Mercenaries Under The Sky Book 5 Chapter 103

Vol 5 Chapter 103: Chaos Power

Under the noble elves, there are a total of three levels of upper, middle and lower level (state) elves, and each level of elves is divided into three levels of high, middle and low.

The lower-level elves are magical elemental elves. The shape of the same-type magical elemental elves is almost the same. They have no consciousness and live freely in every place in the world. The lower-level elves have evolved to a certain extent and have a certain chance of "rebirth" as intermediate-level elves. The middle-level elves are humanoid elves, that is, forest elves, grassland elves, and sea elves. After the middle-level elves die or enter the elf fountain, they will become lower-level elves.

If the lower-level high-level elves have the chance to coincide, they can get enough external help. For example, if they have been symbiotic with the high-level dragons of the same line for a long time, they may be able to transform into humanoids and directly advance into middle-level low-level elves with primary awareness. Once they are successfully transformed, they are equivalent to the strength of ordinary mid-level elf magicians.

All upper-level magic element elves, without exception, are all evolved from the lower-level elves. This difficulty is far greater than the difficulty of mankind to be a god. The high-level magic element elf has mastered the most fundamental material mystery of Genesis God Realm, so it has the power to surpass the human magician. It should be mentioned that the higher-level magic elves have no real gender. They can only say that their bodies tend to be female or male, but they are all neutral.

If the advanced magic elves become elves, the possibility is even smaller. Tens of thousands of years since the creation of the creator, there are very few examples of successful promotion.

"Shan Hai Jing. Elf Ancillary Supplement" Chapter 103 The chaotic power has lost the dark and wind magic elements. The magic power of the other seven series of magic elements has a stronger attack momentum, even more than the six lightnings just now. violent. After all, the lightning was just a few hundred meters away, and now the crimson magic element's light emits a hissing pop, and it will soon be on the tip of Amy's nose ...

Life and death are only a moment away, and you can clearly observe what is happening around you. There are not many such characters. Amy is one of them.

Amy has seen the focus of the two magic elves in the wind and the dark, and he is also very surprised. Then he flipped and flattened his palm, oh ... it was it?

Under the snowy mountain of Metz, the last three Jedi elders of the magic empire once gave Amy a ring-of course not the king of Wanjie who claimed to be able to lead all the magicians in the world. The ring body of this ring is very thin, not much thicker than the hair. Dark green, the ring surface is slightly wider, and a very small black diamond is set on the ring surface. The black diamond is only about 0.01 carat. .

Such a diamond ring with the color of the garbage, such small particles, and some cracks in the interior is probably worth three centuries if it is placed in the jewelry store. Amy once wanted to engrave on this extremely poor-looking ring. "Messi tourist souvenirs".

But Amy has always carried this ring-the magic empire produced is a guarantee of credibility, maybe when it will play a great protective role, Amy really thinks so. Of course, Amy is a very low-key person in dress. In order to avoid attracting others' attention, he habitually turned his ringside into his palm.

What is this ring for? Amy hasn't figured it out yet. What is the texture of this black diamond? Amy didn't get it.

The other seven high-level magic elves saw the ring exposed after Amy flipped her palm at the same time. Of course ... at this time they also heard the screams of their two partners. The seven advanced magic elves did one thing at the same time-their arms stretched back at the same time, and both hands struggled to return to their own magical elements.

Obviously, the upper magic elves did not want to hurt the owner of this ring.

It is a pity that it is difficult to cover the water ...

After all, the high-level magic elf is not the gods, and the magic energy is not the divine power of the mind after all. Where can it be like the gods can be freely released in an instant?

The crimson magic energy also felt the intention and power of the seven releasers, trembling violently, and finally unable to contend with the huge inertia, whistling and photographed Amy.

In the screams of Her Majesty the Queen of the Forest Elf Kingdom, the body of Amy, the regent of the Forest Elf Kingdom, undergoes a very strange change-the wild waves of magic have not been obstructed at all and immediately penetrated Amy s body, Ai All the clothes, weapons, and equipment attached to and off Mi Hun were instantly turned into crystal powder.

