Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Treasure Chest

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“It’s actually a shapeshifting tool…” Everyone’s sweat started dripping down their forehead after they realised what the ring was.

Shapeshifting tools were one of the rarest items in Rebirth. Different kind of shapeshifting tools had different uses to them. From the release of the game until now, only two shapeshifting tools were discovered. The first was a necklace that allowed the player to transform into an angel, while the second was a ring allowed the player to transform into a skeleton.

The player with the former item had used the necklace to impersonate as an NPC in Vatican City, scamming other players of their money and was subsequently killed by the players when they found out about it.

The player with the latter item had it worse. He had bought the ring over at a high price and wanted to flaunt it around, but the moment he left the city, he was mistaken as a monster and was hacked to death by another group of players…

Regarding the probability of drawing such an item, the rarity of shapeshifting tools was on par with Ancient grade equipment. For Peak Of Perfection to be able to pull such a tool out, his luck must be heaven-defying.

“Brothers, let’s discuss. Give the ring to your brother, me.” Just when everyone was still recovering from the shock of Peak Of Perfection’s unbelievable luck, Spring Halo stepped in and said.

The moment Fearless heard what Spring Halo said, he was unhappy and promptly replied, “Give it to you? On what grounds! I want it too. Let’s roll for it then!”

“Hey, you thick-skinned brat, didn’t you already get the Eyeball Grass previously?”

“This is an extremely rare tool. How can the Eyeball Grass be compared to this…”

Fearless and Spring Halo started arguing over who should get the ring. As they kept on arguing, the conversation between them got increasingly heated. Wang Yu, on the other hand, was feeling gloomy. He had no idea why the two of them would fight so hard just to get a useless item like this.

After arguing for a whole minute, Spring Halo turned around to ask Wang Yu, “Little brother Bull, you were the one who killed the BOSS. Who do you think should get this item?”

“This… Previously, Fearless has already taken the Eyeball Grass. By logic of reason, this item should be given to Spring brother…” Wang Yu answered after thinking over it.

“See? What little brother Bull said makes sense… Old Peak, give it to me!” After saying his piece, Spring Halo rolled his eyes at Fearless, before running over to Peak Of Perfection and snatching the ring from him.

“Old Bull, you have committed a grave sin again!” Seeing Spring Halo taking the ring away, Ling Longmeng shouted at Wang Yu, pointing the middle finger at him.

“Boss Iron Bull, are you sure you want to give the ring to…” When Peak Of Perfection made eye contact with Spring Halo, he no longer dared to continue finishing his sentence.

“Is that ring really that good?” Wang Yu asked, feeling depressed that he was the one that had to make the decision.

“It’s not good! But don’t you see that this ring could be used for the wrong purposes?” Peak Of Perfection answered.

“The wrong purposes?” After hearing what Peak Of Perfection had to say, Wang Yu was momentarily stunned. He then suddenly thought of the scenario when Ming Du was standing under the skirt of the Flora Deity. Following which, his back was suddenly drenched in cold sweat.

Heck, this was a ring that could make a player incredibly small. A normal person would treat this shapeshifting ability as a control skill, but was Spring Halo a normal person?

Thinking about it, the equipment that Spring Halo had with him now was a necklace that could hide his own personal information coupled with the ring that could shrink his own body size. Would anyone normal collect such equipment?

The effects of the equipment were already wretched, when placed in the hands of someone as wretched as Spring Halo, the outcome was pretty obvious.

“Brother Spring, surely you’re not thinking of using the item to do bad things right…” Wang Yu asked in remorse.

Spring Halo suddenly raised his voice and said, “Bad things? What bad things? I am a man that only does what is right and never wrong!”

“Bad things like upskirting people…” Wang Yu clarified.

“Little brother Bull, what are you even saying? Your brother here is extremely pure! Whatever you are implying is an insult towards my character!” Spring Halo said, establishing his moral high ground.

Wang Yu was speechless after hearing what he said, but decided to let it go and said, “Fine, so long as you don’t use it to bully our own people… Otherwise, you will get it from me.”

