Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Rare Material

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“Are you trying to make your own bottle of Moon Facing Bill?”

Looking at the items Fearless bought, Wang Yu finally realised what this fella was doing.

“Of course. Where else can I get those playthings?!” Fearless said naturally.

“Didn’t you say…”

“Yes, it is true that the restaurants have those quest but those playthings are expensive and rare. By the time you manage to get it, the game would have closed down…”

“Will this work?” Wang Yu asked as he was a little worried. “Hermit is a high-level intelligent NPC!”

Fearless replied, “Simply because he is a high-level NPC which is why this will not be a problem… You will not be able to cheat a non-intelligent NPC.”

The operating systems of intelligent NPC and non-intelligent NPC were vastly different. Intelligent NPCs were self-operated while non-intelligent NPCs were supported by evaluation capability.

If Hermit was a functional non-intelligent NPC, the item Fearless brought out would be a bottle pasted with a sign. He would definitely not bother with Wang Yu and Fearless.

However, intelligent NPC would not be able to differentiate between items that he had seen or not seen.

“Won’t we be exposed the moment he drinks it?” Wang Yu questioned once more.

Fearless answered, “Didn’t you hear what he said? He has never tasted such a wine so all you need to do is to add some sulfuric acid into the drink and he will not be able to tell the difference…”

“Makes sense…” Wang Yu nodded his head as he took out a bottle of malt wine which cost about five copper per bottle.

“F*ck you! Even if we’re going to use a fake, can’t you use a better wine?” Fearless scolded as he saw the lousy brand Wang Yu brought out.

Wang Yu responded, “Since he hadn’t tasted the wine before, we just need a little bit of the wine taste, right? Shall we dilute it with some water too?”

“… Old Bull, you’re good!” Fearless didn’t know what to say but to be impressed by Wang Yu’s learning capabilities. Fearless had heard that Wang Yu was a genius who learnt kung fu very quickly. It seemed like martial arts was not the only thing he was gifted in.

Fearless poured the malt wine into the empty bottle before writing ‘Moon Facing Bill’ on the paper and pasting it on the wine bottle.

“Isn’t this label a little too empty?” Wang Yu looked at the wine bottle before saying, “Should we add the word ‘bull’ at the side?”

“Stop fooling around! Anything with the word ‘bull’ is an Erguotou!” Fearless said as he handed Wang Yu the bottle.

After completing the making of the wine, the two of them returned to the alley. Wang Yu returned with the same expression as he said, “Master, I have what you want!”

A skeptical Hermit looked at this crude packaging before asking, “This is the legendary Moon Facing Bill? Why does it look like a fake blend of alcohol?”

It was no wonder he was a high-level intelligent NPC. He was not easy to deceive.

Wang Yu’s grew nervous before looking at Fearless. Fearless smiled before answering, “Master, do you know a phrase called returning to one’s true self?”

“Oh? What does that mean?”

“It means that the better something is, the more ordinary it looks. Take yourself as an example! If Old Bull hadn’t told me about you, how will I be able to tell that you’re an exceptional grandmaster?”

Fearless started bootlicking him shamelessly.

“En! I like this phrase!” Hermit was convinced by Fearless so he simply opened the lid and took one big gulp.

Wang Yu and Fearless looked closely at the wine bottle until Hermit swallowed the first gulp.

Fearless shouted, “Grand Master is indeed heroic! I’m truly impressed!”

“Why do I feel that this Moon Facing Bill is not that great…” Hermit touched his chin as he asked.

Fearless hurried to reply, “This is what you don’t know! Wine can only numb ordinary people so for a grandmaster like yourself, it is nothing more than a beverage. Even a top-tier wine like the Moon Facing Bill cannot make you drunk!”

“Haha!” Hermit laughed as he said, “Forget it! Looking at how well-mannered you are, I shall not look into whether this wine is real or not.”

“What about my weapon?” A pleasantly surprised Wang Yu asked when he saw that they managed to win him over with the wine.

“I can fix the weapon but you need to help me find the material.”

Of course Wang Yu was going to accept this quest after spending so much effort to get here.

Quest description: Martial Artist’s Regret was the weapon used by Martial God. When the darkness fell, Martial God took on the four great apostles by himself which caused the destruction of his weapon. The broken pieces landed among the people which allowed it to be re-casted.

Looking at the description, Wang Yu finally knew more about his weapon.

“Speaking of which, this quest didn’t specify what material to look for,” Wang Yu asked.

Hermit replied, “Even though the Martial Artist’s Regret was re-casted, the materials needed are all fragments of god-grade equipment. Therefore, if you want to restore it, the materials you need to find are all very rare.”

After finishing his sentence, Wang Yu’s quest changed and there was an additional row of materials at the bottom.

Perishing God Stone 0/2

Godly Tree Vine 0/2

Heavenly Star Gravel 0/10

Flaming Blood Essence Gold 0/5

Wang Yu took over ten minutes to go through the list of materials needed. Every single material was a rare material and some of those were even unheard of by Wang Yu.

No wonder this was a job-specific god-grade weapon. The materials needed to repair it were almost the same as making a brand-new god-grade weapon.

“Do you have all these items?” Wang Yu shared the quest…

Fearless shook his head and said, “I’m not a miner and even if I am, all of these are the materials used to make god-grade weapons in the future. Even if you have money, no one would sell it to you.”

“Mining ah…” Wang Yu nodded as he opened his friend list and sent a message to Evil Rampage with the list of materials.

“Help me look for all these materials.”

After a while, Evil Rampage replied with a message, “You’re really my brother! Do you know how much all these costs? This is equivalent to wanting my life do you know that?!”

Wang Yu replied, “Quit spouting all this nonsense and help me look for them! I will not give you any lesser in terms of money.”

Evil Rampage replied promptly, “Give me a while to gather these materials. At this current stage, gathering these items is even harder than striking a lottery. I have to look through the list of items of the warehouse in three hundred main cities. But I cannot guarantee that I will have everything you need.”

“Are you for real?” Wang Yu was slightly startled.

300 main cities warehouses might not be enough to gather everything? How rare must these materials be?

“To be honest, I am not exaggerating at all!” Evil Rampage said, “Alright, I’ll go look for it now!”

“You’re looking for Old Evil? When Fearless saw that Wang Yu simply stood there without saying anything, he guessed what Wang Yu was doing.

Evil Rampage was the monopoly of minerals in <> so if even he couldn’t gather those materials, Wang Yu might need to hold on to this quest for a while before attempting it.

Wang Yu nodded as he replied, “En! But he said he might not be able to gather everything. He is looking through his list of items now.”

“Since he needs to check all his warehouses, it might take a few hours. Why don’t we head over to hand over the quest first?” Fearless said.

“En! Great!”

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