Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 201

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Ji Hanwu was in a good mood when he arrived at home. He looked at Gao Peng, who was training his familiars by the lakeside. He coughed twice and then slowly walked towards Gao Peng.

“Little Peng, guess what your grandpa got you as a surprise?” Ji Hanwu flashed a mysterious smile.

Gao Peng thought for two seconds and said, “A Forbidden Magic Stone?”

Ji Hanwu paused.

I knew I shouldn’t have divulged anything to this child! Why couldn’t he let his grandpa be happy for a while!

When he saw Gao Peng laughing secretly, Ji Hanwu hit Gao Peng’s head unhappily.

What a naughty boy.

“I know that there’s nothing that grandpa can’t do.” Gao Peng smiled and gave his grandpa a thumbs up.

“Haha.” Ji Hanwu smiled heartily, “Come look at what you wanted.” Ji Hanwu handed the black bag he was hiding behind his back to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng took the bag and eagerly opened the box.

The brown box seemed to be made of some kind of wood. It felt warm, like jade, and it also emitted a woody smell.

The other materials needed for the evolution of the Adamantine Duck had been collected a few days earlier and placed in the laboratory freezer.

When he thought about promoting the grade of the Adamantine Duck, Gao Peng couldn’t sit still. He immediately called the Adamantine Duck, who was swimming in the lake, to come over.

The Adamantine Duck, who was still in the lake, heard Gao Peng shouting at it, quickly flying over. At the same time, it kept making quacking noises.

Flamy used this chance to act as a translator. “The duck said, you’ve finally asked for me, I”

“Shut up.” Gao Peng pressed down on Flamy’s beak. “I don’t need you to be a translator right now.”

“Grandpa, I’m preparing to promote the grade of this Adamantine Duck. Do you want to come watch?” Gao Peng said to his grandpa with a smile.

It wasn’t convenient to disclose his abilities to other people, but sharing it with his relatives was fine.

Ji Hanwu’s expression showed that he was very interested. “Let’s go. I want to see how you promote this duck’s grade.”

The Adamantine Duck stood in the laboratory. It was interested in everything that was in the laboratory.

Since the last experiment, Ji Hanwu had allocated a certain amount of funds to Gao Peng’s laboratory.

Initially, he had thought that it was just one of Gao Peng’s hobby. However, when he learned of Gao Peng’s abilities, he had decided to use his company’s resources to fund him. A certain amount of funds would be given to the laboratory every quarter. Of course, only Gao Peng and Ji Hanwu knew the exact amount.

Some of the Soul Crystal Obsidian that could be used to determine a monster’s grade had also been placed in Gao Peng’s laboratory.

Gao Peng pressed his finger on a fingerprint scanner, and a drawer popped out. He took out two pieces of Soul Crystal Obsidian from the drawer and began to test the Grade of the Adamantine Duck.

A drop of the Adamantine Duck’s blood dripped on the Soul Crystal Obsidian while the Adamantine Duck stared curiously at the black stone.

Immediately, purple light shone in the Soul Crystal Obsidian.

Ji Hanwu was somewhat surprised. He couldn’t help but look over at this unremarkable looking Adamantine Duck. Who knew that it would be an Epic grade monster?

Then Ji Hanwu thought of something. It was currently an Epic grade monster. Little Peng wanted to promote its grade. Did that mean that it would be promoted to a Legendary grade monster?

Ji Hanwu felt astonished. One had to know that there were no known instances of someone successfully promoting a monster to the Legendary grade.

Of course, he wasn’t sure if there were any unpublished successful cases. However, Ji Hanwu hadn’t heard any news of successful cases through his own connections.

At the moment, he simply regarded it as Gao Peng’s experiment. Of course, he had to support his grandson’s hobby.

Ji Hanwu gave a thumbs up and patted Gao Peng on his shoulder. “Good luck. Grandpa believes that you will succeed.”

