Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 823

Chapter 823 The Method To Defeat The Opponent

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On the third round, it was Team Satan’s Soft China against Boson.

Soft China’s job was an Ice Wizard. Normally, those wizards who could control the environment very well could defeat a Warrior easily. However, Boson was not a regular warrior. He had [Charge] and the four segments teleportation skill. Every segment consisted of a 5m range for teleportation. Boson was capable of condemning any job within a 20m range.

The arena’s total diameter was no longer than 10m, even an Archer with a shooting distance of 30m could not harm Boson.

The match began, Soft China started throwing [Ice Mirror] at a slow speed towards Boson.

Boson immediately used [Triple Slash], jumped over the Ice Mirror on the floor and leaped towards Soft China.

“Duang! Duang! Duang!”

Soft China’s judgement as a Wizard could not be compared to a Warrior. Every slash from Boson could make Soft China retreat a few steps backwards. The [Triple Slash] was not even completed, and Soft China’s HP dropped to less than 50% as he was pushed to the edge of the arena.

During Boson’s skill cooldown, Soft China finally composed himself. Just when he was about to return his attack, Boson charged right into Soft China’s body. Before Soft China could even execute a single move, he was sent flying off the arena by Boson.

The 4th match was even easier. It was Yang Nuo against Areca.

Yang Nuo used a [Knock Back Arrow] to disrupt Areca’s attempt to ambush, and charged forward to hit a [Moon Chasing Meteor] on Areca’s head.

After being attacked, Areca could not even stand firmly, and backed away. Lastly, Yang Nuo used [Antelope Hang] to throw Areca down the arena.

Other than Lucifer and Lotus King who knew whether or not the arena was really slippery, the others had no clue at all. However, losing 4 matches in a row made Team Satan very worried…

It was still acceptable if only one of them was thrown off the arena. However, everyone from Team Satan had been thrown off the arena, which felt a little fishy now. This was obviously done on purpose.

If it was being done on purpose, it became even scarier. Compared to directly killing their opponents, throwing their opponents off the arena directly was rarer. Using this method for four matches in a row was horrifying.

Team Satan was a bunch of prideful fellows and haven’t once considered Quan Zhen Sect as their equal. Hence, they totally did not expect their opponent to be so strong to even throw their captain Lucifer off the arena.

That was totally to ridicule them!

Historically, only players with very strong abilities would choose the way they wanted to make their opponents lose! If they threw Team Satan out of the arena for 5 matches in a row, that clearly meant that they wanted to prove that A Murder of Crows could defeat Team Satan easily in any way.

Having known his opponent’s intentions, Lucifer would of course not let them have their way. After thinking though, Lucifer shouted at Yellow Crane Tower who was the next to be up, “Beware later, don’t go too close to the edge of the arena”

Yellow Crane Tower seemed to realise the same thing as well, and nodded his head at Lucifer.

“Your opponent is a Magician so this Shield is for you!” Lucifer said while handing a shield to Yellow Crane Tower.

Yellow Crane Tower looked at the shield and said, “With this shield, I will definitely win this round.”

On the 5th match, Ming Du from A Murder of Crows was against Yellow Crane Tower from Team Satan. The two players entered the location upon the notification.

Ming Du’s job was a Lightning Magician. Due to the fact that lightning did not have a directional problem, his PVP value was much lower than Ice Magicians. In addition, this location was an arena with a small space and not suitable for long-distance jobs.

Yellow Crane Tower’s job was a Shield Warrior, which was a close-combat job. At this moment, Yellow Crane Tower looked really promising with the shield carved with magical symbols.

If it was during normal times, a Shield Warrior would look like a stupid moving target in front of a Magician. However, in a place like the arena, Ming Du did not have an occupational advantage.

Ming Du always did things his way. If there was a chance he could grasp an advantage, he would throw his pride away to take it. He had been murmuring to himself, and his left hand was glowing, as if some power had been gathering around him.

Before the countdown, even though both players were not allowed to release their skills, but they could chant it. This was the rule that Ming Du was taking advantage of.

Since Ming Du had been chanting since before the countdown, the Spear of Lightning which originally required 1.5 seconds of gathering appeared right in Ming Du’s hands at the moment where the countdown started. He raised his arms and threw it towards Yellow Crane Tower.

Lightning-type magic attacks had always taken pride if not having a definite path when fired. Even though Spear of Lightning had a visible path, it was still grouped under Lightning type skill, hence it had the speed of lightning.

Right at this moment, both of them were less than 10m apart from each other, judging from the slow movements from Shield Warriors, Yellow Crane Tower would definitely not be able to dodge this attack. However, just when Ming Du’s Spear of Lightning almost hit Yellow Crane Tower, he raised up his shield in front of him.


After an electrical sound, the Spear of Lightning hit onto the Shield.

Right after that, just like a candle that hit hot metal, the Spear of Lightning melted into the Shield.

“Such an evil shield!” Ming Du exclaimed after seeing what happened.

Ming Du had seen too many types of shields, he had even seen the one that Crotchy Lord held. Even so, this situation was his first.

It could even absorb Magic Attack, this shield was scary indeed.

After absorbing Ming Du’s Magic Attack, the shield in Yellow Crane Tower’s hands seemed to have lightning strikes appearing all over it. At this moment, Yellow Crane Tower did not hesitate to continue with a Shield Bash, and smashed it towards the stunned Ming Du.

Ming Du retreated hurriedly when he saw how Yellow Crane executed his attacks.


Yellow Crane Tower did not use the shield to hit Ming Du directly, but the lightning strides on the shield struck Ming Du’s feet. This resulted in a decrease of his HP by more than half.

That the same exact moment, Yellow Crane Tower charged towards Ming Du.

“That’s [Air Hit Charge]!” Seeing how Yellow Crane Tower charged at Ming Du even without recovering from his skill momentum made everyone a little startled.

Due to the long duration of after-skill momentum and after-attack momentum, it was normally hard to hit a combo with shields. However, highly skilled players would make a combo hit happen by adjusting according to their own skill setting and job’s similarity.

For example, after [Air Hit], Shield Warriors would lose their balance from leaning forward too much. However, the prerequisite to do a charge was to lean forward. Hence, that offset the momentum build-up required and made a consecutive skill attack possible which also had the name of [Air Hit XX]. Yellow Crane Tower’s skill used for the second part of the combo hit was [Charge] so that combo was named [Air Hit Charge].

The fact that Yellow Crane Tower could perform this combo hit effortlessly proved that he was highly skilled.

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