However, Amy's body didn't seem to be attacked at all, but at the same instant it turned into an illusory faint shadow, allowing the magical element elves to freely shuttle through the body.

At the same moment, the two elves of the Dark and Wind screamed desperately to drive their magical elemental energy to add defensive magic to Amy, but unfortunately ...

All of this happened in a very short time, and all the adventurers had no time to make any action, so Amy became a faint ice shadow ...

The nine elder magic elves screamed at the same time as if they were 9 meteors, and at the same time they rushed to Amy's previous position-in that position, in addition to Amy's phantom, there were three things that were not as vast as the previous The magic energy shattered: a large blue sword, a half black and white metal nameplate, and a dark green ring. Three things were suspended on the violently oscillating magic energy in this way.

It can be seen that the goal of the nine high-level magic elves is very simple-that is the dark green ring.

The reason is also very simple. This ring is actually the real treasure of the magic empire. This ring is also the most fundamental source of power for the magic empire.

In the historical records of the forest elf kingdom, the magic empire can use fire, earth, water, wind, ice, and dark six-line magic masters for a total of 18 magic masters, plus the basis of sacrifice, sage, and priest. The nine top priest professions of promoted saints, demons, wise men, bishops, demon gods, elders, dharma princes, demon priests, and high priests joined forces to simulate the state of "chaos" at the beginning of creation, so that a batch of A group of great magicians successfully promoted to become magisters, and can also allow magisters with their peak strength to be successfully promoted to become magisters.

This record is correct, but it is incomplete.

The spiritual power of any magister or magister is limited at the end, and likewise, he has limited time to release the field. The most powerful magician can only maintain the strength of the field for several days. It takes at least two to three years to advance from a magician to a magister. Under the normal circumstances, the chaotic state simulated by manpower cannot produce a magister quickly at all.

In this process, a key item was the dark green ring given to Amy by the three Jedi elders of the Magic Empire.

In the history of the magic empire, there are many well-known magic rings, such as the "Magic Ring" (also known as the Lord of the Rings) of the Lord of the Rings; the absolute defense force of the three series of magic of dark, fire, and earth. "Broken ring"; "half ring" that only needs to be attached to the finger but half of the length, but can be invisible; seven sets of purple gold ring "seven rings" that can instantly summon seven-headed dragons; inlaid agate, ruby, red diamonds, Eight kinds of gems such as Furong jade, ruby, and fire stone can defend all the red scarlet rings "pig eight rings" of the fire and earth magic attacks below the big ban level ...

Compared with the strength and the role played, this dark green ring has no reputation at all-of course, this is because the Magic Empire 27 Jedi Great Elders deliberately kept this secret.

Of the 27 Jedi elders who founded the Magic Empire, 20 died because of this ring. In order to commemorate these 20 Jedi elders for the rest of their lives, the first generation of the magic monarch of the magic empire engraved the first characters of the names of the 20 dead elders on the inner ring of this ring and arranged it into a sentence Words: maytheforcebewithyou.

The origin of the inconspicuous black diamond set on this ring is too big, it should not exist in the creation world, of course, it should not exist in the dragon world. This diamond was taken from the "Creative Spirit Source" by 27 Founding Jedi Elders! Even the gods did not dare to enter the source of creation, but the Jedi elders did it-with the determination to die. Eleven Jedi elders died as a result.

The material of the dark green ring body is not from the creation world and the dragon world-it is from the death world, and it was taken from the death hall! The eight elders of the sacred department died in the realm of death.

The black diamond represents the life of the creation spirit, and the dark green ring represents the death of the **** of death. That is, on this ring, there are two unique and pure powers between heaven and earth, and these two pure powers are above the six elements. The name of the ring comes from this, the Dark Ring-she represents the power of the magic empire hidden in the dark.

It is also with the power from life to death and endless circulation that the magic empire can perfectly maintain the chaotic realm formed by the superposition of 27 magic realms for a long time, and train generations of magicians.