Gao Peng laughed. “I also believe that I will succeed.”

Gao Peng then began to prepare the reagents. Gao Peng mixed a few ordinary reagents as a warm up. He then randomly placed these successfully mixed reagents on the reagent rack beside him. Gao Peng’s expression became very serious.

Ji Hanwu felt that it was very interesting when he saw his grandson look so serious.

It was as if an adult saw a child trying to wear grown-up clothes that were too big for them and then trying to act like an adult. One wouldn’t be able to help but laugh.

Mixing the reagents was a fast process. The whole thing didn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Gao Peng wiped the sweat from his forehead, still with a very serious expression on his face.

The other materials were expendable, but there was only one Forbidden Magic Stone. He couldn’t afford to fail.

Ji Hanwu’s smile gradually faded when he saw Gao Peng’s serious expression. He observed Gao Peng conduct the experiment earnestly.

Those who were able to focus on their work were worthy of respect.

The final step was placing the Forbidden Magic Stone into the mixture. The ice-blue color of the Forbidden Magic Stone slowly faded when it was submerged in the mixture. Finally, the stone became transparent.

The originally green reagent took on a new color. It was now as blue as the ocean.

Gao Peng put his hands into the reagent. When it was as thick as his thumb and as long as his palm, he called the Adamantine Duck over.

In its mouth was a yellow rubber ducky. The Adamantine Duck wobbled over and Gao Peng yanked the rubber ducky out of its mouth. The Adamantine Duck suddenly grew worried. “Mine, mine.”

Gao Peng held out his index finger and swayed it gently, “Drink this and this duck is yours.”

The Adamantine Duck couldn’t wait to swallow the reagents in Gao Peng’s hands. It even swallowed the glass bottle.

“Wait a moment, I only wanted you to drink the liquid inside. I didn’t ask you to swallow the glass bottle.” Gao Peng was left speechless.

The Adamantine Duck took the rubber ducky out of Gao Peng’s hand. Before it could take a second step, it fell onto the floor.

The Adamantine Duck started to twitch on the floor. Meanwhile, its yellow feathers started to shed. One yellow feather fell after another. Its beak started to recede. It looked shorter and thicker. From afar, it looked like it had grown very puffy lips.

“Is this the legendary saying of ‘I’ve gone bald, but I’ve also become stronger’?” Gao Peng looked at his chin and then looked at the Adamantine Duck’s transformation in suspicion.

Within a few minutes, all of the Adamantine Duck’s feathers had fallen off, leaving its white skin exposed.

Who knew that the Adamantine Duck would have become so cute. Its meat also seemed to be very tender.

Gao Peng felt astonished. He quickly took out his phone and secretly took a few photos.

Once his familiar had grown up, all of this would be evidence of its dark past.

Subsequently, faint, blue colored runes started to appear on the Adamantine Duck’s white skin.

More and more runes started to appear, all packed together. They appeared on its bald head, its deliciously meaty looking chest, and both the fat and skinny parts of its wings.

Wait a second, what was he paying attention to? Gao Peng quickly shook his head.

When he turned to look at the Adamantine Duck again, he saw that life had started to spread on the blue runes on its skin. All the runes were outlined and connected by a shining blue light.

Kha cha, kha cha.

The sounds of things colliding in the Adamantine Duck’s body could be heard. It was as if its bones were exploding. The muscles on its body tightened, beautiful lines started to appear, and its body began to expand.

“Quack” the unconscious Adamantine Duck murmured to itself softly.

“Poor duck, in order to become stronger, it had to go bald.” Gao Peng looked pitifully at the Adamantine Duck lying on the ground. He hoped that it could accept the change in its appearance after it woke up.

“Why are all of its feathers gone?” Ji Hanwu, who had just gone out to make a phone call, saw the duck had gone bald.

“This is a normal reaction,” Gao Peng said calmly.

Ji Hanwu nodded thoughtfully.

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