Medical Princess Chapter 180

Chapter 180 To Get The Chance Cheekily

Qin Wanru just didn’t understand that since she had no quarrel against Qi Rongzhi, why Qi Rongzhi would add fuel to the fire, give advice to Qin Yuru and happily see Qin Wanru falling into the despairing and painful hell! What kind of feeling Qi Rongzhi had at that time!

However, now she didn’t want to figure it out. Someone was born to be evil. She could trample others except herself. She would treat these people she trampled as her stepping-stone. She would take it for granted when these people mired because of her.

Qin Wanru smiled slightly as her eyes looked sharper. She said, “Young Lady Qi, please leave now!”

Qi Rongzhi didn’t expect that Qin Wanru would say so directly and refuse to save her face at this moment. Qi Rongzhi was so angry that her face turned white and her lips began to tremble. She said, “Qin Wanru, how, how dare you say to me like this?”

“Why not? Young Lady Qi, please realize where you are now and please realize that the land you are standing on belongs to our Qin’s Mansion!” Qin Wanru sneered and answered lightly.

Qi Rongzhi almost lost her breath, and her mind. However, she bit her teeth and suppressed her anger when realizing that people from Duke Xing’s Mansion were still standing outside.

“Qin Wanru. Don’t make your words too absolute! You might have to beg me in the future!” Qi Rongzhi stamped her feet and said ferociously. Then she had to turn around and left.

However, when she got close to the door, she had hidden her fierce expression. As her servant girl lifted the curtain, everyone could only find Qi Rongzhi graceful and elegant. Qi Rongzhi raised her eyes and looked at Nanny Duan who stood on the porch. Then she walked towards her and called her in a very polite way, “Nanny Duan!”

“Lady Qi!” Nanny Duan hurriedly and politely responded.

“Why is Nanny Duan today free to visit my sister Wanru? How about Old Grandma? When I visited Old Grandma this morning, she didn’t wake up!” Qi Rongzhi said with a bright smile. Those people who didn’t know her would think she really respected their Old Grandma.

The truth that she visited Old Grandma this morning was that she did it several days before. She didn’t meet Di Yan these days so she woke up very early and hoped she could come across Di Yan. Then she especially extended morning greetings to Old Grandma. The reason was that a servant girl once told her that Qin Yuru and Di Yan once visited Old Grandma in the morning together.

However, she woke up so early that day that Old Grandma didn’t get up. Then, Qi Rongzhi hurriedly came back and tried to “come across” Di Yan.

Nanny Duan didn’t know the reason that Qi Rongzhi extended morning greeting to Old Grandma in the morning but when seeing Qi Rongzhi left hurriedly and absentmindedly, she knew her purpose was not Old Grandma. Visiting Old Grandma was only an excuse.

As she found that Qi Rongzhi said so, her eyes looked a little bit unpleasant. “Lady Qi, Old Grandma’s body is fine. Old Grandma didn’t get up when you tried to extend morning greeting to her several days before. She has always wanted to talk to Lady Qi these days but she doesn’t expect that you never come!”

Nanny Duan answered smilingly and hid her displeasure behind her smile. She had been working for Old Grandma for many years and she had seen various kinds of people. She chuckled when hearing Qi Rongzhi’s words which were contrary to her thought and then she meant it.

Her words froze Qi Rongzhi’s smile! She meant that Qi Rongzhi had not come to visit Old Grandma for many days!

However, she reacted quickly. She smiled again and seemed that she did not understand Nanny Duan’s meaning. She looked at an old maid beside Nanny Duan, chuckled and said, “Then I would go to visit Old Grandma and talk to her! Nanny Duan, this old maid is not from Qin’s mansion, right? Have I seen her before?”

Then she looked the maid up and down, smilingly.

“This nanny is from Duke Xing’s Mansion, who took this invitation card to our mansion. Old Grandma let me bring her here,” answered Nanny Duan.

“Duke Xing’s Mansion’s banquet? Would Sister Wanru and Sister Yuru attend? That’s great! When I arrived in the capital city, Old Grandma and Sister Yuru have treated me very well! Sister Yuru was going to take me out but I felt sick that time and now I recover!” As Qi Rongzhi’s eyes flashed, she said with a bright smile.

Nanny Duan was speechless. How could this Lady Qi be so cheeky?! Her words seemed that they would treat her badly if they didn’t take her to the banquet.

However, in front of people from Duke Xing’s Mansion, Nanny Duan could not refuse but could pretend to smile and agreed, “Lady Qi is right!”

The nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion looked Qi Rongzhi up and down and answered smilingly, “It would be great for you to come!”

Qin’s Mansion once refused their invitation and she didn’t know whether they would attend this time when she sent this invitation card again. The nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion was confused and could not figure out what her master was thinking and why her master kept inviting this family. This family just arrived in the capital city and their lord was only a government official. Considering Duke Xing’s Mansion’s position, they didn’t have to compromise like this.

When she visited Old Grandma, Old Grandma kept saying that she now was in poor health and could not attend. Moreover, two madams in this mansion also felt bad and could not come. As for two ladies, Old Grandma said that she had to ask themselves. Since Duke Xing’s Mansion mostly wanted the Second Lady Qin to attend so the Old Grandma let her servant bring her here.

