Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 202

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Within half an hour, the Adamantine Duck’s height had grown by a head until it was about the same height as Gao Peng.

The muscles on its body were especially well defined. Its chest and back muscles had puffed up. The muscles on its wings were especially noticeable. The explosive growth in its muscles was simply unbelievable.

The blue pattern covered every inch of its body. As it breathed, the blue patterns looked like they were alive.

“Evolution successful.”

[Monster Name]: Forbidden Adamantine Duck

[Monster Level]: Level 10

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Gold

[Monster State]: Healthy (Sleeping)

[Monster Weakness]:

1. The Tianshu Stone of Counter Evil can cause extra damage to the Forbidden Adamantine Duck. 2. The Forbidden Adamantine Duck cannot use elemental energy.

[Requirements for Promotion to Mythical Grade]: Two evolutionary routes: 1. Divine Adamantine Martial Duck. 2. Vicious Beast Duck.

So the next grade after Legendary is Mythical. Gao Peng looked at the items required for the promotion to the Mythical grade, then closed his eyes slowly. He got a headache just by looking at where the items were produced. Even traversing through the terrain to get them would be a problem.

Gao Peng took the opportunity to use a blood collecting device to draw blood from the Forbidden Adamantine Duck while it was asleep.

The blood collecting device bounced off after Gao Peng tried pushing it in. It felt like he was sticking it in rubber. He had to put in quite a bit of effort before he succeeded in pushing it into the duck’s skin.

The blood, as red as rubies, was being slowly sucked out.

Gao Peng couldn’t help but look closely at its blood. Why did Flamy’s and the other familiars’ blood not look as unusual as Goldie’s had?

Gao Peng thought that it was reasonable to say the Epic grade Commander tier Earth Shield Spider was, from a certain point of view, in the same class as the Forbidden Adamantine Duck. This was because the Forbidden Adamantine Duck’s grade would automatically drop down to an Epic grade once it was promoted to the Commander tier.

“That probably isn’t the case,” Gao Peng frowned.

From his past experience, when Commander tier familiars were promoted to a higher tier, they would automatically drop a grade. However, compared to familiars that were inexperienced, it was much easier for them to get back up to their original grades.

Will there be a special threshold for every grade? Even if a familiar’s grade is downgraded, it would be easier for them to get back to that state compared to monsters that had never reached that grade before.

Gao Peng massaged his temples. These were all just guesses.

Gao Peng dropped the blood on the Soul Crystal Obsidian. The deepest part of the Soul Crystal Obsidian started to turn red. The red started to spread to the whole Soul Crystal Obsidian. Eventually, the entire stone was engulfed in red. It was as if the whole stone was burning.

Ji Hanwu, who had been standing next to Gao Peng, also saw what was happening. He couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes.

He had actually succeeded!

His grandson had actually achieved something that no one else on earth had achieved!

Ji Hanwu closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying very hard to calm himself. He moved forward to look at the Soul Crystal Obsidian and then looked at Gao Peng with an expression that conveyed many different emotions.

“We’ll keep this between you and me. You’ll tell the public that the duck was already a Legendary grade monster when you got it. Understand?” Ji Hanwu warned Gao Peng solemnly.

Gao Peng wasn’t dumb. Celebrating his success in private was enough. If news of this got out, it would bring more trouble than benefits.

“I understand, grandpa.”

Ji Hanwu than warned him about it several more times. He only stopped nagging Gao Peng after he was sure that Gao Peng understood.

Ji Hanwu cut Gao Peng off when he was about to speak. “Okay. I know you have your own little secrets. You don’t need to share them with me, and I’m not interested in hearing them, either. This old fart will hand you the responsibility of promoting his familiars.” He then placed both his hands behind his back and walked away while humming a song.

While leaving the laboratory, Ji Hanwu’s eyes started to get wet, but he forced down the tears.

Qing Chang, can you see this from heaven? Can you see that your son is starting to show potential?

If I could go back in time, I would definitely respect your decision.

You can rest easy. Little Peng is your son, but he’s also my grandson. I’ll take care of him properly.

All his words and thoughts came out as a long sigh. They were all lost to the wind.

The Forbidden Adamantine Duck slowly woke up ten minutes after grandpa had left.

It got up from the floor in a hurry, trying to figure out how it had passed out.

Why is it so cold? The Forbidden Adamantine Duck looked down and saw the floor was covered in duck feathers.

These feathers look familiar. Such a familiar color, such a familiar pattern.

“You’ve woken up,” the duck heard a very familiar voice say from its side.

The Forbidden Adamantine Duck turned around and saw Gao Peng smiling mysteriously at it.


“I think you’ve grown handsome.”

Unfortunately, the Forbidden Adamantine Duck was unlike Da Zi and the others. Otherwise, it would’ve noticed that Gao Peng was acting very unusual.

“I’ve always been handsome,” the Forbidden Adamantine Duck answered very naturally. It then spread its wings to comb the feathers on its head.

When it touched its head, the bald texture caused it to notice that something was wrong. This touch feels wrong.

The Forbidden Adamantine Duck shook its head and walked out the door.

When it walked past a mirror, it accidentally saw its reflection. It saw an ugly bald fellow with strange blue patterns over its body looking back.

“Quack, quack, quack.” This is definitely the ugliest duck I’ve ever seen.

The Forbidden Adamantine Duck started to roar with laughter. How could there have been such an ugly duck?

As the Forbidden Adamantine Duck laughed, its laughter grew weaker and weaker, until it couldn’t laugh anymore.

I think that ugly duck is me?

A cold wind blew through the laboratory, and the Forbidden Adamantine Duck had goosebumps on its skin.


Gao Peng walked in front. Behind him was a featherless blue duck with well-defined muscles.

The featherless duck would, from time to time, rush forward and bite Gao Peng. However, the damage caused by the bite would be passed on to Da Zi instead.

Da Zi, who was sleeping, was suddenly woken up. It quickly crawled out of its hole and looked around. Who was it? Who was the one who hit me?

“I’ve already told you to stop hitting me. You going bald had nothing to do with me right?” Gao Peng tried hard to appease Goldie.

Hmm he doesn’t have any feathers left on his body. The name Goldie doesn’t really fit him anymore.

“Quack!” Goldie responded to Gao Peng angrily.

“Okay fine. You can continue to be called Goldie. This name will be in remembrance for the time when you still had feathers.” As Gao Peng spoke, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

They came to the lakeside. While flying and training in the air, Flamy inadvertently saw Goldie walking behind Gao Peng.

The lakeside suddenly became very lively.

A group of familiars gathered around Goldie to stare at it as if it were a monkey at the zoo.

Goldie sat on the ground angrily, unwilling to respond to anyone.

An hour later, Gao Peng was looking at a level 20 Red-clawed Wolfdog that Goldie had defeated. Although it was only a Normal grade monster, Goldie battling a monster that was 10 levels higher still shocked Gao Peng.

Not to mention, the later stages of the battle had been completely one-sided. The Red-clawed Wolfdog had no way of resisting. When faced against a thirteen-foot-tall duck that grew larger whenever it was hit, the wolfdog’s claw attacks could only create shallow scratches on the duck’s body.

The battle was over before halftime.

In the end, the wolfdog let out a whimper, turned around, and ran away with its tail between its legs.

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