Mercenaries Under The Sky Book 5 Chapter 105

Vol 5 Chapter 105: The Breaking News

Chapter 105

"Amy ..." Daqingshan shouted softly-this guy wouldn't fall asleep.

A smile appeared on the corner of Amy's mouth, and then, a pair of stars lit up, and Tongrenli was also full of smiles, with a little apology in the smile, but the words were another taste: "You guys, let me do it What? I was dreaming just now. "

"Oh ... I can see that, it's really a daydream." Daqingshan, like the rest of the small mercenary group, just broke his heart for Amy in the magic enchantment, and saw that this guy's hippie smile was so irresponsible, Daqingshan Such an honest man finally decided to get back a little interest for himself according to the anger that he couldn't hold back-at the moment when he reached out and patted Amy's shoulder, Daqingshan's arm sagged sharply and slammed into Amy's chest ...

The strength of the Dragon Knight is quite amazing. Of course, Amy's chest is also quite wide. After the two meet, there is a "bang" sound. After the latter's chest resonated strongly, his teeth fell down.

"Brother Amy!" Ling Baoer ran to Amy, crying and laughing, holding Amy's neck.

"Um ... how did it become a big cat?" Amy reached out and scraped the little girl's slightly raised nose. It was crying and noisy just now. Ling Bao'er's delicate face was muddy with water and some rice. You can grow rice.

"Woo ... just now ... scared people to death ..." The little girl's white and tender hands patted her breasts, her fingers sprouting: "They ..." Lingbaoer's index finger was drawn from the heads of Daqingshan, Qingluo, Xiaoleislin and others After: "It's bad ... Don't let people save you, tell you brother Amy, people can be brave just now, I draw a knife ... my knife, give it back to me!"

Daqingshan smiled bitterly and handed the splendor to the little girl.

Lingbaoer snorted in the thin nose, white Daqingshan fiercely with his eyes, small hands holding different colors and playing a few flowers in front of Daqingshan's eyes, only then sat into the scabbard satisfactorily.

"Right, Brother Amy, you said you were dreaming just now, did you ... dream about me? Have you ever dreamed that I would try to save you." Little **** is always very easy to enter the state.

"Oh, next time, I will strive to dream of you." For this Lingbaoer, Amy is not so much a famous husband, but rather a dad, who is spoiled by this little girl.

"So what did you dream about?" The little girl took Amy's hand and didn't let go.

Amy's face showed a strange look, and after thinking about it, I said: "I dreamed that I took two apprentices and taught them hard for more than 20 years ..."

Halo ... Daqingshan and Sharuo's faces are all smiles. Amy herself was just in her early 20s, so she dreamed of accepting apprentices. It is estimated that the only purpose of this guy to apprentice is to facilitate himself to eat better and lazy.

"Whether male or female?" Ling Baoer once again used his diligent and ethical character. The mercenary's small whiteboard is really a faithful listener.

"Two men, and they are stupid." Amy pouted in the direction of Daqingshan: "Just as stupid as that guy."

Daqingshan raised her lips helplessly, Lingbaoer's words made Daqingshan more speechless.

"I don't think it's stupid. I gather together and divide things into groups." When I said these two words, the small hands of Lingbao's powder were all on the chests of myself and Amy. The latter sentence points directly to Daqingshan: "Hum ... there is no good person with that evil dragon, and it is stupid and bad."

Heck ... this is really a gathering of people. It's only a few days since Little Whiteboard and Amy were together, and they all learned that Sang cursed Huai and projected in the sand ... or it seemed more appropriate for the husband to sing.

Daqingshan knew that Lingbaoer, the little girl, was still a little belly-bellied about her folding her wrist to win the dazzle dagger, and she was embarrassed to be angry. Besides, she was with Amy. Mad.

"Later? Did the two stupid apprentices also find a stupid dragon ride?" The small white board's attention immediately returned to Amy's side.

"That's not true. Both of them later learned magic. It was okay. When I was awakened, they were already great magicians, and they were about to enter the prayer tower soon." Amy laughed casually. Coping with it, I was ready to immediately transfer to another topic: "I still remember their two names, one called Yoda and the other called Sayesi."

Ok? All the dark elves were stunned. Little Raistlin muttered softly in his mouth: "Yoda? SaeseeTiin?"

Amy Le, she gave thumbs up to Little Raistlin: "Yes, these are the two names. How? I just said that when I was dreaming? The ears of the dark elves are so good."

"God's **** ..." Little Raistlin raised his paw and touched his head, his face full of suspiciousness: "These two are very famous, don't you know?"

"Is it?" Amy smiled more happily: "Any dream, even a celebrity can be dreamed. Also, I also dreamed of giving three magic books to the two of them."

As Amy spoke, she opened the magic enchantment bag and reached in to feel it-the smile on Amy's face froze in an instant.

"What's the matter?" Daqingshan asked Amy in a whisper, not looking like Amis.

"What about my book?" Amy subconsciously reached out and touched the encirclement bag a few times, her face ugly.

"What book?" Dragon Knight rarely sees such a weird look on Amy's face.

"..." Amy pondered for ten minutes before she said: "It's in the magic tower that the three old men gave me three magic books."

what? !

Daqingshan and Sharuo, two people who also experienced the bizarre encounter, had their eyes widened. Just now ... just now, when Amy poured out the contents of her bounding bag, the two of them also saw the three. This ancient magic book, why ... if you don't see it, you're gone.

The dark elves looked at each other for a moment, their eyes were all shocked! It's like seeing a grim reaper!

Little Raistlin murmured two more words: "Yoda, nicknamed the magical emperor, one of the two great creators of the magical empire. Saesee Tiin, nicknamed the Skywalker, two of the two great creators of the magical empire. Two purple robe magicians. "

what? !