A year ago, Amy showed her desirelessness and rigidity in the face of the huge power hidden by the magic empire, which convinced the last three Jedi elders of the magic empire at the same time, and these three elders knew The root cause of the rise and decline of the magic empire and the dwarf kingdom-ambition, the ambition that most humans cannot resist.

Therefore, the three elders found an excuse to give the ring to Amy who had no desire for power. If the magic empire can still wait for a true successor, and this successor can pass the test of the magic guild, and this person can be recognized by Amy as a right "heterogeneous", then this ring will show up. One day ... if you ca nt wait, the ring does nt have any meaning anymore-the three elders fully agreed with what Daqingshan said at the time.

The story behind the Dark Ring is, of course, unknown to all adventurers including Dark Ring Master Amy.

The nine magic elves know the origin of this ring, so they will not harm the owner of this ring-this owner must have some kind of extremely close relationship with the magic empire. They are more aware of the purpose of this ring. With their current strength, they have been able to use this dark ring to maintain chaotic power for a long time, and may break through the current bottleneck and become an elf in one fell swoop. This is what they dreamed of.

People die for money, birds die for food ... So, for what will the nine magic elves die?

At this moment, the nine elves trapped in "sweetheartedness" completely relax their vigilance, and they no longer even pay attention to everything around them-in fact, in terms of their strength, especially the strength after they join forces, except the main **** and the divine Dragon Envoy, otherwise no other strong can challenge them.

Just when they could nt wait to reach out and grab the dark ring, the azure blue sword suspended behind the dark ring suddenly ejected the scabbard!

The aggressive murderous intrusion instantly invaded the bones of the nine magic elves! What surprised the nine magic elves even more was that while the azure blue sword was unsheathed, a powerful blue magic energy strong enough to compete with them rose rapidly from all around and surrounded them firmly.

While enveloping the nine magic elves, this magical force bounced out all the adventurers, and immediately formed a huge blue magical aperture on the spot.

"Brother Amy ..." The mercenary's small white board jumped up from the ground, rushing towards the blue magic aperture, and was immediately pulled back by Daqingshan and Qingluo at the same time.

"Don't worry, maybe, there will be a turning point." The blue magic aperture in front of you is very familiar to Daqingshan and Sharuo. At that time, it was such a scene in the azure blue world. And Daqingshan knows some strange performances and hobbies of the azure meteorite giant sword, so ... there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart.

Shui Wujian has also seen this extremely sharp sword. Of course, he also knows the origin of this sword, but he is doubtful about Daqingshan's words.

"Let me go!" Normally the cute and elven little girl Ling Baoer once again showed the little girl's brutal lethality in front of everyone, struggling twice, Daqingshan and Qingluo did not dare to let go, the little girl fierce He bowed his head and bit the wrist of Daqingshan ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ Yin Hong's blood ran down immediately.

"Baoer, what are you doing? It's useless for you to go in, maybe just wait a moment." Sha Ruo quickly patted the little **** the shoulder.

Others do not understand the situation. Sha Ruo and Da Qingshan watched another elf girl step into the same azure blue enclave a few years ago, so they died for a lifetime. If that time, the girl really had an accident. Amy will not forgive them both in this life. Now, even if it is a last resort, they will never let Ling Baoer take the same risk again.

It's a pity that Ling Bao'er didn't feel the same as the elf girl at that time. While biting Daqing Mountain, he pulled out a splendid dagger from his sleeve and waved diagonally at Qingluo's wrist from the bottom up. Go out!

Qingluo saw the sharpness of this colorful dagger and quickly let go of the attack.

Daqingshan strongly endured the severe pain, grabbed Ling Bao'er's arm with his left hand volley, his hand was slightly frustrated, and the splendid dagger immediately landed.

The temporary ally on the side, Raistlin Jr., quickly released a petrification technique to stop the witch from further violence against Daqingshan and Qingluo.

"Brother Daqingshan, what the **** is going on?" Shui Wuhen, who was relieved from the shock, also saw Ni Duan just now: "What's the origin of that ring? How ... it actually works. Comparable to the azure meteorite giant sword? Just now you said that things might have a turnaround? What will be the turnaround? "Shui Wuhen asked a series of questions.

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