Martial Arts Master Chapter 516

516 Capable Of Eradicating Crime Capable Domestically

Within the China Dragon Punch Dojo, Zhu Hong, who had a heavy look on his face, was looking through the surveillance with his disciples to find any trails.

After verifying that an earthquake had not occurred, they were wary about the mistake that had happened.

"Master, this guy is very suspicious. He left after just taking a photograph. Wouldn't a typical person stay and watch on?" A disciple with the same background as Zhu Hong pointed at the figure of Lou

Cheng and explained.

Another disciple nodded his head and supplemented, "Moreover he is good at avoiding the cameras and did not reveal his face. We can't clearly see his looks. However we can look for the people in this dojo and ask around. There are definitely people who have seen him before!"

Zhu Hong kept silent for a while. He extended his hand suddenly and switched off the monitor. With a hoarse voice, he said,

"This is an expert…"

An expert that could cause an earthquake with a stomp of his leg!

An expert that he couldn't face directly!

He turned his head around to his disciples and heaved a sigh,

"For what we did, we have to accept the beating. There's no point in causing a big fuss as it wouldn't benefit anyone. It only affected this dojo for now after all. Be more careful in other aspects and don't make another mistake."

"Yes master." answered his disciples dispiritedly.

They also knew that this incident had to be handled in a low profile manner. It was just that they couldn't swallow their anger and wanted to know who was the one that caused troubles. For now, their anger and overconfident thoughts dissipated.


After having his satisfactory lunch, Lou Cheng opened his inbox and saw Smith's reply.

He said that Maszewski's fighting strength together with "Spirit Cultivation" was only at "Formidable" Grade and couldn't even reach "Outstanding Grade". However because of this, he paid particular attention to his security and his travels. He was unlike Joseph who was strong and unafraid of anything and careless in his actions. Maszewski couldn't be easily assassinated.

Maszewski was the type that all of Connecticut knew about. He was the head of a triad of evil-doers, yet they couldn't send him to jail. He clearly knew this as well and was cautious in everything he did to prevent superheroes from punishing him. Most of the superheroes in America had their own beliefs and primarily focused on stopping crimes and capturing criminals. Average superheroes would not severely break the rules and finish off their targets. However, there would always be an exception. There were also numerous superheroes who did not believe in the current system. For example, the motto of "Judge", who was at "Danger" Grade, was "Justice Punishment".

For this, Maszewski nurtured a batch of underlings with great strength and even hired professional security company personnel with high pay. He even managed to get two "Spirit Practitioners" with outstanding strength to his side. His defense could be considered solid. Over the past years, plenty superheroes attempted to foil him, however no one had succeeded.

The "Formidable" Grade in this place seems to be at the same level as the beginnings of the Dan Stage…" Lou Cheng combined the description of Smith and the information he had already accessed to make this judgement.

Based on what Smith had said, with his own strength, if he didn't care and paid a certain price, he still had the chances of killing Maszewski despite his layers of protection. However in such a case, this incident wouldn't be able to be settled amicably, and he would leave behind various openings for exposure. That would be quite troublesome.

Therefore, Smith had suggested for him to wait patiently and not be anxious. Once the opportunity arose, Smith would inform him as soon as possible.

Lou Cheng had always been able to accept others' advice. Shaking his head, he pushed the things about Maszewski to the back of his head and started looking through information about Bishop Pavel.

Smith was sure that Pavel was hiding in the Holy Top Church. However that was the central area for the Catholics in Connecticut and was where Archbishop Kontsev could be found. From the perspective of public pressure to practical terms, there wasn't any possibility of infiltrating.

Kontsev, a "Terror" Grade expert, equivalent to a physical invulnerability expert!

Connecticut was one of the larger cities in America and the second largest financial hubs. There wasn't a lack of physical invulnerability level experts. Other than Kontsev, there're still Grand Elder Steven of the Geruga sect, Grand Mentor Sysco who came from a branch, "Kege", originating from Geruga, and three participants of top end professional leagues. There's also one in the government security system. However as information was confidential, there wasn't much that leaked to the public.

Due to various reasons, Smith believed that the time to challenge Pavel had not arrived yet. He had been doing the surveillance and he believed that Pavel definitely couldn't stand being so passive. It would just be a matter of time before he attempted to escape from the Holy Top Church.

A man who had distorted views might be able to restrain himself for a short while but definitely not for excessively prolonged periods of time!

"Alright…" Lou Cheng chuckled. After formatting the files in his inbox, he exited the app and no longer thought about Maszewski or Pavel. He excitedly searched for "Spirit Cultivation", "Psychic" and other terms.

Yan Zheke only had one class in the afternoon and the later part was a group discussion. Lou Cheng didn't have to wait long before receiving a message to meet up. He quickened his pace and return home with Yan Zheke.

They had just gotten out off the car and had not yet entered the door, but they could hear a machine sound coming from their neighboring house. Extending their necks and looking over, they discover an uncle with light yellowish beard removing grass using a manual grass cutter. Seeing the couple walking over, he waved his hand and greeted them with a lively smile.

Turning back and seeing the long and messy grass at her house, Yan Zheke said embarrassingly,

"We have forgotten to get people to cut our yawn for the past two weeks..."

Lou Cheng saw that it was still early. He replied, "Why don't I give it a try?"

This was the responsibility of the main labor force of the family!

"Alright, I remembered we have a lawn mower in the garage!" Yan Zheke was also excited and felt like a kid playing cosplay.

The two clicked well and entered the garage together. They found the machine and took out their phones at the same time, pressing on it quickly.

After several seconds, Yan Zheke took a peek at Lou Cheng and asked curiously,

"Cheng, what are you looking at?"

