Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 590

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Spring-rain Pavillion?

Everyones eyes fell on Hidden Lurker.

Anyone who games, with the exception of a newbie like Wang Yu, would have heard of this big name. Everyone here was an expert and was naturally familiar with this name. A player at Berserk Thundergods calibre would have definitely heard of Hidden Lurkers ugly past.

This was especially so for such a shady affair between Quan Zhen Sect and Spring-rain Pavillion. It was definitely an undisclosed secret within the inner circle of top-end experts.

Hearing the words of Ling Longmeng, Berserk Thundergod grew curious as he asked Hidden Lurker, Aiya, is Solitary Ling really that pretty as described in the legends?

Cough Everyone from Quan Zhen Sect started coughing as Berserk Thundergod scratched his head in awkwardness. He went on to say in a serious tone, I look down on b*stards who cheat others for equipment!

At this moment, Hidden Lurker continued to quibble as he replied, Boss Thundergod, do not listen to their nonsense. Quan Zhen Sect has always been despicable. Lending their helping hand to us is merely to make use of you. Think about it There are over a few hundred thousand players out there. Do you really think we can get out just by staying in this broken house?

Hidden Lurker was indeed talented in stirring up public sentiment by false statements. With a nudge like this, one could tell that Berserk Thundergod was starting to switch sides again.

Hidden Lurker was right because the port wasnt big and so many people saw them coming this way. It was only a matter of time before they searched the house. He wasnt certain that Quan Zhen Sect would be so nice to them In the world of Internet, nobody can trust anybody

What a joke! Fearless snubbed as he said, How is that mob compared to Berserk Heavenlaw?

Far from being comparable Berserk Thundergod replied and he wasnt exaggerating. Even though Dead Spirit City had a huge population, they didnt have many large guilds. They were like a sheet of loose sand and in every main city, there were only so many top-end players. On the other hand, those that joined Berserk Heavenlaw had to be an elite in their own ways.

How is this place compared to Thunderstorm Citys forest?

Comparatively, this place is easier to guard but harder to attack. Berserk Thundergod answered.

Thunderstorm Citys forest might be suited to conceal oneself, but the area was broad. Once the numbers exceeded a quota, it would be extremely hard to defend unless they had the concealing skills like the Quan Zhen Sects players had.

In contrast, this wooden house only had a one-metre wide entrance. One Guardian would be enough to guard the entrance. A location like this could definitely be regarded as the perfect location to defend.

Of course, the worn-out condition of the small wooden house was not taken into consideration. With the systems godly rules in place, no matter how tattered this house was, players wouldnt be able to destroy it.

Even under those circumstances, you Berserk Heavenlaw cannot even deal with us, let alone this flock of chickens! Fearless words were powerful enough to clear any remaining doubts in Berserk Thundergods heart.

Following that, Fearless continued, If this is really a quest, get him to share with you!

You, you! Hidden Lurker was left speechless for a while before pointing at Fearless as he responded, This is my personal quest!

Boss Hidden Lurker, you can still display your personal quest for us to see right?

Berserk Thundergod saw the way Hidden Lurker was acting which was why he believed that Fearless was speaking the truth. At the same time, everyone from Berserk Heavenlaw pointed their weapons at the players from United Alliance. They were all prepared to attack if there was any change in attitude.

After all, being cheated by someone was not a good feeling. If one was cheated by his lady, there was minimally still the good memories. However, the poor Berserk Thundergod was actually duped by a bunch of men like Hidden Lurker. They even suffered serious consequences such as losing the majority of their men. The worst thing was that they were dragged into this faction war which could result in the disbanding of their guild and the risk of losing Ironcliff Fortress.

All this was because of Hidden Lurker so one could imagine the anger in Berserk Thundergods heart.

Nian Liuyun read the situation as he stood forward to protect Hidden Lurker and the seven to eight experts from United Alliance. This divided the limited space into two.

Boss Thundergod, no one can be certain of what is the truth now. Doing this now isnt good for any of us right? Nian Liuyun raised his fist.

Berserk Heavenlaws players were so frightened they started retreating.

These fellas were extremely aware of Nian Liuyuns ability. They knew how he could fight ten men at once without breaking a sweat. Moreover, Magicians specialised in long-range attacks. In such a constrained place, a Pugilist definitely had the advantage. Standing near him would only mean quicker death.

An infuriated Berserk Heavenly Thunder shouted, Shut up with your b*llshit! No one is certain of the truth? The truth is that this b*stard Hidden Lurker dragged all our brothers into this deep mess just to deal with his old rivalry!

F*ck all these nonsense! I have already paid you guys! Hidden Lurker argued with the courage of his conviction.

Haha, Brother Heavenly Thunder is wrong. He didnt do it so that he could deal with us. He did it for this item. Fearless laughed as he instructed Wang Yu to take out the Atlantas Key.

What is this? Berserk Thundergod asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu casually opened up the display of the item.

This time, the players from United Alliance were the shocked ones, Atlantas Key? Isnt this item Boss, didnt you say we failed the quest? You even lie to your own brothers?

Atlanta was a large scale guild quest. Back then, United Alliance dropped a level just to do this quest and eventually, they even believed that they failed the quest. However, the reward of the quest actually appeared here. Nobody knew what happened exactly, but they knew they were cheated by Hidden Lurker too.

It was pretty common for people to keep items for ones self-interest. However, as a leader of these men, leading them to steal other peoples items would be called being capable. Cheating his own men and sending his own men to death and then secretly keeping the treasure was called unloyal.

In the world of gaming, those in a guild respect justice and loyalty. As their leader, Hidden Lurkers actions were certainly not something any player could tolerate.

F*ck! I will never recognise rubbish like that as a leader! F*ck you! The players from United Alliance started cursing at Hidden Lurker as they slowly moved towards Berserk Heavenlaws side. In just a few seconds, Nian Liuyun was the only person left standing beside Hidden Lurker.

You even keep this from me? A disappointed Nian Liuyun looked at Hidden Lurker, Ive always believed that youre a man with big aspiration. I can tolerate you making use of my fans to recruit, but you actually lied to us!!

Liuyun, do not listen to what those despicable men are saying. Nian Liuyun was only simple-minded but Hidden Lurker kept thinking he was an idiot so he continued to convince him.

Tsk! Nian Liuyun grunted as he left the broken door.

Everyone was dumbfounded as Ming Du made a big fuss, Aiya, I really cannot tell Boss Hidden Lurker is still so nice to him I doubt your relationship with him is simple right? No wonder you can give up on all the beautiful girls over the years.

Hidden Lurker glared at Ming Du, but Ming Du waved his staff and said, Why? You dare to glare at me?

Fearless extended his arm to stop Ming Du as before laughing, Old Li, just keep your words to yourself. Let them settle their own problem. We will settle our bill with him in the future. After saying that, Fearless looked at Berserk Thundergod and the other players from United Alliance.

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