Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 748

Chapter 748 Goldies Heartache

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So this is the path. Gao Peng initially thought it would be Shadow Nightbeast.

But in the collected materials, there wasn’t a path to Shadow Nightbeast, which only leaves Sinking Dark Devil.

Sinking Dark Devil doesn’t sound as nice as Shadow Nightbeast, but despite its ordinary name, it did do its part by making Liuguang grow taller….

Gao Peng was very gratified.

[Monster Name] Sinking Dark Devil

[Monster Grade] Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Attribute] Dark

[Monster Tier] Level 94 (Quasi God)

[Monster Skills] Darkness Assimilation Lv9 Dark Element Control Lv9 Razor Sharp Blades Lv10

[Monster Condition] Healthy (Ecstatic)

[Special Characteristic]

Melting Darkness (Omit)

Bloody Deadline (Omit)

Sinking Darkness (Sinking into the darkness, falling into the shadows.

Effect 1. Passive Effect: Increases Sinking Dark Devil’s power, elevating its physical attributes by a small degree.

Effect 2. Passive Effect: Sinking Darkness can tear apart the opponent’s armor. Each attack weakens the opponent’s defense, its effect can be compounded up to nine times.)

[Monster Description] Sinking in the darkness, enjoying the darkness, an ultimate monster born in the Hunting Abyss. Enough numbers of Sinking Dark Devil can even slaughter a God.

It’s just that Liuguang’s appearance reminded Gao Peng of something.

As if he’s seen it somewhere before.

Nevermind, stop thinking about it.

Gao Peng regained his composure.

“Master, I want to fight.” Liuguang was thrilled, its hands itching to cut something.

“There’s still two more days until the Bloody War. Currently there may still be some roving demons in the corners of the World Vortex Battlefield. Go if you want to practice your new skills. We’ll be here for another three months, after which we’ll leave,” Gao Peng said.

“Where are we going?” Liuguang asked.

“To the Land of the Fallen Gods.”

“Will we meet Gods there?”

“I don’t know, perhaps.”

“Then can we kill a God?”

Gao Peng rubbed Liuguang’s little head. This kid is getting more smug than me.

Gao Peng’s initial plan was for his Familiars to become Gods in the World Vortex Battlefield.

But now the World Vortex Battlefield is less and less stressful on Gao Peng. Dumby even made top 10 on the Carnage Chart.

In the past year, the Familiars have been slaughtering vast numbers of demons. Every now and then, they collected a Quasi God Tier demon corpse.

If not for the fact some of these demons were killed by Goldie and the rest, Dumby’s ranking might be even higher.

Gao Peng won’t give up this place. It’s a good place to hone his Familiars.

But at the moment Gao Peng has a more important task.

If the second prince gave him a map, that means he’s not the only one with a map to the Land of the Fallen Gods.

If they’re late, they won’t even get a single bite.

As for risks, Gao Peng wasn’t too concerned. Risks are proportional to profit.

It should be a positive correlation!

In the next three months, the ghouls mined this new vein clean.

All the ores were stored in Silly’s space.

Silly thought Gao Peng was being a jerk by stuffing everything in its body. That’s no good, it needs to drink some juice to calm down.

Silly dug out a bottle of juice it buried in the soil for a year.

Taking a small sip, Silly licked its lips, thinking the taste wasn’t so pure.

Perhaps this is just the taste of aged juice!

After downing half a bottle, Silly’s brows knitted closer and closer.

Bah bah bah.

“Gao Peng.”

“What?” Gao Peng turned around, dazed.

Gao Peng felt his palm sink, and saw a half-finished bottle of juice in his hand.

“This….” Gao Peng was astonished. Leftover juice from Silly, that’s rare.

“You’ve been working so hard, so this is for you~” Silly knocked on Gao Peng’s head and said, “You’re welcome.”

Gao Peng took a sniff, it was incredibly rancid.

Then he saw the dirt on the outside of the bottle, realizing what happened.

By the time Gao Peng left this Battlefield, an enormous pit had been dug out on the edge of the Battlefield.

After all these demon corpses were decomposed, Gao Peng’s familiars all received some Talent Essence and lots of Meat and Spirit Essence.

In addition to their original attributes, their other attributes also advanced.

Compared to when they first entered the World Vortex Battlefield, each Familiar promoted 3-5 levels.

In one year’s time, they’ve managed to make remarkable progress. Their combat capabilities have at least doubled.

Gao Peng bid farewell to Zhu Yan. The only other person Gao Peng is familiar with on this Battlefield is the second prince.

He went to wave goodbye to the second prince. Although the second prince always acted very woeful before Gao Peng, looking like a little uke, Gao Peng had a feeling this guy was faking it.

Even if he didn’t bid goodbye to him, this guy probably has constant surveillance on him. He’ll find out anyway, so Gao Peng might as well be straightforward about it.

Exiting the World Vortex Battlefield, a heat wave rose in the air before them.

The heat wave hit their faces.

The air was nearly tinted red.

This was the Valley of the God of Fire.

As Gao Peng walked out of the Spatial Tunnel, guarding monsters already reported what happened. Soon, a Bi Fang flew over from the depths of the valley.

Gao Peng has met this Bi Fang before, it was the old Bi Fang who gave him the feather.

Goldie stood on its tiptoes and stretched its neck to look behind the old Bi Fang.

Disappointment flashed across its eyes.

It didn’t see the bird it wanted to see.

Goldie puckered its lips, putting its hands behind its back, and kicked at the rocks on the ground.

Gao Peng sensed Flamy should be in good condition.

“Sir, is Flamy still busy?” Gao Peng asked.

“I knew you’d ask about her, come with me.” The old Bi Fang swept his eyes over the Familiars behind Gao Peng, and couldn’t help but gasp. Quite a few of them have gone through tremendous changes.

He couldn’t help but glance again at Gao Peng. The old Bi Fang wasn’t an inquisitive bird, so it didn’t ask any questions despite having doubts.

Passing through two mountain ranges, Gao Peng saw Flamy again.

Flamy’s height and body shape have changed drastically since a couple months ago.

“Wah!” Da Zi couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Plop…plop.” Juice dripped slowly from the corner of Silly’s mouth.

Goldie was stupefied.

A giant boulder full of cavities jutted out of the ground 300 meters ahead. Purplish-red flames flared from the cavities.

These flames were drawn by some invisible force. They were swallowed up by a round bird.

Goldie was in so much heartache he almost cried at this sight, “Flamy didn’t lie to me, she really didn’t lie…. She can gain weight even from only eating fire….”

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