Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 813

Chapter 813 The King Of Roboticsruler

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We welcome you into the Ghoul Divine System. You definitely wont regret this decision, the Death Dragon Tyrant opened his mouth and said.

This is definitely the wisest decision you will make in this lifetime. Once the Death Dragon Tyrant started talking, there was no stopping him. He would talk non-stop.

Suddenly, the words of the Death Dragon Tyrant were choked up. A hint of shock appeared vividly on his face.

He mumbled in his mouth, Alright then. Come with me. The rest of you come along too. The last sentence was meant for Gao Peng and the others.

They arrived at a vast graveyard. As far as they could see across the entire underground city, there were pitch-black tombstones everywhere.

Dumbys expression changed slightly. He sensed that there were breaths under these tombstones that had not dissipated. There seemed to be something hidden beneath these tombstones.

You sense it, right? the Death Dragon Tyrant said furtively.

Outsiders all say that our Ghoul Divine System has crumbled. Its true that we crumbled four thousand years ago. But over the past four thousand years, weve been continuously making preparations.

Buried under this boundless graveyard are all the warriors of our clan!

Dumby nodded his head silently.

Although the breaths of the Undead beneath these tombstones were nothing to him, they were a huge threat to living things beneath the God Tier.

We still have a thousand other graveyards like this one in our Ghoul Divine System, the Death Dragon Tyrant said while opening the Spatial Tunnel.

The luminescent-blue teleportation circle was activated, and the Death Dragon Tyrant gestured invitingly.

Godfather is waiting for all of you just opposite from here.

Dumby turned to look at Gao Peng, waiting for his masters command.

Lets go, Gao Peng said to Dumby through the Blood Contract.

Given the power of the Death Master whom they had seen earlier, there was no need for him to use such cheap tricks either. He could simply slap them dead with one palm.

Gao Peng and the others passed through the teleportation circle and arrived at a gloomy hall one by one.

The walls on two sides of the hall were burning with the pale-white tears of specters.

This was a hall that had been sealed off. It was extremely quiet in the hall, and the only thing inside was the blood-red coffin atop the altar.

The surface of the coffin was burning with black flames that never died out.

With a click, the lid of the coffin was pushed aside, and the Death Master sat up from the coffin.

I have a few old injuries. Right now, I can only stay in the coffin and recuperate. The voice of the Death Master reverberated gently in the underground hall.

Of course, his gentleness was built on the premise that he and Dumby were of the same clan.

To the other monsters outside, he would always be the Death Master that terrified people and made them feel uneasy, the creator of the Undead Catastrophe.

I think you may feel a little lost, but theres no need to be anxious. I will help you understand everything. After all, if you want to come into contact with death, you must first understand it. The Death Master raised his right hand. A thick mass of black fog gathered slowly in his palm.

The black fog did not stop whirling. It was only the size of a southern soup dumpling. But it was rounder than a soup dumpling and did not have the mouthwatering soup inside.

As he looked at this mass of black fog, Gao Peng suddenly felt as if he was looking at his natural enemy.

Just like a chick being stared at by a raptor.

The mass of black fog eventually split open. Gao Pengs mortal eyes could not see anything special about it. However, Dumby could see fine black chains of black fog being torn into two like lotus fibers.

Dumby gazed at the mass of black fog in a daze. He felt as if he had seen the paramount principle of the world.

You have Death Precepts as well?

Doesnt our clan possess Death Precepts? the Death Master asked him in return.

I will teach you everything I know. How much youre able to learn will depend on you.

After he finished speaking, the Death Master turned his head to Gao Peng and the others, saying, He will be here for the time being. You can also let me know if theres anything you need.

Gao Peng did not speak. Dumby requested of his own accord, Teacher, my friends strength has suffered damage. He needs a large volume of ores to recover his strength to its peak.

The Death Master nodded. Thats a small matter. Undead like us dont really need these ores.

This is just one of your friends doppelgangers, right? The Death Master suddenly turned to the King of Robotics and said, Since he needs the ores, he should just release all his doppelgangers.

Gao Peng froze when he heard this. Although he had his speculations about the identity of the King of Robotics since a long time ago, he did not expect to get confirmation from the Death Master.

The King of Robotics bowed. Three rays of white light flew out of his body and fell in front of him. Three bodies that were scattered and smashed to the point where they were nearly useless were lying on the ground of the hall.

[Monster Name] King of Robotics (Wind) (Forest) (Fire)

Adding the current (Mountain), all four of them, Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, were one entity.

My apologies. My other doppelgangers have suffered immense damage. This is the only body that can move right now. No matter which doppelganger it is, they are all me the King of Robotics opened his mouth to say.

Its alright. You dont have to explain so much. The only thing I know is that youve been helping us along our journey. Thats enough. Gao Peng looked straight into the eyes of the King of Robotics.

The King of Robotics said, Thank you.

The Death Master gave the order. In no time, his subordinates came with large quantities of precious ores.

The four bodies of the King of Robotics melted the ores and absorbed them. His damaged bodies also recovered quickly.

His speed of recovery was terrifying. A large volume of ores was enough to make his strength recover to its peak.

Each of the four bodies of the King of Robotics has a more horrifying atmosphere than the next. The King of RoboticsMountain had the weakest breath of the four bodies, following the sequence of Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain. The most powerful body was the King of RoboticsWind. The power of its Wind body had even reached the level of a mid-tier God.

After the four bodies merged into one, the physical size of the King of Robotics shrank instead of growing. But the breath in its body became even more condensed and was as thick and sturdy as a mountain.

[Monster Name] King of RoboticsRuler

[Monster Level] Mid-tier God

[Control of Rule] Iron Precepts 29.8% / Space Precepts 2.1% / Magma Precepts 12.2% / Guardian Precepts 4.3% / Invasion Precepts 15%

[Monster Description] The four bodies of Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain merged together. Everybody controlled an additional precept. Ultimately, the Godhoods also combined into one when the four bodies merged, creating the King of RoboticsRuler who moved as fast as the wind and as stealthily as the trees in the forest, plundered like fire and was as unmoving as a mountain.

The King of RoboticsRuler had already attained a level of strength that was among the top-ranked of the mid-tier Gods. The Precept Range of lower-tier Gods was 1% 9.9%, whereas the Precept Range of mid-tier Gods was 10% 29.0%. As for the Precept Range of higher-tier Gods, Gao Peng had yet to ascertain it yet.

All of a sudden, Dumby whipped his head around. Master, something happened at Huaxia. The branches of the Amorphic Hell Tree have been broken.

Gao Pengs expression changed abruptly. Could it be that some unforeseen event had happened over there?

How many branches were snapped off?

One-third, Dumby said.

Upon his departure, Gao Peng had already told his grandfather to snap off one-third of the branches of the Amorphic Hell Tree if anything major happened, and he needed to call him back for help. If it was an emergency, then he was to break off all the branches of the Amorphic Hell Tree.

Since only a third of the branches had been snapped off at the moment, something major had probably happened, but it had not reached the stage of an emergency.

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