Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Did I Know You?

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Lin Chen nodded. He took a pen and wrote, ‘Get Assistant Wang to send you to the broadcast building.’ His handwriting was bold and vigorous.

Although Lin Nuan nodded in response, she didn’t actually get Assistant Wang to give her a lift.

The company shares had plummeted ever since word of Lin Jingquan’s departure got out. Lin Chen’s hands were probably tied with company matters, plus he still had to settle the problem of their father and second uncle. Assistant Wang was Lin Chen’s right-hand man, and it would be a waste of talent to have him chauffeur her.

Lin Nuan knew that it was expected that the company shares would plunge as the Audit Office was investigating Lin Jingquan.

Lin Nuan booked a ride to the broadcast building once she exited the company building.

The winner of Best Actor, Shi Hanchu, was a lot more easy-going than Lin Nuan had expected. He put her at ease, and the conversation between them flowed smoothly.

The studio was packed with a bigger crowd compared to the interview with Su Manman. Not only did Bai Xiaonian stayed behind to join in the fun, even the station’s Director, Chu Xun, was present. He stood from afar to observe.

Shi Hanchu was gentle, polite, and friendly towards the audience and his fans.

As they were about to finish up the recording, a fan asked during the question-and-answer segment, “Hanchu… Both Su Manman and you hardly go on such interview programs like this one, why did both of you make an exception for this program? The host, Lin Nuan, and you are bantering with such ease. It’s almost as though the two of you have known each other for a long time. Were the two of you acquainted before this?”

When he heard this, Shi Hanchu smiled and tilted his head to look at Lin Nuan and asked, “Did I know you prior to this?”

Lin Nuan pretended to ponder over the question before answering, “Yes, I knew who you were… you were the one who didn’t know me! But I guess we are acquainted from today onwards. I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future!”

It was almost the end of the recording. Lin Nuan cleverly rounded up the program, stood up, and reached out to shake Shi Hanchu’s hand.

The audience broke into loud applause.

After it ended, Shi Hanchu removed the microphone, smiled at Lin Nuan and said, “It feels like I am chatting with an old friend, I feel very comfortable…”

Lin Nuan smiled and replied, “I will keep your words in mind. I will definitely invite you back on this program next time to help boost our ratings. I hope you’ll be able to make it.”

Shi Hanchu’s eyes lit up with a twinkle, he smiled and nodded at Lin Nuan. “Yes, of course!”

Seeing that Shi Hanchu had left the stage to interact with his fans, Bai Xiaonian accompanied Lin Nuan to the makeup room.

“You were not around yesterday; Wen Moshen was here!” Bai Xiaonian said abruptly.

Lin Nuan nodded. “What was he here for?”

Bai Xiaonian stopped in her tracks, and so did Lin Nuan. Lin Nuan held onto her mug and waited for Bai Xiaonian to speak.

“He was here to deliver an invite. He will be marrying Gu Hanyan on the 15th of this month.”

Bai Xiaonian said cautiously as she observed Lin Nuan’s expression.

Lin Nuan gasped slightly and looked a little taken by surprise, but she didn’t seem to have to repress her feelings.

“In such a hurry?”

“It’s probably because his parents don’t approve of him marrying Gu Hanyan, so they might as well be decisive and get it over and done with…” Bai Xiaonian speculated. “Will you be going to the wedding?”

Lin Nuan smiled and said as she walked towards the makeup room, “Yes, of course, why not?”

Back then, Lin Nuan would have felt hurt at the thought of seeing Gu Hanyan and Wen Moshen standing side by side. But that was all in the past to her.

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