"I'm searching for lawn mowing articles and guides to lawn mowing....." Lou Cheng showed his screen to Yan Zheke,

"What a coincidence, me too~!" Yan Zheke smiled and had the "I'm a professional" look.

Both of them broke into laughter as they realized that they were indeed teenagers that had grown up in the internet age.

In the current age, asking the internet before doing it had become a habit!

After researching and discussing, Lou Cheng brought the lawn mower out of the garage. While preparing, he saw Yan Zheke had both of her hands free and had hidden under the shade.

What are you thinking of doing?" laughed Lou Cheng

Yan Zheke swung his fist and said with a serious tone,

"I'm responsible for cheering you on!"

"..." Lou Cheng couldn't help but laugh. Retracting his gaze, he started pushing the lawn mower and steadily began to clean up the plants that had been growing rampantly.

Initially, he was still rather new to it. After some time, he managed to listen to the force of the lawn mower and gradually become more skilled in using it as he cleaned up the lawn neatly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Throughout the whole process, he exchanged gazes with the uncle at the neighboring house from time to time and nodded his head to show appreciation. It really felt like they were neighbors. As for Yan Zheke, she was under the shade, looking at him working with dimples on her face. Her smile was gentle and feminine.

Lou Cheng managed to complete cleaning up the lawn by four thirty. After shouting "All the best" softly to show that she wasn't just spectating, Yan Zheke came over and helped with the post-treatment.

After working diligently and seeing the grass stuck on his little fairy's face, Lou Cheng suggested, "Why don't we cook our dinner tonight?"

I had seriously been reading the cookbook!

As he spoke, he extended his hand and pinched away that stray grass, making her beautiful face clean again.

"But I have not seen the cookbook..." Yan Zheke blinked her eyes rapidly. Although she would like to give it a try, she was still feeling a little uneasy.

"What's there to be afraid of? Let me teach you!" Lou Cheng waved his hands widely before continuing, "And you are so smart. It will be the same for you to just watch it live."

"This makes sense!" Yan Zheke was very confident about her intelligence.

After informing Aunt Du about it, Yan Zheke took out an apron and put it on Lou Cheng first before grabbing another one herself.

"Which one should we start with?" asked Yan Zheke as her eyes lit up.

"Stir fried beef!" Lou Cheng flipped the cookbook to the corresponding page and placed it on the counter.

"Yeah." Yan Zheke opened the fridge and took out a piece of beef. After looking at it for a long time, she continued, "This is the ribeye. Empress Dowager said that it is most suitable for grilling or frying."

"The cookbook says we need tenderloin." Lou Cheng tilted his head and answered.

After a short while, the girl managed to find the tenderloin and was watching the supernatural ability user thawing the meat with both hands.

Lifting the cooking-ware, Lou Cheng controlled his body as the knife fell quickly, leaving afterimages. After just a short while, that tenderloin had become the thinnest strands of meat.

"This knife technique isn't bad right?" said Lou Cheng proudly.

Although I have never practiced knife techniques, my senior sister was known as the "Black and White Magic Blade".

"So good!" Yan Zheke complimented. She shifted her attention to the beloved kitchenware for measuring weight and followed the instructions of the cookbook closely. She measured the amount of red potato flour, water, oil and other ingredients carefully and focused on mixing them well with the strands of beef to increase the tenderness.

Lou Cheng was at the side cutting onions. With a layer of ice frost covering it which stopped the chemicals from rushing into his eyes and making them watery.

As he cut, he tilted his head to the side and looked at Yan Zheke who seemed to be doing some kind of serious experiment. Suddenly, he felt that Yan Zheke looked rather silly this way.

Retracting his gaze, he looked at the same style apron on himself. Lou Cheng suddenly had a strange feeling and laughed out.

"What are you laughing at?" Yan Zheke turned his head and looked at Lou Cheng with a lost look.

"Just one to two hours ago, I was considering how to eradicate formidable criminals like Maszewski and Pavel. And now I end up mowing the lawn, cutting vegetables and cooking." Lou Cheng described how he felt at the moment as he straightened his back and showed the apron on him.

Yan Zheke pondered for a few seconds before nodding her head and said seriously,

"This is probably what others call being domestically and socially good."

After speaking, she was on the verge of laughing out loud.


That evening, at a small scale gathering, Huang Xiwen, who was still looking a little pale, brought the champagne out and was sitting in the corner of the sofa.

"Hi, you aren't feeling well?" A young teenage guy with a headful of white hair walked over and asked with a smile. He was mixed and extremely attractive.

"Can you tell?" Huang Xiwen didn't know this guy and answered out of politeness.

The white-haired teenager laughed with a low voice, "You are jealous of someone and fearful of another person. Am I right?"

"How do you know?" Huang Xiwen blurted out in surprise.

"Because my heart is communicating directly with yours." The white-haired teenager raised his cup and took a sip. Unpredictably, he continued, "Do you need me to handle them for you?"

"No, thank you!" Huang Xiwen shook her head in fear and surprise as she rejected him.

Yan Zheke shouldn't have spoken bad things about me. Lou Cheng also didn't have the intentions to deal with me. There's no point in causing a fuss…

"Ok" The white hair teenager didn't continue and left with a smile.

"Laura, what are you all chatting about?" The host of this party, Jennifer leaned over.

"Nothing." Huang Xiwen didn't wish to raise the topic up again.

Jennifer laughed and continued, "He's a formidable "Spirit Cultivator". If you have troubles, you can look to him for help."

"I don't have any at the moment." Huang Xiwen declined once again.

Jennifer turned around and said,

"Alright then. Let us enjoy ourselves to the fullest, release the shackles of life, remove these darned clothes and have a great time at this party!"


Nearing the weekend, Lou Cheng suddenly received an email from Smith.

"Maszewski will be out to attend a rave. We might have an opportunity."
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