Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 203

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There were many reasons why Goldie had become so strong. The growth in its strength after being promoted a grade was one reason, and the special characteristics it possessed was another. The last reason was the ability it had gained when it had been promoted to the Legendary grade, [Secret Power].

[Secret Power]: Secret Patterns. Strong resistance to elemental attacks. The effectiveness of the ability is determined by the physical condition of the user.

(Effect one: Passive Effect: Strong resistance to elemental attributes. Additional resistance to water attributes. Effect two: Active effect: Secret Patterns will be activated temporarily when used. A vacuum sphere will appear around the body, canceling all types of elemental effects near the sphere. It will also expel all elemental effects within the sphere.)

Under Gao Peng’s understanding, the first effect was to give Goldie passive resistance to elemental attacks. The second ability was to form an element-free sphere around its body. Did that mean it would forbid the elements from entering?

However, some monsters didn’t just depend on the elements in the atmosphere since they had very strong elemental energy in their bodies. The elements in the atmosphere only served to help them magnify their powers.

The real effects of the ability would only be seen once it was used in battle.

Commander tier monsters weren’t able to control their elements beyond their body. They mainly relied on the muscles in their bodies when battling. At most, they would be able to include some elemental effects in their melee attacks.

The Red-clawed Wolfdog was a fire type. It would cause a burn every time it used its claws to attack.

However, Gao Peng didn’t see Goldie being burned. It was obvious that Goldie was completely immune to the fire.

A bald duck that became more powerful the more it was attacked and was also immune to elemental attacks?

Gao Peng shook his head.

Three days had passed in the blink of an eye. Gao Peng would finally be welcoming the start of his university life.

Yuzhou University, college town campus branch.

Although it was called a branch campus, the reality was that the student population at the main campus in the city center had been declining.

Most of the branches of the different departments of Yuzhou University had moved to areas in the college town that were more spacious.

That day was registration day for the new students at Yuzhou University.

Many large buses that picked up new students were parked outside the school. When the bus door opened, a countless number of people carrying big and small bags came pouring out.

All the students who had just gotten off the bus were either looking at the entrance of Yuzhou University in curiosity or with great longing.

Luggage was being taken out from the bottom compartment of the bus and handed over to the new students. An old man wearing a volunteer uniform was holding an umbrella and distributing mineral water next to the buses. The atmosphere was very lively.

It was the beginning of a new school year once again. Smart seniors, both single and not, had come to school very early to carry out a mystical ceremony to welcome new students.

Universities were mystical places, and welcoming new students was one of their mystical traditions.

When these thirsty seniors saw cute female juniors, they would become especially quick-witted. They would quickly walk over and say the following: “Hello fellow classmate. Since you’re new in school, there are definitely a lot of things you still don’t know yet, right? Yuzhou University is very big, and people who aren’t familiar with the school will definitely get lost. I’ll take you to where you need to register.”

They would say such words to gain the right to welcome their female juniors. Sometimes, if there were attractive female juniors, the senior male students would compete among themselves. Only the best of them would win the right to welcome the attractive female juniors.

After they won the right to welcome their juniors, these seniors would lift up their heads and puff up their chests.

The confused female juniors who had just arrived at the school would be ferried away by their seniors to complete the entire registration process.

They would then arrive at the most important step of the entire process, getting their numbers or their messaging usernames.

Of course, not all female juniors would give such important pieces of information to their male seniors. That would depend on the luck of the pitiful male seniors.

“Hello junior, let me help you with your registration.” A few seniors saw a good opportunity and rushed forward when they saw a black-haired girl wearing a black short sleeve shirt and sweatpants coming out from a bus.

When they moved closer, they got a clearer look at the girl’s appearance. The cold expression on her face couldn’t hide her beauty.

“Where’s the registration for the monster trainer department?” the black-haired girl asked when she saw a few people around her.

Monster trainer department? She’s a monster trainer student?

A bucket of cold water seemed to have been poured on the seniors’ passion. They looked carefully over the girl’s shoulder, but they didn’t see any fierce-looking monsters.

The monster trainer department was a very special department at Yuzhou University. This department only had two majors. One was monster training, the other monster breeding.

The monster training major was a very special major that had been newly established by Yuzhou University. It was directly under the jurisdiction of the military and the government.

There were more male students in the department than females.

After all, monster trainers needed to take up positions that involved combat, so it would be unwise to provoke a monster trainer major. Other students would definitely have certain biases towards monster trainer students.

After the occurrence of a few tragedies at the school, the students in normal departments kept a respectful distance from the monster trainer students…

“Ahem. I’ll take you there,” one brave senior said as he walked forward. A few of the other seniors had backed down.

“Just tell me which direction it is. I’ll go by myself,” Jun Moyi said indifferently.

As if they had been relieved of a great burden, the senior quickly told Jun Moyi the location of registration for the monster trainer department. He then turned around and started looking for his new “prey.”

Wearing a white graphic t-shirt on his upper body, his hair styled and clean, and wearing over-ear headphones, Gao Peng got off the bus and silently blended into a group while walking along with a piece of luggage that was half his height. He joined a group of new students.

Some of the female seniors who were sitting at the reception table for the new students saw Gao Peng, and their eyes glimmered. He looked like a good quality male junior. They exchanged a few words and then giggled. Sharing a few laughs with each other was a way to refresh themselves during the summer heat.

Gao Peng saw rows and rows of colored tents inside the school. Written on the tents were the names of the different departments and majors. They were all crowded together. Gao Peng had no idea where the monster trainer department’s tent was.

“Junior, what’s your major?” a bright and hearty voice said from beside Gao Peng.

Gao Peng lifted his head and looked. He saw a guy who was six and a half feet tall, taller than Gao Peng by a whole head. His physique was like that of a bull. He walked over with a smile on his face as if he wanted to help Gao Peng carry his luggage.

However, Gao Peng preferred to carry his luggage himself, so he politely refused.

“Hello senior. I’m a new monster trainer major in the monster trainer department.”

Niu Di glanced at Gao Peng, who looked quite weak. Although he wasn’t short, he was quite skinny. He’d had no idea that he would be a monster trainer student.

“I’m an accounting major. The registration for the monster trainer department isn’t here. I’ll take you there.” Niu Di led the way in front. They kept turning around corners and walked for about ten minutes. Eventually, they saw a vast open field in front of them with trees scattered around. This meant that they couldn’t see what was happening on the entire field. They could only hear the sounds of living creatures. It looked a bit chaotic when they glanced over.

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