Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 589

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Everyone, split up to look for them!

Just as they arrived at Port of Cowell, Light and Arrows instructed his men to search the port.

The players from Golden Axe Metal Horse started searching through the piles of rubbish and houses.

There is someone here!

The port was so small that it was easy to search. Not long after they started the search, the players found a group of Berserk Heavenlaws players.

Players that could survive the first wave of attacks by the two hundred thousand men had to be capable in some way or another.

At this moment, only the front group of players from Golden Axe Metal Horse arrived at the port. There were only a few hundred of them.

When Berserk Heavenlaws players saw that there were not many players from Golden Axe Metal Horse, they immediately went into their formation to fight back.

Golden Axe Metal Horse had quite a few Archers and logically speaking, they should be able to deal with Magicians easily. However, because of the presence of Guardians, the advantage that the Archers originally had were no longer there.

Berserk Heavenlaw lined up their Guardians in front to block the arrows with their shields. The Magicians from the back started throwing out chains of lightning. In just one wave of attacks, Golden Axe Metal Horse lost over twenty Archers.

Pull back! Open up the distance! The advantage an Archer had over a Magician was the shooting range. Seeing how ferocious the firepower of Berserk Heavenlaws Magicians was, Light and Arrows hurried to get his men to retreat a little to open up the distance between them.

Before they could retreat a few steps, yet another wave of Berserk Heavenlaws players emerged from another side.

Similarly, the Guardians were in front and the Magicians behind. By catching Golden Axe Metal Horses players off guard, they lost about ten more people again

Not good! There is an ambush! Hurry up and disperse! We shall leave the port! At this moment, Light and Arrows realised that these remaining players from Berserk Heavenlaw were not easy to deal with. He was already prepared to bring his men out of the port before yet another wave of lightning was shot at them from the warehouse at the back. This wave of attacks wiped out the remaining players from Golden Axe Metal Horse. Shortly after that, Berserk Thundergod and Hidden Lurker walked out from the warehouse at the back.

The rest of the white pigs are in Port of Cowell! Everyone, come quick!

After being ambushed three times, Lights and Arrows hurriedly bought a loudspeaker to announce this on the main city group chat.

At this point in time, the great army in Dead Spirit Swamp had been searching for over an hour now. Even the most well-mannered person would be frustrated at the lack of finding. When they saw the public announcement on the main city group chat, they swarmed over like bees.

We cannot stay at the port anymore! Lets disperse! An anxious Hidden Lurker said.

Now that they exposed themselves, the Port of Cowell was no longer safe. If they dont leave now, they would be trapped here.

Everyone, disperse! Berserk Thundergod ordered and every single elite ran out of the port without even picking up the equipment on the ground.

Berserk Thundergod and Hidden Lurker still underestimated the two hundred and seventy thousand players. Before they could even leave the port, players near the Port of Cowell had already surrounded them.

These players clothes were not the fanciest and one could tell that their levels were not high. Come to think of it, this area was a low-level training area. Those that only dared to search or wander here would undoubtedly be under level 20.

In front of level 35 experts, these newbies who hadnt even completed the job change quests couldnt even last a few seconds. To deal with top elite experts from Berserk Heavenlaw and United Alliance, they could only rely on their sea of people tactic.

Even so, the sea of people tactic was still a tactic. Against that many enemies, Berserk Thundergod and co. could only retreat while fighting.

There were far too many helpless Dead Spirit Citys players and most of them were long-range players. When the group of people escaped the sight of the pursuers, the forty men squad was only left with half.

The ones that survived were also the stronger experts such as Wild Thunderheart and Nian Liuyun.

As they saw even more players were arriving to surround the port and that their levels were getting increasingly high, Berserk Thundergod seemed to have lost all hope in his heart.

At this moment, Berserk Thundergod suddenly heard a very familiar voice.

Come over, but take the roundabout. The entrance of the house is at the back.

Berserk Thundergod was surprised as he saw half of Fearless head through the window with the Light Factions symbol. He cried out, Who are you?!

Stop wasting time! Hurry up and come in! Unless you dont dare? A frustrated Fearless taunted.

Tsk! Why would I not dare? Since he was going to die anyway, Berserk Thundergod didnt care about anything else as he shouted to the rest at the back, The wooden houses door is at the back. Everyone, follow me into the house!

While shouting that, Berserk Thundergod brought his team into the wooden house. Vainglory opened the door as Berserk Thundergod entered the house with his team.

Thirty people filled up the entire house. When Berserk Thundergod and co. saw the people hiding in the wooden house, they were all dumbfounded.

F*ck! Why are you here?!

F*ck! Its you guys!!

Everyone started exclaiming in surprise.

There was a saying about how meeting enemies will open old wounds. However, the Berserk Heavenlaws players felt complicated when they were brought in to meet the Quan Zhen Sects players.

You Why are you helping us? Berserk Thundergod asked in disbelief. Berserk Thundergod and his men had been chasing Quan Zhen Sect like dogs for such a long time. Quan Zhen Sect had no reason to help them.

Fearless furrowed his brows, Everyone is from the same faction. Why do I need a reason to help you? Or would you rather go out and ask those black dogs why they want to kill you?

But we were just chasing you Berserk Thundergod felt awkward seeing how broad-minded Fearless was.

Wang Yu, who was by the side, laughed, Big deal! Anyway, we didnt lose anything. In fact, we even got quite a few good deals.

Thats right! It is all because of you guys that my attributes can increase by over a hundred Ming Du was truly the most despicable man of them all. Rubbing salt in the wounds of these people at a time like this

Everyone left in Berserk Heavenlaw went speechless. Their faces were filled with angry and helpless expressions.

Ming Du started chuckling in the group channel, See that? I love seeing those expressions.

Youre really despicable! Everyone started commenting on Ming Du.

Alright, stop fooling around. Fearless cleared his throat, But I am a little confused Our Quan Zhen Sect hasnt offended Berserk Heavenlaw before, right? Why are you guys chasing after us so violently?

As he said that, Fearless slowly shifted his gaze to the group of people hiding at the back of the house. Hidden Lurker, among them, was so quiet he didnt even dare to let out a fart.

This Berserk Thundergod was embarrassed as he said, We received news that you guys are from the Dark Faction to send a letter. If we can obtain the secret letter, we will be able to increase the level of our guild

Oh? Which b*stard would spout such nonsense? Fearless continued to stare at Hidden Lurker.

Hidden Lurker heard the conversation and he was about to lose his head out of fear.

Is that b*stard Hidden Lurker! Berserk Heavenly Thunder pointed at Hidden Lurker as he shouted.

Hidden Lurker looked furiously at Berserk Heavenly Thunder before turning to Berserk Thundergod and said in a stern tone, Boss Thundergod, dont listen to this fella. The Quan Zhen Sect is always up to no good.

Ling Longmeng chipped in, Oh? Really? Quan Zhen Sect has never made use of personal feelings to cheat others for equipment Unlike you, Spring-rain Pavillion

Spring-rain Pavillion? Everyone turned to look at Hidden Lurker.

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