Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Tried Her Best To Push The Blame

Tears rolled down the young ladys cheeks, but she picked up and drank a large mouthful of soup.

She silently decided that later that night she would really become Gu Qingchengs lover!

Yun Liuli originally planned to study the videos that Bai Xiaonian sent her before giving Gu Qingcheng a night to remember!

But the moment she thought about how long she and Gu Qingcheng would be separated for, she dropped the idea.

Yun Liulis eyes reddened as she watched Gu Qingcheng pick up the bowl and roll up his sleeves to wash it in the sink

Yun Liuli felt her heart thump wildly as the warm light shone on Gu Qingchengs strong and well-defined features.

She turned and looked down at her nails, deciding that she would do it tonight!

Yun Liuli got up from her chair and said to Gu Qingcheng, "Im tired, so Ill head back to my room first!"

Gu Qingcheng nodded. He thought the young lady was upset and didnt want him to see her cry.

As Gu Qingcheng watched the young lady enter her room and close the door, the image of the young lady quietly sitting in front of her study table in a daze flashed through his mind, causing his heart to ache.

No longer in the mood to wash the dishes, Gu Qingcheng rinsed his hands and pulled out two tissues to dry them. He then walked over to Yun Liulis room and hesitantly stuck a hand in his pocket as he knocked on the door.

"Xiao Liuli" Gu Qingcheng called out softly.

Not hearing a response, Gu Qingcheng pushed open the door

Just as he expected, the young lady was sitting in front of her study table. She was looking down at something and was wearing earphones.

Gu Qingcheng walked over quietly, placing his large hand on Yun Liulis head and looking towards her phone.

Shocked, Yun Liuli quickly stood up and hid her phone behind her. In her panic, she only pulled out one side of her earphones. Her eyes were still red, and her face and ears were now red as well.

"Ill be back as soon as I can!" Gu Qingcheng stood in front of Yun Liuli and said softly.

Yun Liulis ears turned a deeper shade of red as she looked down and remained silent.

"Dont worry!" Gu Qingcheng reached out to hug Yun Liuli, taking her by surprise.

Yun Liuli felt like her heart was going to leap out of her chest, especially because she could still hear the moaning sounds of the male and female leads from the video that Bai Xiaonian sent her.

The two of them were very close to each other, and it was quiet in the room. Although Yun Liuli was wearing earphones, Gu Qingcheng could still hear the sounds coming from her phone.

He looked down at Yun Liulis phone hidden behind her back, frowned, and took it

"Ah!" Yun Liuli panicked and tried to snatch her phone back, but she only managed to grab her earphones. Gu Qingcheng raised his hand, leaving her unable to take her phone back because she was too short.

Gu Qingcheng looked up at the raised screen. Two nude bodies were entangled together, and shameless moans could be heard from the phone.

Yun Liuli wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it!

She blushed furiously and whispered out of guilt, "I dont know what this is. Sister Xiao Bai sent this to me, and I tapped on the video without thinking. I didnt think she would send me such videos! Who knew Sister Xiao Bai was like this?"

Yun Liuli tried her best to shift the blame.

Bai Xiaonian had been criticized for no reason.

Gu Qingcheng locked the phone. He was breathing heavily and tried his best to calm down as he said to Yun Liuli softly, "Youre all grown up now. Its normal to experience raging hormones during puberty. Theres nothing to be embarrassed about"

"Its not like that!" The last thing Yun Liuli wanted was for Gu Qingcheng to misunderstand her. She bit her lip and told him the truth. "I asked Sister Xiao Bai to send me the video. I thought I dont really have any experience, but for our first night together I want to make you feel good, so I thought I would study a bit!"

Gu Qingcheng looked at Yun Liuli, whose head was hanging down as if shed done something wrong.

His Adams apple bobbed. "Liuli youre still young! We can do this after I settle down and come back!"

The word "do" already made Yun Liuli feel like her heart was about to explode.

It was at this moment that Yun Liuli dared to look up at Gu Qingcheng. She gulped, her neck turning red as well. "Cant it be tonight?"

Excitement coursed through Gu Qingchengs veins.

As a mature adult man, did she think Gu Qingcheng didnt have those needs?

If he didnt, he wouldnt have dreams of shamelessly making love to Yun Liuli.

His Adams apple bobbed. He didnt dare look into Yun Liulis clear and expectant eyes.

"Youre going to be away for such a long time, and Ill have to wait for so long to become your woman. Who knows how many months or years that will take Can you please give it to me?" Yun Liuli begged softly, her soft and fragrant body pressed up against Gu Qingcheng.

Sensing Gu Qingchengs body stiffen, Yun Liuli continued, "If you dont give it to me I wont feel at ease! I only want you"

Yun Liuli tiptoed, but she could only reach Gu Qingchengs chin. His attractive Adams apple was the only thing in her line of sight. She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss

It was awkward but sincere.

It was hard for Gu Qingcheng to hide his desire. He closed his eyes and placed his hands on Yun Liulis shoulders to put some distance between them. "Liuli, wait for me to come back!"

Gu Qingcheng had more on his mind

What was he going to do if something happened to him while he tried to fake his death?

What was he going to do if he took Yun Liuli but wouldnt be able to give her a future?

If something happened to him and he couldnt make it back, he hoped that someone else could stand by Yun Liulis side and protect her for the rest of her life. If something happened to him, he hoped that someone else would marry her and have children with her to make up for what he couldnt give her.

Hence, at this juncture, Gu Qingcheng neither dared nor wanted to touch Yun Liuli.

Tears welled up in Yun Liulis dark eyes. Gu Qingcheng smiled at her and bent down to whisper by her ear, "Study well before I come back so that when I come back, you can give me an experience I wont forget!"

It seemed like Yun Liuli didnt expect Gu Qingcheng to say something like that. She stared at him in a daze

Gu Qingcheng handed Yun Liulis phone back to her and said, "I can give you some video tutorials. Study them well!"

"You have those kinds of videos too?" Yun Liuli was surprised and strayed from the subject

In Yun Liulis eyes, Gu Qingcheng was a workaholic who had no personal desires at all!

Gu Qingcheng was speechless.

"I meant that Id get my assistant to find some for you!" Gu Qingcheng clarified.

"Then forget it. Ill get them from Sister Xiao Bai! Its too embarrassing!" Yun Liuli bit her lip and shook her head. She then realized that Gu Qingcheng had caused her to stray from the subject.

Tears welled up in her eyes again.

Yun Liuli had never cried this much before. After he faked his death he would have to go into hiding. How many years would that take?

Everyone knew that Yun Liuli was Gu Qingchengs adopted daughter. As such, in the long period after he faked his death, she would definitely have eyes on her!

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