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  • Mark Of The Destiny

  • Author(s): dream_ash
  • Genres : Romance -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Modern -  Power Couple -  Revenge -  love -  Female Protaganist -  doctor
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 21.83 K
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    Mark Of The Destiny21 votes : 4.62 / 5

Mark Of The Destiny summary:

*No misunderstandings, no evil stepsister and no rape…. “Will you consider giving yourself another chance and let love step into your life?…. Coz I definitely need one.” He asked. “I’ve made wrong decisions, I’ve let people take advantage of me and I’ve settled for way less than I truly deserve. But I’ve learned my lesson hard way, and won’t settle for anything less than perfect.” “In that case, what are your thoughts about me?” ****** “Trashy ex wants to talk. He has sent a message inviting me for dinner.” She holds her mobile at his face, “See…. What do you think, should I go?” “Sure….” She fumed in anger, hearing him react calmly. “Ouch…. That hurts!” he licked his bleeding lips and looked surprised at the sudden attack. “Can’t help it. I’m a lip biter.” “Ah!” He jumped and pinned her to the couch, “I swear to you I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name forever....... Is this better?” She hooked her arms around his neck, “Much better. Now, do you said!” ******* After five years, Zhao Suyin came back to the country where she lost everything and received the biggest betrayal from the man who was her husband. He was the best she can ever wish for..... Delusional! He was the animal in human disguise! How easily she was fooled and ended up getting a divorce after six months of marriage and lost everything, all for trusting Qi Wren. On the other hand, against her fierce personality was elegant, calm and gentle, renowned surgeon, Dr. Wang Shi. The man who observes people and situations before reaching a conclusion, the one who was not a CEO nor ruthless or cold. The owner of the country's best multi-specialty hospital and a chain of research labs, he was a dream man of every woman, yet no woman dared to approach him as the result was pre-defined- A BIG NO! Why? What will happen when his path will cross with Zhao Suyin? Will the sparks of affection happen? Another drama by your author Dream_ash where a new love story with lots of emotions and family bonding will unfold, taking several turns and bumps on the way. The book will contain three different stories, including the story of the main couple. ****** Join me on discord https://discord.gg/RudqR3q The cover is edited by me, but the photo belongs to their respective owners. I have no right over this photo. All credits belong to the owner.

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.

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Mark Of The Destiny Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 134: KIDS4 months ago
Chapter 72: White5 months ago
Chapter 63: Like6 months ago
Chapter 57: Madam6 months ago
Chapter 37: SHE6 months ago
Chapter 31: Zz6 months ago
Chapter 6: Secret7 months ago
Name section7 months ago
Note to readers7 months ago
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