Although the lady in front of her was not the Second Lady Qin, she felt that this lady had a close relationship with the Qin’s Mansion. If she attended, two ladies of Qin’s Mansion might come.

Thinking this, the nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion agreed smilingly.

Finding that the nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion agreed, Qi Rongzhi felt awesome and she looked better. She nodded in agreement and then walked out of the court with her servant girl. She paused for a little while at the entrance of this court. After seeing the nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion entering the room she then turned around and walked towards the embroidery room.

Now she had a new piece of cloth and she needed to quickly stitch Qin Wanru’s design on her dress during the process of making clothes. She had to urge workers of the embroidery room to finish in that she wanted to stand out when she showed up in the capital city for the first time.

With Qin Wanru serving as a foil to her, being the outstanding one would be easy for her!

The nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion followed Nanny Yu and came into the room. When she got in, she saw a young lady sitting on the chair in the room. The lady was so beautiful and pretty that she seemed to be the woman who walked out of the painting. However, because she was very young, she still looked a little bit childish. When she grew up, she must be a drop-dead beauty.

She was just sitting there. Although she was a child, she looked very powerful. There were two servant girls standing on each side, silently. Just the first impression then made the nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion feel that she could not look down on this lady.

In the capital city, she had met different people. Gradually, she grasped the ability that seeing through a man and immediately telling what kind of people the man was. When seeing this lady, she knew she was the special one. Her look and her energy could definitely rank the first in her mind. Although she was a kid now, she had a bright future!

The nanny quickly understood why her master would keep inviting this lady to attend the banquet. Even though she refused, her master even let her come here to invite this lady.

Although she said nothing now, her powerful look overwhelmed the lady who just left.

Or there was no comparability at all!

“This is our Second Lady Qin!” Nanny Duan explained to her.

The nanny quickly stepped forward and bowed deeply to Qin Wanru. She behaved very respectfully and said, “It is my honor to see you, Second Lady Qin.”

“You are?” Qin Wanru looked this nanny up and down and asked.

“The Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion ordered me to come. Hearing that you saved our Master Hao, our Old Madam really appreciates you so she wants to see you and thank you face to face. There is a banquet held in our mansion just in time so she thought the banquet is a good chance and then asked Rui’an Great Elder Princess to send you the invitation card. However, she didn’t expect that General Qin would refuse. My Old Madam thinks that the banquet is held for daughters and ladies and moreover, there would be many ladies there. You now are a child and you might like this banquet. Then she sent me here!”

The nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion knew what to say and she behaved very respectfully. When she came in she just took one glance at Qin Wanru, then she never raised her head and acted in a respectful way.

“My father means that I am too young to go out in the capital city now,” said Qin Wanru softly.

“Second Lady, if you prefer tranquility, you could visit my Old Madam and have a talk with her. Old Madam really wants to appreciate you and to know what Second Lady who saved Master Hao looks like. When knowing this lady is a child, she really wants to thank you!”

The nanny answered smartly. It seemed that she had prepared the words before as the words sounded exhilarating!

“But it would be inappropriate for me to come while Old Grandma and mother don’t attend!” Qin Wanru refused calmly.

“Not only you, my Second Lady, but also First Lady and Lady Qi I just met. I heard that you just arrived in the capital city. It is also a chance for you to attend this banquet, talk to ladies in the capital city and make friends with them. You have to know some ladies in the capital city. You could not refuse to be with them because you don’t know them!”

The nanny answered smilingly. She even used Qi Rongzhi. Although she didn’t know the background of Qi Rongzhi, she thought that Qi Rongzhi had an especially close relationship with Qin’s Mansion through her words and behavior. Therefore, she used Qi Rongzhi as an excuse.

“Well…” Qin Wanru hesitated.

“Lady, you have to attend! First Lady Qin has been in the capital city for a while and she must know many people. If she would like to take you there, she would definitely take good care of you!” Yujie persuaded her.

“Yes. Lady, you must attend. There is nothing special thing in the Qin’s Mansion all day. You have to talk to ladies from different mansions. You might make friends with some of them and you could play with them in the future!” Qing Yue also persuaded. The nanny’s words were very impressive.

Hearing her servant girls saying so, Qin Wanru seemed to sway. Thinking for a while, she pushed this topic back to the nanny and said, “Nanny, if you said my elder sister would be the leader, then please ask my sister whether she would like to go. If she agrees, then I would go. If not, then I am so sorry!”

Qin Wanru answered, seeming that she only listened to Qin Yuru.

“Then I might ask Nanny Duan to show me the way again, please.” When this nanny from Duke Xing’s Mansion came, she knew the Second Lady Qin might not agree. Otherwise they would not refuse the first invitation card. Now finding that Qin Wanru swayed, she smiled and talked to Nanny Duan. When she came here, she had heard from the mansion that the First Lady Qin was a reveler and she might agree to attend.

“Then thank you, Nanny Duan!” Qin Wanru turned around and said to Nanny Duan softly.

“Then I would take her to meet First Lady!” answered Nanny Duan. After she greeted Qin Wanru she walked out with the nanny.

Behind her, Qin Wanru’s eyes looked hauntingly cold. “Duke Xing’s Mansion now is in haste…”

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