Once an item has been given away, it could not be taken back. Wang Yu naturally knew what kind of a person Spring Halo was, but since the item had already been given to him, it would not be reasonable for him to ask for it back. Giving it to Fearless, on the other hand, wasn’t any better either. Thinking about it, the reason why he wanted the Eyeball Grass was probably not for any good intentions either. Why are this bunch of b*stards all so wretched…

At the thought of this, Wang Yu suddenly felt that he himself was as pure and clean as that of a lotus flower that had just risen up from the ground.

“Let’s carry on!” Wang Yu heaved a sigh of relief and said to Peak Of Perfection.

“En.” Peak Of Perfection replied, before pulling out a strange item.

Nature’s Quiver: Unique tool. Any arrows that are placed within the quiver will receive a random attribute to it.

Job Requirement: Archer

Arrows that have their own attributes to it are considered Magic Arrows and they were one of the more powerful types of arrows.

The arrows that were sold in shops in <> were all without attributes. There are only two ways to get Magic Arrows. The first was to get an Enchanter to help enchant the arrows, while the second was to obtain it from Hidden Dungeons.

Arrows were normally used in bulks of over a few hundred. Getting an Enchanter to enchant all of the arrows would be a big task in itself. On the other hand, the probability of getting Magic Arrows from Hidden Dungeons was extremely low. So regardless of where the arrows came from, the value of the Magic Arrows was extravagant.

Nature’s Quiver, on the other hand, was capable of transforming an ordinary arrow into a Magic Arrow and it was a process that was automatic and did not require any additional resources. Thus, one could imagine just how high the value of such a quiver would be.

In the entire Quan Zhen Sect, there were only two Archers. Therefore, the item could not be allocated to either of them on a whim. Thus, Fearless said to both Yang Nuo and Ling Longmeng, “The both of you shall roll for this!”

Upon hearing what Fearless said, Ling Longmeng waved her hands and said to Yang Nuo, “I can’t use this item. You go ahead and take it.” Ling Longmeng’s job class was a Shadow Control Envoy that used Shadow Arrows that were enchanted with her own magic. Thus, she would not be able to use any normal Magic Arrows at all. Furthermore, Yang Nuo had once let her have a Pet Taming Book, thus it would be within reason for her to take the item this time.

So as to not turn down Ling Longmeng’s kind gesture, Yang Nuo happily accepted the Quiver, promptly equipping it on.

For the final loot, Peak Of Perfection pulled out an item that resembled that of a dragon fruit.

Unripe Flora Deity Fruit: Pet item. A fruit from the Elven tree. When placed in a plant nursery, a high tier Elf will be born from the fruit when it ripens.

It’s actually a pet egg… After managing to pull out a piece of Ancient grade equipment as well as a shapeshifting tool, pulling out a pet egg no longer shocked the other players.

Even though pets were rare, nurturing one was huge trouble and chore. Everyone there couldn’t even be bothered to visit the Guild Headquarters on normal days, much less find the time to take care of a pet.

Seeing that nobody really wanted it, Fearless suggested keeping the egg first. Seeing that their Guild Beast was gone, this pet could be used as a substitute for the time being.

Everyone agreed to it unconditionally.

After looting the corpse of the Flora Deity, Peak Of Perfection took out a disc that emanated a black mist and walked a few steps forward in the direction indicated by the disc. Shortly after, he took out a shovel and started to dig on the spot.

After digging a few times, Peak Of Perfection managed to dig out a glowing treasure chest.

Apart from its glow, the top of the treasure chest was carved with talismans. With one look, anyone could tell that it wasn’t an ordinary treasure chest. Following which, Peak Of Perfection took out a black coloured ancient-looking key, carefully opening the treasure chest and promptly retrieving a few items from it.

A black tablet, a green coloured vine and a letter.

It was previously established that the items in the treasure chest belonged to Peak Of Perfection while the loots from the dungeon itself belonged to Quan Zhen Sect. Thus, none of the players from Quan Zhen Sect was interested in these items.

However, at this moment, Wang Yu was interested in one of the items that Peak Of Perfection held in his hands. He promptly asked, “Hold on. What’s that thing on your hand?”

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