Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Watch Out For Snakes

Their eyes lit up. Theyd been here for some time. From the time they followed Feng Jiu to this place, more than 2 months had been spent in the forest. Taking the journey and stopovers during the trip into account, it took them nearly three months. Thinking that they were here for a year and three months had passed, they felt anxious. They didnt expect her to tell them that she would take them to the Mountains interior today.

They got excited just by this thought.

In this period of time, they knew about this area very well. As a result, they were filled with anticipation about the interior side. Would there be ferocious beasts of higher ranks? Would there be more precious spirit herbs? Were there any dangers they had never been in? Were there any surprises waiting for them?

The adventurous spirit hidden in the depths of a mans heart came alive at this moment. They were looking forward to the next encounters.

Mm, weve been here for two months. You havent advanced in ranks in this period, but its just due to the lack of opportunities. Lets go! When were inside, I believe you can make a breakthrough in the remaining time here.

She smiled and looked at those few people, feeling very confident about their strength.

So they packed up and watched Feng Jiu remove the boundary and array here, and followed him to the depth of the forest on their flying swords

Two days later, five people and one beast came to rest at a certain place inside the forest. They took roasted meat out of the space and warmed it up over the fire. Then the meat was divided out. They ate to their fill.

Compared to fasting pills, they preferred to eat grains. Especially, ferocious beasts meat could supplement their spirit energy breath. In addition, it was tastier than that of the fasting pill, so eating grains was naturally more appetizing to them.

Its strange. Why didnt we encounter any danger the whole way we came in? Ning Lang was musing out loud while eating roasted meat.

Song Ming grinned. It could be that our killing intent and bloodthirst are so strong that those ferocious beasts avoided us.

Duan Ye and Luo Fei glanced at him. Why didnt we sense that?

After the time when the scores of the battle were decided with distributing beast crystals, the two mens cunning and schemes were really an eye-opener for them. Even Luo Fei had to concede that the two were invincible when working as a team. Even he had lost twice in three battles that month. It was clear that these two men were just pretending to be stupid.

In the first round, he and Duan Ye kept some beast crystals and didnt hand everything over. They won in the second round as they presented all their gains. Thinking that those two would give up all the beast crystals just like in the first round, unexpectedly, only the minimum 200 pieces stipulated by Feng Jiu was taken out.

In the third round, he and Duan Ye lost again, because the other team kept some crystals from the second round and combined them with the third rounds gains. Naturally, the other team won.

From this incident, they knew that these two guys were really good at scheming. Perhaps Song Ming was not skilled at this, but Ning Lang was an expert. In all things related to earning money and profits, he always made meticulous planning and careful calculations. As a result, he obtained profits from then on.

While eating the roasted meat, Feng Jiu cautioned them, We should pay attention to the poisonous snakes here. Some time ago, I came to this area to collect spirit herbs and found snakes everywhere. There is also a Snake that already reached the Saint Beast peak-level, having a red bump on its forehead. You should be careful.




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