Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 711

Chapter 711 A Murder Of Crows

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It was only a hundred metre distance between the alley and the city hall. Very soon, the two of them arrived at the city hall.

Noontime was the least crowded so there weren’t many people in the administrative hall. Wang Yu and Fearless walked over to the NPC to hand over the King of Beast Dijun’s head.

The non-intelligent NPC acted in a very non-intelligent manner as he saw the King of Beast Dijun’s head but did not have any reaction at all. He simply kept the head and told Wang Yu, “Please name your squad…”

An input frame appeared in front of Wang Yu.

“What should we name ourselves?” Wang Yu asked Fearless.

“How about Quan Zhen Grand Heroic Squad?” Fearless asked.

Wang Yu shook his head and said, “Resounding but not elegant enough!”

“Quan Zhen Sharp Sword?”

“Elegant but not resounding enough…”

“What about Sharp Sword Grand Heroic Squad…” Fearless persisted.

Wang Yu thought for a while before answering, “Such a tongue-twister! Since all of you are a bunch of b*stards, how about Iron Bull Nest…”

“F*ck!” Fearless raged, “Can’t we have a more cultured or meaningful name?”

“More cultured and meaningful?” Wang Yu scratched his chin before saying, “Example?”

“As long as it is nothing like Iron Bull Nest…” Fearless replied.

“En, this is easy!” Wang Yu nodded as he lifted his hands to enter four words – A Murder Of Crows.

The NPC replied emotionlessly, “Are you sure you want to name your squad as A Murder Of Crows?”


“Congratulations Player Iron Bull for establishing . Current squad capacity is 20 players. Accept squad quest to expand the squad’s capacity.”

Following that, everyone from the Quan Zhen Sect received a notification.

“Your squad A Murder Of Crows has been established, current squad capacity is…”

“What?! F*ck! What is this…”

“Fearless old dog, didn’t we ask you to follow that b*stard?! How did you allow him to come up with such a broken name?!”

“Fearless, have you gone dumb?!”

“F*ck! Old Bull named it, I had nothing to do with this!”

“We might not be able to beat him up but did you think we can’t beat you up?”

Almost everyone cried out when they saw the squad’s name. Even though Fearless and Wang Yu were both people they didn’t want to offend, everyone was still more willing to curse and scold Fearless.

“You group of b*stards!” Fearless cursed at them before staring at Wang Yu. “This is what you call a cultured and meaningful name?”

A proud Wang Yu said, “That’s right! This is a Chinese idiom so it cannot be even more cultured than this. Low profile, meaningful and its literal meaning is fitting of the character of our members!”

Right? These fellas from the Quan Zhen Sect were all from unorthodox backgrounds and as compared to the group of professionals, they were basically a murder of crows…

“You’re vicious! I give up!” Hearing Wang Yu’s explanation, Fearless almost coughed out blood as he gave Wang Yu a thumbs up. He had no choice but to accept this fact.

A Murder Of Crows it shall be then. Now that the squad had been established, they could not possibly disband them, right?

“Anything else?” Wang Yu asked Fearless.


“Alright, then I shall go offline now.” Wang Yu said as he was about to log out.

Fearless replied, “So early?”

Wang Yu smiled as he responded, “Don’t you know that one has to exercise control when playing games? I’m encouraging you to go offline soon as well. Otherwise, Brother Spring and the rest might find you and beat you up…”

“F*ck! Isn’t this your fault!” Just when Fearless was about to rage at Wang Yu, Wang Yu disappeared into thin air.

How shameless!

The very next morning when Wang Yu came back online, he received a message from Evil Rampage.

“Boss, you are finally online again.”

When Wang Yu looked at the time, he replied, “It is still too early in the day. Why are you rushing to contact me? Have you found the materials?”

Evil Rampage said, “I’ve found most of the materials and I’m only lacking two!”

“Oh? Which two?” Wang Yu asked. At the same time, he was secretly complaining about the difficulty of this quest. Even a material monopoly that Evil Rampage owned couldn’t gather everything that was required.

Evil Rampage replied, “Perishing God Stone and Godly Tree Vine! I have absolutely no news about these two materials. I’ve asked around all my offices in the game but there are no such materials. I believe they are materials dropped by high-level BOSS.”

“I see… I’ll look for the remaining two materials myself then…” A slightly regretful Wang Yu replied.

If it was something even Evil Rampage couldn’t find, finding them himself was simply a fantasy. The reason why Wang Yu said this was because he didn’t wish to impose on Evil Rampage any further.

Evil Rampage replied, “Alright, I’ll send you the other materials right away. I will continue to look out for those two materials!”

“Alright, thank you for your trouble then!” Wang Yu replied before shutting the chat.

Not long later, the system sent a letter prompt. Wang Yu found the post office, collected the materials before sending ten thousand gold to Evil Rampage.

In fact, Wang Yu didn’t know how much these rare materials were worth but looking at how Evil Rampage responded, it must be pretty expensive. As for whether ten thousand gold was enough, Wang Yu didn’t think too much about it. Anyway, he could add extra if it was enough and it didn’t matter if it was too much…

After collecting the materials, Wang Yu opened up his new squad chat as he asked, “What is everyone doing? Are you guys grinding dungeon?”

“Grind your head! Are we done with the squad dailies?” The moment Wang Yu asked, Fearless replied in a frustrated tone. It seemed like this fella was really bullied by others yesterday.

“Squad dailies? What is that?” Wang Yu asked.

An infuriated Fearless said, “Open the squad interface and click on the daily quest! You’re already so old and you still need people to teach you…”

“Oh…” Wang Yu followed Fearless’ instruction as he found the option in no time.

The squad dailies were not very different from guild dailies as they could be considered as compulsory quests… The more a squad does, the quicker they could advance to the next level. Otherwise, the squad’s active level would decrease and once it decreased past a certain point, the squad might even be disbanded.

Squad daily quests were random. For example, Fearless’ current quest was to head to the city hall to accept a mercenary quest to help those players in need. Spring Halo’s quest was to grind a main city dungeon within Twilight City…

Wang Yu’s quest was the simplest but also the worst – Squad’s Prestige.

To increase the squad’s prestige and reputation, he had to give out one hundred promotional pamphlets in Twilight City…

This quest was indeed embarrassing enough. Wang Yu was, after all, a pretty reputable figure in Twilight City. He wondered who was the one who came up with the quest to make him stand on the streets to give out pamphlets.

After seeing his own quest, Wang Yu looked through his backpack. Indeed, Wang Yu found a pile of pamphlets at the corner of his bag.

Wang Yu’s sweat kept pouring down from his forehead.

He couldn’t cancel compulsory quests and of course, players could choose not to do. However, if it wasn’t done within a month, the player would suffer consequences. As a squad leader, the consequences would be more serious. If the other members chose not to do, they would at most be forced out of the squad. However, if a squad leader chose not to do, the squad might be dissolved.

“This… Seems like I really cannot avoid it.” Wang Yu wailed in anguish as he started giving out pamphlets on the streets.

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