lei Fengyun lying on the ground with all his hands. Lei Ming and Lei Jingwu thanked Ge Yu again.

Especially that Lei Qianjiao rushed over, hugged Ge Yu, and the soft ball on her chest almost flew Ge Yu out.

"Brother Yu, thank you, you are so kind, thank you for saving my brother, I don't know how to thank you..." Lei Qianjiao excitedly hugged Ge Yu tightly, wishing to put it on Ge Yu's face Take a kiss.

Ge Yu suddenly felt embarrassed, and he didn't know what to do there.

Even Lei Ming and Lei Jingwu were embarrassed. They couldn't control this girl, they were crazy all day long, like a boy.

"Ahem...Qianjiao, hurry up and take Mr. Ge to dinner. Today, our Lei family must thank Mr. Ge." Lei Ming blushed and reminded Lei Qianjiao.

Lei Qianjiao released Ge Yu and grabbed Ge Yu's hand and said, "Brother Yu, I will take you to dinner and try our chef's craftsmanship. You must like it."

Ge Yu nodded, and suddenly thought of something. He turned to the Lei family's humanity: "By the way, find a place to bury the dead chickens, ducks and fish. Don't eat them. You can't save them if you eat them. live."

"I understand I understand... Mr. Ge hurry up to eat." Lei Jingwu said politely.

Ge Yu was still a little worried and said: "The people I put a blood curse on Brother Lei also put a blood curse. They definitely can't solve it. Tomorrow will definitely ask the Lei family to find trouble. You better have a mentality. ready."

"Mr. Ge, rest assured, our Lei family is a family of Yin and Yang anyway. We have inherited it. We might be a little bit jealous when playing Yin behind us. If we really do a fight in front of you, our Lei family will never be afraid. Their family, besides, this Jiangcheng city is our Lei family's territory, I don't believe their He family dare to come and die!" Lei Ming said excitedly.

"Tonight, I will stay at your Lei's house for one night. I will leave after dealing with the He family's affairs." The reason why Ge Yu stayed was to see if the He family was a disciple of Maoshan, and by the way, I would teach you a lesson. .

When the Lei family heard that Ge Yu wanted to stay as a helper, they were even more delighted. Lei Jingwu said, "Welcome, welcome. It is best for Mr. Ge to stay here. Don't say it is to stay here for one day or eight years. Years are not a problem."

Lei Qianjiao on the side suddenly smiled and said, "Brother Yu, do you really want to stay? How about you sleep in my room tonight?"

Hearing this, Ge Yu almost squirted out a mouthful of old blood.

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