Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Taking Them Inside

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As expected, just after she left, the two people behind her were unable to hold back. They grabbed one with curiosity, plucked its head and tail off, and tasted it. As soon as it entered their mouths, the special smell made Ning Lang and Song Ming vomit on the spot. They were half bent and their faces turned pale at that moment. They spat the bugs out with all their strengths without neglecting to stare at Luo Fei who laughed boisterously.

Hahahaha, you fools. You actually believed it.

Lue Fei laughed and patted his thigh with one hand. The two men were half-stooped after eating the big bug. He was immediately delighted at their nauseated look. He had to control himself since he had to endure the disgust of chewing so many of them,

Even the serious-faced Duan Ye was also smiling. He asked, The taste isnt bad, is it?

Thats right. We ate four and you got only one each. You guys earned it. Luo Fei grinned. He took out the water bag from the space and gargled.

Ning Lang and Song Ming looked at them in silence. These two cheaters. They wouldnt have been fooled if they hadnt seen the other guy guys eat with relish.

Who would have thought that they could eat that stinky stuff as if those were delicacies?

All right, all right. Tell us about it. Did you turn in all the beast crystals you got? What a surprise! I cant believe you can get so many animal crystals in ten days.

Luo Fei looked at the two of them in astonishment. Indeed, he never thought that they could obtain so many beast crystals and took all of them out. If the other team had kept some beast crystals like them, maybe they would not have lost.

That is, do you think were weaker than you? Ning Lang snorted and was secretly pleased.

Several of them looked at each other and smiled. They stopped speaking. Instead, they all went to the simple wooden house to rest and treat their wounds.

In the evening, Feng Jiu asked them to rest for two days and recover from their injuries. So that night, they roasted meat, prepared wine, and called Feng Jiu to come out and eat. After two days of rest, the injuries on their bodies were almost healed.

Because most of their injuries were superficial wounds, plus the medicine was given to them by Feng Jiu, the wounds scabbed over after only two days. After the two days rest, they went out again. Ten days later, then returned with beast crystals

This time, Luo Fei and Duan Ye won, while Ning Lang and Song Ming were punished. They were still eating the big white bugs raw.

In this way, they spent another month here, until, one month later in the early morning, they came to the cave.

Feng Jiu?

Cloud Devouring Beast came out and looked at them while inquiring silently.

Were going out. Were here to tell him. When Feng Jiu didnt come out, they asked Cloud Devouring Beast to pass the message on their behalf. However, when they were about to turn around and leave, they heard Feng Jius voice coming from behind.

Youve hunted and killed so many ferocious beasts. All the beasts in this area must have been killed off. The rest is too low-grade and doesnt pose a challenge for you to kill. Alright! Ill show you around the place a little bit inside.

The corner of her lips curled up. She told the few of them with a smile, However, youd better be prepared. If you go a little further, you can find evil cultivators or loose cultivators looting others almost at every part of the area.

Do you want to leave this place?

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