Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 What Do You Want To Do?

Mm, we will.

The few of them nodded in response and continued to eat the roasted meat. However, when fluctuating streams of air rushed over them from the distance like waves, they raised their heads in surprise.

Listening carefully with their ears pricked up, the sound of the collision of swords came from a place quite far from there. The sounds were not loud but very chaotic. It should have been a melee.

Its like some people were fighting. Ning Lang stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth and rolled his eyes quickly. Why dont we go and have a look?

Its none of our business. Why should we care so much. Duan Ye didnt want to pay attention. He had no interest in things not related to them.

It doesnt matter if we take a look. We are free anyway. Song Ming spoke out. He wiped his hands after eating the roasted meat and stood up.

Luo Fei thought for a moment. If we go there, we will definitely get into trouble. Even if we dont rob others, those people will rob us. Its not worth it.

Feng Jiu listened to their conversation and smiled. Lets go! In any case, we had nothing to do. We can watch from afar and dont interfere. Then you can observe other ways of fighting and learn from them.

Since Feng Jiu already said so, of course, all the others had no objection. After eating, they went to search by following the sound. They didnt get too close, but lifted their vital energy and jumped onto the tree, watching the scene through the lush leaves.

Hahahaha! Kill all the men and seize the women!

A group of about 30 evil cultivators surrounded more than 20 men and women both young and old who were members of a clan going out to gain experience outside. They noticed that those surrounded were not weak, but their pace this time was in vain and obviously ineffective. They could only grit their teeth and held on.

Hadnt it been for one powerful Nascent Soul cultivator, as well as the eight Golden Core cultivators, supporting the team, they would have been wiped out by those evil cultivators.

Those evil cultivators fighting power wasnt strong. In addition to the Foundation Building cultivators, there are also seven Golden Core two of them were at the peak level. If they didnt use indiscriminate means, they would have been killed by the clan members.

Luo Fei stared at the men in front while talking in a low voice.

Using despicable means is also a strategy. Its obvious that these peoples pace was in vain and their bodies are shaken like that. They will die before the time it takes a stick of incense to burn. Song Ming stared at the two or three beautiful women in the middle. His eyes brightened. But these several women are good-looking and are about the same age as us. They seem to come along to gain some experience.

When the others heard this, they all looked at him with a twitch at the corner of their mouths.

Nothing could change his lustful nature.

When he caught those peoples gaze, he grinned. Hey hey, dont worry, I wont act on impulse any more. I wont lose my head at the sight of a woman.

Ning Lang looked at the people in front, bit the leaves he plucked out from the tree, and asked, Say, if its several of us, can we beat these evil cultivators?

We arent their match in a one-to-one fight. But, it shouldnt be a problem if we use tricks. Duan Ye answered, then paused as if he thought of something while looking at Ning Lang.

What do you want to do?

Their gazes fell on Ning Lang.




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