Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Moon Facing Bill

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Among the seven hero jobs in <>, the church had two of them. Including Grand Wizard Reynolds, Fearless had seen three of them. Even though they were all white-haired, every one of them had an impressive appearance. Looking at this wretched appearance of this old man, Fearless really didn’t want to imagine this person to be the mentor of the Pugilist’s hero job.

“No, he is not the Martial God. He is just my teacher who is also an inheritor,” Wang Yu explained.

“Teacher? Your taste is rather unique…” Fearless looked long and hard at Wang Yu before saying, “Damn it! The Pugilist job is already so terrible and your mentor looks like this? Seems like the game designers really have some sh*t in their heads!”

Out of the many jobs in <>, only the Pugilist was slightly inclined towards the eastern culture. Looking at this sloppy old man in front of him, Fearless couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

Hermit heard what he said, so he replied, “It is definitely true that the game designers have sh*t in their heads but the way you say it makes me want to punch you!”

“F*ck… He is a high-level intelligent NPC too?” Fearless couldn’t help but feel shocked when he heard what Hermit said.

Ordinary intelligent NPCs would only be able to hold normal conversations with players while high-level intelligent NPCs were no different from normal players. Seemed like only they would be able to curse and scold at the game designers.

“En! He is not any weaker than Grand Wizard Reynolds,” Wang Yu replied.

“What an exceptional man!” Hearing what Wang Yu said, Fearless’ expression changed drastically as he hurried over to Hermit. “Master, it is my honour to meet you! Come, let me help you up…”

As Fearless said that, he placed Hermit’s dirty hand onto his clean and white Priest’s robe…

“Your friend?” Hermit stood up as he asked Wang Yu.

“En!” Wang Yu nodded.

Hermit looked at Wang Yu disdainfully as he said, “Look at him, he is so much more obedient than you… Remember the first time you met me… Tsk…”

“Hmm…” Wang Yu was speechless.

Fearless whispered, “What did you do to him the first time you met him?”

“I gave him a good beating…” Wang Yu said.

“You’re good!” Fearless was once again convinced by Wang Yu’s character. If he even dared to beat up his own job mentor, who did he not dare to touch?

One must know that a job mentor was equivalent to being a player’s immediate superior. This was especially so for the non-conventional job mentors who possessed a great amount of resources for the job. If one dared to offend the job mentor, one had to be prepared to be treated unfairly. The fact that Wang Yu could still perform so impressively in the game even after beating up his job mentor was already a miracle in the world of gaming.

“Speak! Why are you here for me again?” Hermit ignored the two of them as he held his waist, bent over and asked Wang Yu. It seemed like the previous old man was not the only drunkard around.

Wang Yu brought out the two short poles to show Hermit as he said, “My weapon is broken…”

“I’m not a blacksmith so why are you looking for me when your weapon is broken?” Hermit asked in an unhappy tone.

“But this is my job weapon…” Wang Yu said, “Martial Artist’s Regret.”

Even though the Martial Artist’s Regret was from the Beginners’ Village, the one who truly gave it its use was Hermit. If even he was incapable of helping, Wang Yu really didn’t know who else he could turn to.

“Oh…” Hermit nodded his head before saying, “You’re pretty smart to know that you should look for me…”

“You really have a way?” Wang Yu immediately sensed that there was hope when Hermit said that.

“Of course there is a way but… Even if you’re my disciple, I can’t possibly tell you that so easily. Otherwise, you will think that my way is not worthy…”

“I get it!” Wang Yu smiled as he took out a bag of money. It wasn’t a surprise that an NPC would ask for money. Therefore, Wang Yu was already used to this which was why he had prepared the money beforehand.

“Tsk!” Hermit grabbed the bag of money from Wang Yu’s hands and grunted coldly. “You’re really looking down on me! Since when am I a greedy person?”

“…” Wang Yu was slightly taken aback as he took out another bag of money. “500 gold is still not enough?”

“Gold and I are like floating clouds…” Hermit extended his arm as he continued to pretend.

Initially, Wang Yu wanted to continue digging his bag until Hermit was satisfied but after doing that twice, Hermit was still unsatisfied. Therefore, Wang Yu could only reply helplessly, “Master, if you can tell me exactly what you want, you can have my 1,000 gold.”

“Hehe!” Hermit looked at Wang Yu and said, “I want the Moon Facing Bill!”

“Moon Facing Bill? What is that?” Wang Yu was confused.

“It is a wine!” Fearless commented.

Hermit nodded his head as he said, “That’s right, it is wine!”

Wang Yu couldn’t understand. “I gave you the money so why can’t you buy the wine with it?”

“No no no… Moon Facing Bill is a type of wine that cannot be bought with money… I hear that once you drink that, one will be infatuated and head over heels in love. I really want to give it a try to see if it is really that magical.”

“Infatuated? Alcohol poisoning after taking drugs?” Wang Yu took out a sparkling dagger as he said, “I have a quicker way to help you…”

Hermit shook his head and said, “You are really good at everything but your head is filled with only muscles. You don’t know the romance of men at all. Anyway, if you don’t have the Moon Facing Bill, I’m not telling you anything…”

“You should at least tell me where to buy it right?” Wang Yu didn’t know where to find the wine if all he knew was the name.

“Would I ask you if I knew?” Hermit looked at Wang Yu in disgust.

“…” Wang Yu was speechless as he held onto the dagger tightly.

Fearless held onto Wang Yu’s hand before saying, “Don’t worry, I have a bottle of Moon Facing Bill with me.”

“Really? Where did you get it?” Wang Yu was instantly cheered up after hearing Fearless’ words.

Fearless replied, “By using wine at a special quest to refresh at the restaurant. It isn’t hard to get if you spend some time.”

“That’s great! Hurry up and hand it to me!” An anxious Wang Yu cried out.

Fearless said, “I don’t have it with me now so you have to follow me.”

As Fearless said that, Fearless walked out of the alley and Wang Yu followed suit.

As the two of them walked out of the alley, took a few turns and arrived at the neighbouring street, Wang Yu pulled Fearless over. “Don’t try to fool me just because I’ve played this game lesser than you. Is this to route to the bank?”

“Hehe!” Fearless chuckled as he replied, “Did I say I’m bringing you the bank?”

“So where are we going?” Wang Yu asked.

“Here!” Fearless smiled as he pointed at the convenience shop in front.

“They sell the Moon Facing Bill here? I’ve never seen that…” Wang Yu was doubtful.

Wang Yu was all too familiar with the items sold by the convenience store. Wang Yu was often dragged here by Mu Zixian to shop here so Wang Yu had seen all sorts of rubbish in here before. However, he had never seen any type of wine here.

“Who says we’re buying the Moon Facing Bill?” Fearless walked into the shop and shouted at the boss, “Boss, do you have an empty bottle? Give me a pen as well as a piece of paper too…”

“Three copper coins!”

“En! Here you go!”

Fearless handed the money over before asking Wang Yu, “Do you have any wine with you?”

Wang Yu was speechless, “…”

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