This time it was Amy and Qingluo who were wide-eyed-in the Age of Magic Empire, all heroes have a nickname resoundingly, the real name is not easy to be remembered by future generations. The two names of Magic Emperor and Skywalker are definitely the most powerful characters among the tens of thousands of magicians in the magic empire. Although they have been in existence for more than 20,000 years ago, these two names have also frequently appeared in various magical documents. Still being sung by the bard.

As for the purple robe ... Although all Jedi elders are first-class magisters, according to their different strengths, they are awarded seven colors: gray robe, white robe, yellow robe, green robe, blue robe, red robe, and purple robe. Robe. Grey robe is the lowest, purple robe is the highest. In the history of the magic empire, the total number of purple robe magicians is single digit.

After breaking up with the three Jedi elders of the Magic Empire, Amy once made up for this period of history. That is when he remembered that two of the three Jedi elders were white robes and gray robes.

This is too bizarre ... I even dreamed of accepting two purple robe Jedi elders as apprentices, and even the creator of the magic empire.

Amy ca nt help crying now: "Well ... if these two seniors knew something underground, would nt they still be mad at me? Dreaming also took advantage of them. The two seniors must have their own magic teachers ..."

"No ..." Little Raistlin interrupted Amy's words: "The two of them are disciples."

what? Won't it be so funny and so coincident? Amy was a little silly and opened her mouth subconsciously.

Shui Wuhen took a deep breath and looked seriously at Amy's eyes: "The names of these two predecessor magician teachers are ... Amy ..."

what? The nerves of all the small mercenary groups were instantly short-circuited! They finally understood why the look of the dark elves' faces was just that!

Shui Wuqian frustrated his fingers and sighed, adding another sentence: "... The name Amy was rarely used by 20,000 years ago, but ... Since the founding of the magic empire, the two great empires have created The authors gave their eldest sons the same name, of course, Amy. Moreover, they all mentioned the origin of this name in their autobiography. Since then, the names of a considerable number of boys in human society It was called "Amy." And, in the magic empire, there are indeed three ancient magic books that are arched as treasures. The status of these three books is said to be above other magic books of God's Word. These three magic books are said to be Inherited by the great Jedi elders of past dynasties. In addition, the mentors of the two elders, the eternally wise King Amy, finally disappeared bizarrely. "

Amy really felt shaky this time. What's going on? Never ... are these dark elves fooling themselves?

"Shui Wuhen, Amy just stayed in the magic circle just for an hour. You are too bizarre." Daqingshan is the most calm person at this time.

Shui Wuqian's eyes stared at Daqing Mountain for a long time, and then said one word at a time: "Don't you know that time can be compressed and accelerated at the same time? The time in the sky city is Compressed, and in this world, there are indeed places where time is accelerated. "

"If it's really Amy, then he has lived in that world for many years, why hasn't his appearance changed?" Daqingshan asked back immediately.

"First, what do you mean by the word" eternal life of the "Eternal Life Wisdom King"? Second, there are many magics or methods that do not change appearance, and I know there are more than three. For example, in the field of chaos ... "When Shui Wuhen said this, although he knew his mind was clear, he could hardly believe the inferred result.

The sky city was cold for a while.

The dark elf, a hidden race, has used their experience of several creation worlds to completely preserve a lot of historical data. In this regard, let alone the forest elves of the same race, even the gods are very large compared to the dark elves. gap. Unless the Dark Elves are deceiving the Little Mercenary Corps, everything they say is beyond doubt.

At this time, Amy's mouth is dry ... Amy is even a bold and imaginative character, but everything in front of him still makes him bit his tongue subconsciously, of course not in a dream, at least not now.

"Actually ... all of this is not impossible." Shui Wuhen said while pondering what he was saying: "Among the known magic, there are several magic levels that are very high, even with 'opening the earth', ' The two world-creation and world-disruption magics are at the same equivalence level. For example, 'years without traces' and 'time flow', this super-magic time flow is said to be able to reverse time. "

"Oh, can the dark elves release this magic?" Amy quickly returned to normal.

A blush flashed through Shui Wuhen's old face: "It was possible, but, over the tens of thousands of years ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ most of the tribe's research on magic was concentrated in the dark line, and" time flow "is a branch of wind magic We use very little space-time magic, so ... "The implication is very clear. This kind of space-based magic with no attack power has naturally been thrown out of the Nine Xiaoyun by the dark elves. Maybe ... even the spell of chanting is lost.

"Lord Amy, what about the Nine Magic Wizards? Do they ... use you to travel through the space-time magic to the past, where did they stay?" As a pure magician, Little Raistlin now has too much in mind. doubt.

"They?" Amy closed her eyes a little and thought for a moment before realizing what Little Raslin was asking-just a few decades ago, in a trance, Amy did not understand the various relationships in this: " Not sure. After I entered the dream, I never saw their shadow again. "

"Is the azure meteorite giant sword slashing the nine magic elves?" Daqingshan whispered on the side.

Amy shook her head again: "I don't know, I almost entered the dream in a flash."

"No one lives, no dead," Daqingshan's discourse is full of regrets: "I wanted to ask why they wanted to attack you, and they didn't leave any room at all. It seems that this answer can't be found."

Amy froze for a moment, and took a long breath of air. "... the reason ... I probably understand. Before I entered the dream, I understood what they said. They said, one is a half-elf, one is human , Looks like, but definitely not the same person. "

What does this mean? All adventurers are listening to the book of heaven.

"Can I look at that green ring? If it is really the ring I know, then ... maybe I can find the answer because it is a ring with soul ..." Little Raistlin's **** tongue licked After licking his dry lips, he extended his hand to Amy.

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